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I have narrowed mu search for a vehicle down to a
Toyota PreRunner. I just need a little help in
making my decision.

My questions are:

1. Which is better, the 4-cylinder or the v6, is
the six worth the extra money?

2. Bucket seats or the Bench? What have your
expiriences been?

3. Is there anything that I need to know before I
buy my new Tacoma?

Thanks for your help!


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    FYI Number 1)lets brake it down what are u mostly going to use the prerunner for;commute,hauling,towing,worked related jobs, or just plain old everyday things. I myself prefer the 4cylinder bucket seat for commute purposes not to mention the 1hr to and from work.2) I've witness benched seats toyota truck getting tag at SF/oakland bay bridge toll plaza for using the car pool lane (3person per vehicle). Remember bench seats has a third seat belt which is technicaly a unlawful violation. What ever U decide 4 or 6 your getting the best for the money. Take my 2cent for whats it worth. I have a '91 honda civic and '92 ford areostar. Hands down I hate to say it but J$%&&*^# mfg still have the edge over A!)*%^$# mfg.3) You most likly research your choice of vehicle like I did check and recheck your numbers include the dealer holdback @ 2% and that is the true cost. Mine will be arriving in 10 days hopefuly with abs. hope this helps out---------eoa
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    If you're going to be towing or driving in the hills or mountains, get the V6. The bucket seats are nice and very comfortable. I've heard differing opinions on the bench seat however. If you're going to get the extra-cab, I believe that you have to get the V6 but I'm not positive on that point. It's a good truck and you should enjoy it.
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    Well, you see I live in south Louisiana and I will be going to college and I am primarily going to use my PreRunner for commuting between home and school on the weekends - which is about 2 hrs. thanks for your help so far!
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    I just bought a V6 w/TRD, x-cab. Had planned to save money and buy the 4, but test drove both and went with the six, much better and hey whats 900.00 more when your lookin at 20k anyway.
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    I bought a TRD PreRunner about 3 months ago and just love it. Go with the bucket seats and V6, but take them both for a test drive. I did all my price shopping on the internet and got it for $300.00 over cost, but test drive a few. With our local package, I was stuck with an automatic tranny, power windows and locks, which I didn't want, but getting used to it and it's okay.

