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I have been looking on this site for a few days now, and it appears that many of you are very knowledgable on the Volvo XC 90. I am trying to decide whether or not to purchase this SUV, and I thought I would try to turn to some of you for help. I am currently deployed to Iraq, and Volvo has a military sales program whereas deployed soldiers can get discounted prices from Volvo. Additionally, Volvo is currently running a 50% off packages/options deal along with the already discounted base price (not to include accessories). The following is a break down of the vehicle I am considering:

2007 3.2 6 cyl AWD Volvo XC 90
-Climate package
-Premium package
-Versatility package
-Metallic paint
-Active Bi-Xenon lights with head lamp washers
-Park assit, rear
-Wheels, 18" Atlantis chrome
-Wood steering wheel
-Navigation system
-Rear sear DVD entertainment (two 7" screens)

Total price delivered from the factory in Sweden to Honolulu, HI is $41,243.

This appears to be an amazing deal as most seem to be paying MSRP (I believe MSRP for this vehicle would be over $50,000), however I wanted to get some other perspectives if possible. I was also wondering about interior color. Does the beige leather show dirt easily; and/or is the black leather too hot? Any preferences?

I have also read that some find the second row too cramped for an average size adult. Does anyone else feel this way, or is it adequate as is? I also understand the third row seat is really only compatible with small children.

I really appreciate any help you all may be able to provide. I will be unable to test drive the vehicle before the promotion runs out, but the deal almost seems too good to pass up.



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    My dealership told me the taupe/beige gets dirty very easily. the Darker color is actually a dark grey and not quite black. In TX it does not seem to get too hot because the windows have great tinting. I have not found the second row to be cramped at all - I am 5'10" and 180#. Plenty of headroom. Third row is miniscule - just for kids.
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    thanks for the reply. i am leaning towards the dark grey color as well.
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    I don't own one yet, but I'll chime in as I've been looking for a while and will buy mine when I find just the right one (I'm looking at used.)

    A friend of mine let me borrow her car for a day-long practical test-drive. My family finds the back seat and the way back plenty large. I'm only taking children occasionally in the way-back and they think it's fun. My husband has ridden around in the back seat and at 6 feet tall he had no complaints. However, my parents are big people, used to a much larger car (a Chevy Astro van), and they find it cramped. They preferred the tan interior because it wasn't as claustrophobic (their words). I think the space issue depends on where you're coming from. I've test driven much larger SUVs and the minivans. The XC90 drives similarly to my Volvo sedan and only feels slightly larger than my Saab wagon. It has enough space for us, and not so much that I'd feel like I'm driving around an unweildy boat when it's just me in it. I can't wait to get mine, and if I had the deal you're considering, I'd take it.

    Regarding the interior color and dirt, some folks here gave me some good advice. The tan interior shows dark dirt and the dark grey interior shows dust and light dirt. I've found this true on my other Volvos. It's either dark dirt cleaning or dust and light mud cleaning. You're preference :)
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    good points. thanks for the info.
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    Airborne, that sounds like a great deal, don't forget to add tax, title and license. I just bought a 2006 XC 90 2.5T with premium package and wood steering, 18in wheels. I'm very happy, car looks great, rides great. I hope it lives up to the Volvo reputation for dependability and safety. The 2007 only comes with the new 3.2l 6 engine. I prefer the 2.5T, unless you go for the 8, but with gas prices where they are, stay with the smaller engine. Good luck, keep your head down. :)
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    I own xc 90 v8 loaded I have it for 15 mos. Im going to trade it in. My Honda and Toyota's are more reliable. But it's just me got low mileage on it. You have no idea how many times I've been to the dealership. Annoying noise, steering problem, break problem ( Volvo can't even pinpoint) I come for a service wrong diagnosis come back again fix the concern leave w/ one that was not even there before. W/ the Japanese card I have never went to the dealer except for reg . maintenance. Acc. to my last count since May 05, I 've been to the deale about 20x. I will take the advise of one Volvo owner in the forum get rid of it. Hope this is not too late. By the way does anyone know what happens for a trade that cost more than the purchase. Please help..
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    If you buy a car that's worth less than your trade-in, the dealer will give you a check for the difference.

