OBD2 port, does it have CAN?

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Anyone know if a UK built 2005 Honda CR-V for the US market has and OBDII with CAN (controller area network) as the European market cars had during this year.

It wasn’t until 2007 that US cars got this.

I’m trying to figure out if I can use a Heads Up Device using the OBDII, they seem to want the CAN feature, trying to avoid GPS models.

I’m only interested in using it as a speedometer as I hate that speedometer in the Honda, gee what is it 0-160 mph? Most of the range is never used.


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    Are there pins in cavities 6 and 14? That's the first thing to look at to see if a vehicle has CAN or not. For the record it does not according to the data schematic that I just looked at. According to it you should have a pin in 14 for the immobilizer system, but 6 is empty. Pin 7 is the "K" line, that's the one that OBDII generic scan tools access. You will also see pin 9, which is SCS from the engine controller and pin 12 which is WEN from the engine controller.
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