    Make sure you get the best deal however. Go through the internet so you deal with a Fleet Manager and not a salesman. You don't need to be a 4x4 nut to love the TRD idea either. No weight over the drive tires and the mother-in-law gets tired of sitting on the tailgate when we go fishing and get stuck in 4 inches of sand with a one wheel drive truck... hehe
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    I have a '98 Tacoma 4 cyl, and I have been wishing I had more power from day one. It's a good vehicle, don't get me wrong. I just like a little more power to get on interstates with short on-ramps and give a burst of speed when you need it in the city.
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    i am in the market for a toyota tacoma PreRunner, but before i buy i want to shop around for insurance rates. I live in south-texas and this area has pretty high insurance rates. i just want to know what is the average other people who own a PreRunner are paying for insurance. i have received quotes ranging from 150-187 dollars a month. no tickets, no accidents and late 20's.
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    I purchased the Tacoma with a 4 cylinder and wish I had a V-6. It was a '99 left over at a good price but God knows I miss the power of a 6. The mileage difference is not a big deal between the 4 and the 6. Go with the 6.
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    I have been unsuccessful in locating an Arizona Toyota dealer willing to sell Toyota Tundra, of my choice, at Edmunds TMV (True Market Value ) price (or anywhere near this price). After much email haggling, (I even went through Autobytel) I decided to purchase a Toyota Extended cab, Prerunner V6 with TRD package. Probably a better choice for me anyway.
    Can any one recommend a Toyota dealer willing to deal with TMV price? Appreciate any recommendations.
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    First, decide what you'll pay out the door- ThaTS THE TOTAL PRICE WITH TAX, & PLATES
    Then type up an offer for your wants.
    Fax it to All the local dealers. Some won't respond but most will and just keep repeating your offer. A friend of mine just did it in AZ. He did it last year buying a Prerunner and did it this last week buying an Avalon. He bought both from Camelback Toyota - It takes about a week for them to know you're serious but he saved about 3,000 on each one.
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    Thanks for info gonzo7. I submitted a want list to camelback toyota many times over a period of 2 weeks requesting that they email back to me their best offer. My efforts were totally unsuccessful. They were interested in selling me something else (a different tundra). I'll try your approach but this time after evaluation my needs and wants, I settled on a tacoma prerunner trd. Isn't it possible to factory order directly or must I order from dealer?
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    The law is that you must order through a dealer. It is not possible, or legal to order direct from the factory.
    Notice what you said in your earlier post:(I paraphrase)"I asked then what their best offer was"--Don't ask them!
    Tell then what you'll pay.
    If you just beg for a low price they'll just laugh at you, like they did. If you tell them what you'll pay they then know that:
    A: You're an informed consumer and,
    B: You are serious.
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    Right on Gonzo7! I faxed the dealer an offer to buy Year 2000 Tacoma Prerunner TRD with a few options. The offer to buy was the Edmunds TMV price on the vehicle + 1/2 the difference between the invoice and MSRP for the options. They accepted the offer and will factory order. Delivery 4 - 6 weeks. We will place a deposit tomorrow.
    Much appreciate your information.
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    Bob338- What dealership did you have success with?
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    Hey Gonzo7, I specified Pref equipment pkg. #3 which includes alum wheels. Inadvertently, I also specified steel wheels. Dealer's inside sales person would not approve change without his "mgr." approval. Mgr. to be on duty tomorrow and is to call me to verify change with out $ increase. I reminded sales that my bid did not take into consideration the dealer holdback. If he increases his price, he looses the sale. If and when sale is contractualized, I'll be glad to post dealer name.
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    I'm from California and am looking to purchase a 2000 Prerunner 2WD Reg Cab. It's very difficult to find dealers in So. Cal that offer this kind of truck. Does anyone know where I
    can find this truck? I appreciate the help.
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    Try the Carson toyota internet Quick Quote. They do a good job trying to find you what you want at a good price and no pressure.
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    I have decided on purchasing a 2000 Prerunner V6. Is there anything I should know or does anyone know of any common problems that occur in that model?
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    I bought a 2000 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner v6 xtra cab (sans the TRD pachage in place of a sunroof and other things) three weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I chose mine in the new lunar mist metallic color with bucket seats and power doors and locks. I also opted for the lighting package and the convenience package. Im a 22 year old surfer in California, so what I was looking for was something to get me and my boards to the beach and back. My Tacoma does that and then some. It works just as well as a tough 4x4 when I need to get to the sandy beaches, but then it also cleans up real well and when I go out on dates with my girlfreind. The v6 has plenty of power for anyone, but if more HP is required, TRD offers a bolt-on supercharger (v6 models only) for a mere $3,000. No matter where Im going, I know that my new Tacoma will get me there without a problem. Plus, with the peace of mind offered to me by owning a Toyota, I know my Tacoma will last me for many, many years to come. To any and all thinking about buying one of these wonderful trucks, I say GO FOR IT!
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    I own a '99 Pre-runner X cab, auto V6. Initially I was very impressed with the V6 performance, over the '98 2.4L I had before, but after a few "bolt ons" now it really zips, ask a few late owner small blocks around here!!
    1. Drill out the (restrictive) factory air box with some extra holes, several 5/8"~3/4" on the face should do. What warrenty?.....
    2. Install a low restrictive air filter, like a K & N type.
    3.Install one or two "Spiral Max" air twisters in the intake tube before the carb/throttle body, this is a money back fact of function.
    4. Mobile 1, or a good synth. oil.
    5. Exhaust/ muffler. I went with a Flowmaster 50 series
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    I've narrowed my search down to the Tacoma Pre-runner V-6 but I have a few questions for you knowledgeable folks out there in computer land.

    Here goes.......

    1) It's July 18th and are they still making 2000's and can I still order one???

    2) If they are getting ready to roll the line with 2001's, does anyone know when they might start going on sale???

    3) Has anyone heard about any changes for 2001??? I've heard that they might be making some changes to the headlights or the grill??? Your thoughts...

    THANKS in advance for your help.
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    Where can I purchase the Spiral Max?
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    I doubt that you can still special order a 2000. As far as I know there will be no change for the 2001 and they usually hit in Sept. or Oct.
  • perdiz1perdiz1 Member Posts: 2
    Where can I find the Spiral Max? I would like one for my 2000 Prerunner.
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    I found them on the Internet,
    tell 'em I sent ya!!
  • dc270dc270 Member Posts: 5
    Did ya get a Spiral Max?
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    Gonzo7 - I visited the dealer to cinch the deal and to make a cash deposit. The second layer sales person asked for the deposit but said that his mgr would not be in for a few days to make the final sales approval. I told him to have his mgr call me when he returns and I'll make another trip to the dealership with the deposit. After a few days the mgr called to say that it was too late in the year to make a factory order but he could make me a "good deal" on an inventory item loaded with options at a much higher price.
    So the deal's off and I'm now looking for dealer who's willing to deal for a good used 2000 prerunner at the Edmund's True Market Value price. Looks like I'll need to wait a few months.
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    I hear you, snwobird25. I placed an order in june for a 2000. Now I am told that its going to be a 2001. But still waiting for a delivery date. The order gets kicked out?/ recycled? not sure, built dates keep changeing. But on the TOYOTA site good news the price is cheaper than the 2000 model.Its now September did you have any luck?
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    I've done the research and the test drives and I've decided on a Tacoma Prerunner v6 extracab. The decision between the 4 cyl and the 6 cyl was easy. I wanted a moonroof but was told it only comes with the TRD or a 4x4 (I cannot afford a 4x4). So I took the TRD for a test drive and found the ride very hard (because of the offroad suspension), not nearly as smooth as the prerunner. I'm now leaning towards the prerunner, even though I do favor the sporty look of the TRD and the moon roof. The reality is that I'll never go off-roading. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    I am looking at a used 99 PreRunner with a 4 cyl 2.7 ltr engine. Toyota claims the 2.7 is better than most V6s. Does anyone have this package? Thanks.
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    Edmund's road test of the 2000 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner is now available. Here's the direct link to the Spin Around Town: 2000 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner, by Neil Dunlop. What do you think?