    You can estimate how much your trade is worth using the Appraisal tool at Edmunds.
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    Good a. m. Steve your inout is appreciated. Never experience a trade in before. :)
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    It's an educational experience. As one of my uncles used to say, it costs you something to learn something. :shades:

    All the pricing talk is really happening over in the Volvo XC90: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion so check it out for more numbers and how to deal with the dealer.

    Good luck!
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    I'm over here in Iraq and thinking about buying a Volvo also. So is it a deal or can we get the same thing in the states?
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    Airbornemp, Thanks for your efforts over there, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    I agree with benilda, run away from Volvos...their technicians cannot investigate/trouble-shoot/fix these newer cars. I loved the ride power comfort of my old S80 T6, but it was costing me more to maintain than the new payments on my brand new car. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
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    We don't all have the same experience. I've owned Volvo's since 1988. Currently have 2 2004's in my driveway. The S60 2.5T has been bullet proof in 2 years. Only had to replace the heating rearview mirrors on warranty, thats it!

    My 2.5T XC90 went trough 3 rear wheel bearings and had 1 recall on tie rod ends. All covered by warranty of course. This is it. At 40,000 miles the brakes have not been touched and the pads are good for another 40K in the rear and about 25K in the front. Not bad for a vehicle this size and weight. I once road tested a n Audi with wavy brake rotors at less than a thousand miles and my brother used to own a BMW 325 who would need new rotors at each service!

    With a more complex vehicle you will have more issues than in a simple car, that's sure. The Volvo's are more reliable than BMW's and Mercedes.

    My 2 cen ;) ts....
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    I'm going to puchase a xc90 for my wife. Our local dealer is trying to sell off the '06s by reducing the price by $4k (plus DVDs in seatbacks). Will the 6cyl be worth the extra $ in the long run, or should I take the rebates on the 5T? Key issue: will the engine change make THAT big a difference for a non-agressive/conservative driver? Will the 6 be more/less reliable?
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    Take the money and run.

    I have the 3.2. Its OK but thats it. I am not sure its well matched to the six speed trany. I test drove the T5 and thought that is was better on the around town stuff. The six speed is always shifting trying to find the right gear.

    You have four thousand reasons to go with the T5. It has been a work horse for the Volvo line.

    As to the V8 ... that is a different story. :)
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    Agree, take the 2.5T, it's an excellent engine, lots of low end torque, and well matched to the 5 speed.
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    "run away from Volvos...their technicians cannot investigate/trouble-shoot/fix these newer cars."