    Happy Motoring. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
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    I'm considering the purchase of a Tacoma, but I can't stomach the price for 4-wheel. I live in New England and I don't go off road (other than into my fields occaisionally). So I'm thinking about a PreRunner instead. But most folks who talk about their experience with the PreRunner are from places like Texas. Anybody out there got a few thoughts to share on how the PreRunner performs in New England winter conditions?
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    You specified a non-Texan, but you'll just have to read this post anyway.

    Any truck is going to be able to perform adequately in the snow given the right traction plus driver know-how. Right traction would equate to some really good snow tires and driver know-how to knowing how much throttle to apply, when to brake, etc. Of course, you may have lived in New England all your life and may know this already.

    I think what you are searching for is justification for your desire to own a bad [non-permissible content removed] Tacoma. If you need further motivation, check out the site and look at the happy tacoma owners with their well-traveled trucks. Some of the mileage is ridiculous because it's so high.

    I own a prerunner and if you buy one with the rear differential lock, you will get 90% of the capability of the 4x4 without the extra 400 lbs of weight.

    Let me know if you need more info.
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    Your question depends on whether you are interested in the regular or the extended cab tacoma. The regular cab with the 2.7 has adequate acceleration and can tow 3500 lbs, the same as the 2.4L in the 4x2. And it is on par with the Ford 3.0 (150 hp each, 185 lbs torque)but not the chevy 4.3L (180-190 hp, 240 lbs torque). But in the extended cab which weighs several hundred pounds more, you should strongly consider the V6. You won't have to make any excuses then because you'll be king of the compact world. I know ford has the ranger with the explorer's 4.2L sohc, but don't worry, it only comes with an auto and should you get a 4x2 tacoma with 5-speed (good luck finding one. I couldn't so I went with the prerunner v6 because it has the next best power-to-weight ratio in the tacoma lineup but it only comes automatic), you'll be able to keep up with maximas and the like (7.2-7.3 seconds 0-60 mph). And the towing will be 5000 lbs with any tacoma and the v6. The difference between the 2.7 and the 3.4 V6 is like night and day, so it will cost more up front, but you're gonna pay a lot for your truck anyway, so you might as well drive the best.
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    Someone please tell me how well the locking rear differential works on the Prerunner with the TRD. I know its only available with the v6, which is what I want. I plan to use the truck to for hunting and the usual back and forth to work taking off the trash etc. I have a front wheel drive car now....will the TRD package and locking rear diff. allow me to go as well or better than the front wheel drive car. Im not planning on "mud bogging" or anything I just dont want to get stuck driving through a dove field, or at a slippery boat landing. Everyone around here says get the 4 wheel drive, so If you ever need it you'll have it, and they are easier to resell. Well my current car has over 155,000 miles on it..meaning when I get rid of whatever I buy Prerunner or 4WD it'll be ready for the junk yard anyway. I just know how often I see standard 2 wheel drive trucks get stuck in places that my front wheel drive car plows on through. Thanks for any advice.
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    I just puchased a 2001 Prerunner and am wondering if the cruise control is working improperly. Once applied if I press the brakes to disengage the cruise control their is a clunk or jarring that occurs. Anybody elso familiar with this problem?
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    When I bought my 4X4 Tacoma, I was commuting 150 miles per day through the mountains so I went with the 2.7L. Glad I did, I've averaged about 23mpg. This was the first 4 cyl I've ever owned and a truck no less, but it's a ballsy little engine. It can be quite quick with the 5-speed and once you really learn the sweet spots. Doing some off-roading with friends, the Pre-runners do very well especially the rocky/hilly terrain. Not as great in the mud or snow where the front weight really helps out. Don't forget about low-range either. That's the biggy to me and you don't get that with the pre-runner. I've gotten into some very hairy spots that low range was a blessing to have. My next Taco will be a 4X4 V6 with locker but I'm not in a big hurry.
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    Ok I must confess, I've owned two Toyota's: an '80 4x4 and an '88 4x2 both of which were outstanding vehicles. Through the years however I was swayed into the S-10/Ranger world with less than stellar results. Now I'm looking at pickups again and while I've given the F-150 a courteous look, they can have it after what I've read on their bulletin board.