    SOOOOO true!! The first 2006 limited edition (Ocean Race) XC90 I had kept dying out in my garage after being parked for 24 hours or so. "Special" New Jersey techs couldn't detect, or eliminate electrical issue draining the battery, so dealership gave me a replacement VOR XC90. Here in MD, it was on the verge of becoming an official lemon anyway. Now I have ANOTHER one...... less than 7,000 miles, dead battery in my garage! SOOOOOOO frustrating! Meanwhile, good ol' Volvo is trying to tell me I must have left a light on or something to drain the battery..... GRRRRRR!! I spent a LOT of money on a GORGEOUS vehicle that service techs just don't have the means or ability to properly & effectively handle when there's a malfunction.
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    the volvo techs at local dealership have done fine in fixing the few problems our 04 xc90 has had (45k miles so far). it did take them multiple tries to fix a dead-drivers-door/pinched-wiring issue but i consider that to be reasonable. we've been very satisfied with our 3 volvos over last 10 years and would buy another (especially if they bring a diesel!)
    our xc90 battery does seem a bit weak now after a couple years and i am considering an "advance replacement", on my dime. (i've accidentally drained it a few times.)
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    Hi! there 06' still w/ prob. How did u' convince them to give u' another one and how long do u' have the car to be able to replace it. Did u' go to customer care. Pls. let me know. I still have the V8 XC 90 that had been to the dealer for about 20x for annoying defects that can't be fix Im still driving it. Waiting for the 07' Tundra that's why ; 05'.5 yr. when I got it May. $51,500. I don't owe anything. The thug, clug sound can't be fix. They say intermittent, hard to hear. But I hear it,people that ride w/ me hear it but when I go to the dealership for whatever reason they can't hear or they are pretending not to hear it bec. it would be the 5th they have to fix it, one other time perhaps won't ct. wrong diagnosis.
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    I've read about your issue in other posts - I bet Volvo has heard about it numerous times too. Check you state's Lemons Laws right away! If you're still under warranty and they repeatedly can't find/correct your car's problem, you may be protected under your state's Lemon Laws. In my case, Volvo agreed to replace my XC90 because of four no-start (drained battery) issues. If they returned that car to me after their 4th attempt at fixing it, and the battery died again, Maryland Lemon Laws would kick in a declare it a lemon vehicle. Volvo chose to take the car back instead (I sure HOPE they didn't re-sell it to some unsuspecting soul!?) and give me another one, since when it failed the 4th time, they (corporate headquarters techs) had NO clue why the problem kept happening.
    Good luck - I sure hope yours qualifies as a lemon.... if so, take their money for the car and RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM VOLVO!!!
    In my case, we may be heading toward Lemon number 2. SAME no-start scenario..... I do believe I know why, and trust me, it is - well, quite a story. Can't say too much now, but trust me, Volvo dealership AND North America Corporate "special" techs do NOT KNOW THEIR OWN VEHICLES!!! Complicated, OR SIMPLE, it seems Volvo techs are even more clueless than I ever suspected before.
    Oh, almost forgot..... file a defect investigation report with NHTSA too! You should do that immediately, if you haven't already. Their website is:
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    I am looking for the XC90 Hitch (for the light trailer).
    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    hey flying man --

    what did you end up paying, if you don't mind me ask. i'm lookng for the same deal except a 2008
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    For more information, take a look at Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    I've found a 2004 XC90 T6 with 68,xxx miles. It's the 6-Cyl Twin Turbo AWD. I've always owned American cars, so this is a big step for me. It's loaded and looks great. I can get it for just under 20K. I've read many postings with concerns about the transmissions, dead batteries and uninformed technicians. I realize that most of the time people who are happy with their cars don't get on these forums to say how great their cars are. Just loooking for some advice on what seems like a great deal....almost $6,000 under blue book.
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    Can yo please let me know if this is a good deal.
    2008 Volvo XC 90 - 3.2 V6
    Black with Black Leather Interior
    Convenience Package
    Versatility Package
    Premium Package
    Climate Package
    Entertainment System
    Navigational System

    24 months
    15,000 miles
    Sign and Drive, nothing out of pocket, (Tax, Title, all payments, included in monthly Payment.)

    $680 a month

    Also, I am considering getting this without Nav, what is the feedback regarding the Nav system.

    Thank you,

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    I am looking to buy a new volvo xc90. I read through this forum and there are a lot of experience people/owner there so hopefully you could help me out.

    From the dealers I talked to seems there is a big price difference for 2007 & 2008 model. I understand that they are getting rid of the 2007 model but what's the main difference between them?

    I asked the sales person they simply said no difference.

    I could tell either. Not even from the sticker on door side. So the other question is how do i know its a 2008 model and not a 2007?

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    snowbird, there should be a white EPA sticker in the engine compartment, near the radiator, facing up. i think model year is listed on that.
  • snowbird2000snowbird2000 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Elias!
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    I need help Iam about to lease the 6 cyl Volvo xc90 I have been reading about the poor reliability of the 2007 .Cosumers and Kelly blue book rate the reliability poor. Does anyone know if thse problems have been fixed I have a great lease price of $460 incl tax with $1000 down 24 months.
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    Sorry i forgot tosay in my previous question the model i will be leasing is a 2008
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