    Now to my post:

    I'm split between the V8 Tundra Access cab 4x2 (no rear locker) and the 2001 Tacoma PreRunner V6 Double Cab. I'm leaning towards the Tacoma Double Cab but since this is a totaly new rig, I'm hoping the Toyota faithful here will give me legit and honest opinions. What do you folks think? Thanks!!
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    I had near the same problem with the cruise on or off, any kind of decelleration. Remove the battery cables for 30 min. to reset the computer. Hook back up (alam/ horn will go off, prepare your self) This should fix the worst of it. All Toyota's PU have some "axel wrap" associated with them, but the clunk thing is not good. Check out websight and get even more info.
  • east489east489 Member Posts: 8
    What is it? How does it work? Someone said its 90% like a 4x4.
    Can I order it Sep, or is it part of a package. I"m think of a PreRunner 4cy!
    [email protected]

  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Member Posts: 278
    Hummm...if you're looking for a 4X4, a locking differential is no substitute. In fact, some people will ensure they have the locking differential in addition to their 4 wheel drive.

    Basically, a locking, rear differential is an option on some Toyota models whereby you can send equal amounts of power to the rear wheels selectively (meaning you can turn it on and off with a switch on the dash). Without it, the wheels will try to re-distribute power to the wheel that that has the least resistance (making it easy to get stuck in the mud when you have one wheel spinning and the other won't budge).

    If you have a 4X2 truck with a locking diff, basically you can avoid the "only one wheel is spinning" effect. This is not to say you won't still get stuck but if you do, both rear wheels will be spinning.
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    Copy/pasted for "rundog13":

    #0 of 1: (rugdog13) Tue 12 Dec '00 (10:11 AM)

    I am considering purchasing a Toyota Prerunner V4. I am currently looking at 99s' to 01s'. I have noticed that there are plenty of V6 models to
    choose from compared to the V4 models. The ratio
    being 9 out out of 10 are the V6s'. Can anyone tell me why this is? Are the V6s' that much of a gas hog? I'm planning to use my truck to transport my bicycles and hockey equipment. And then, a few
    pieces of lumber for the occasional home project.
    Any comments by all would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    Since when does the Pre Runner come with a V4. It's an inline 4 my boy rundog. I would go for the V6. The gas mileage shouldnt change that much, and the power is significantly greater with the V6. You will like it when you start doing a little hauling around.
  • jesse27jesse27 Member Posts: 1
    99 prerunner owner here...the v6 is powerful...186hp. I haul alot with mine...landscaping rocks for my yard, brush, dirt, deer,..and the like ...I am one of those guys whom buy a truck to use it. Had it 2 days and scratched the hell outta it deer-scouting, the guy with me thought I was crazy to give $20,000 for it and scratch it all up the next day. Anyway, the gas milage on mine is around 20 mpg...just about the same milage as my 93 4x4 toy w/ 4cyl.
    In closing, there isn't much diffference besides the power, but if you have a lead foot and like to travel long distances, nothing beats the 110 mph speed attained by the v6.
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    I amlooking for a truck for my 16 year old. He lives in a subrub but loves to hunt and fish. I don'tthink he'll do as much off roading as he thinks, so I ownder if a prerunner will do. We live in Georgia. No snow. Any thoughts?
  • webbdwebbd Member Posts: 176
    Dale46, the prerunner is a very tough off-road vehicle, but it does better in rocky terrain than it does mud, snow or ice because of it's 2wd guise. Of course, one of the biggest factors to consider is your son's lack of experience with a vehicle on or off-road. This will hinder him more than any vehicle's limitations. If you do go with the prerunner, make sure to get the locking differential. Happy hunting.

    By the way, the tacoma 3.4 is rated at 190 HP and the truck is governed at 105 MPH. Just thought I'd input these for all the folks who may be considering buying one. Good luck with yours, Jesse27.
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    In addition to the feedback in our Town Hall discussions, you may also want to check out what Edmunds has to say about the Tacoma in their new truck guide. You'll find the New Trucks link on the Edmund's main page.

    Also, use Edmund's True Market Value (TMV) tools to help you with pricing. Look for the TMV price in the pricing section of the vehicle page; it's next to the msrp and invoice prices.

    Good luck. We look forward to hearing about your purchase experience. ;-)

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  • pocahontaspocahontas Member Posts: 802
    Let's please continue this subject in this similar discussion: Toyota Tacoma Prerunner (owner experiences).

    In addition, use the Board Search to find other "tacoma" discussions throughout Town Hall.

    Happy Motoring. ;-)

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