Toyota Land Cruiser: Four Wheel Drive Tips

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  • mdsdmdsd Member Posts: 26
    H or L (shifter) in normal driving ?
    And how exactly they differ ?


    sorry everyone for the stupid questions but i am new to
    4 x 4s and Landcruisers...

    All your tips and suggestions are truly appreciated !!!
  • nedzelnedzel Member Posts: 787
    Might I suggest that you read your owner's manual?

    You should be in high during normal driving. Low range is only to be used offroad.

    Low range uses a much higher (numerically) gear ratio, resulting in much more torque multiplication, and much higher engine RPMs for the same speed.
  • mdsdmdsd Member Posts: 26
    thank you for the info nedzel...
    and yes, i definitely must read my manual :)
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    Hi mdsd.
    A while back in a 4X4 magazine I read that you should ONLY use Low Gear to get
    Out Of Trouble.
    Hope this help.
  • mdsdmdsd Member Posts: 26
    i will keep that in mind, thanks for the info. it surely helps luckylou.
  • woodysfj40woodysfj40 Member Posts: 3
    I don't know that "out of trouble" is when you should be shifting into low that point, it's too late.

    I wheel a 1974 FJ40 and a 1996 FZJ80...anytime I'm in terrain which requires low speeds and more control, I'm in low range. Odds are, for 95% of "new" buyers, their vehicle will never even be shifted into low's not neccessary for daily driving use, regardless of weather. If you were to end up stuck in the snow, then it's helpful to prevent tire spin.

    The owners manual will have good information on when to use low range. If you decide to take the rig "offroad", then I'd suggest hooking up with a local Cruiser club for an event...I've wheeled with a number of newer Cruisers and they are quite capable.

    happy trails - woody
  • nedzelnedzel Member Posts: 787
    I agree with woody. If you're in 4low before you get into a nasty spot, then you might stay out of trouble to begin with...
  • pjc1pjc1 Member Posts: 72
    The manual is unclear on this one but can you lock the differential at any speed? I am refering to regular driving in H

  • jlewis102jlewis102 Member Posts: 3
    Can I tow my automatic 4X4 1998 Landcruiser behind my RV? Roadmaster makes a towbar and brackets just for the V8 Landcruiser I want to buy and use. Toyota says no. I've talked to many that tow V8 Land Cruiser behind an RV, put transfercase in neutral, with no problems.
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Member Posts: 402
    You can lock the center diff in either low or high range, which is a change from the previous model (80 series LCs) which automatically locked the center diff when you put the TC in to low range. (Note: it is possible to install a factory switch to allow for center diff lock in H range on the 80 series) But, IMHO, you should be going very, very slow--i.e. < 5mph before locking the center diff in H range. And please don't try to engage low range if you're moving!

    A rule of thumb is to anticipate your need for low range and/or diff locking. Choose the path of least resistance and ensure your safety and minimize the possibility of getting stuck :cry:
  • akborn60akborn60 Member Posts: 2
    Hello, I'm new to this discussion form so please bare with me.
    I own a 91 LC and approx. two weeks ago something with either the Center Diff. Lock, Transmission or the Transfer Case went out. Due to funds I have not be able to have it look at by a certified mechanic yet. As I was beginning to take off from a stop light I heard a noise, like a blow out of some sort, at that point my Cruiser would not engage to go forward. A grinding type of noise was heard as I shifted from Neutral to Drive, trying to reengage to go forward. As I let the vehicle coast back down the hill I was on to get out of traffic I then tried and was able to shift in to 4WL to regain forward motion to pull into parking lot. A mechanic friend of mine came by to check it out today and as we back the cruiser out of my garage and drove it slowly so he can investigate the problem, keeping it in 4WL is the only way to have forward motion, he instructed me to push the Center Diff Lock button and shift back into 4WH, this gave me forward motion in that gear again. Help....... We have never had a owners manual sense we purchased it, 10 years or so, so I have not taken the opportunity to look there for information on this part of our vehicle and I know that's what I should do.
    If any one can give me some info of what might be wrong before I take it in and have it check out, Tues. of this week, I would appreciate it a lot. If you need more info please feel free to ask as well. We love our Land Cruiser and just are looking for some info. on what might be wrong so we can better understand the problem.

  • akborn60akborn60 Member Posts: 2
    Anyone out there with a 91 LC thats had a front differential go out or having problems?
    Almost 200k and it just blew out, no good, unserviceable? Need to replace the whole thing and hard to find part because year of vehicle, Toyota used certain diff. in that year and that year only.
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Member Posts: 402
    Try Man-A-Fre, Spector, Slee et al. They should be able to help you out
  • toysaveddodgetoysaveddodge Member Posts: 5
    I just want to say that my '91 Land Cruiser had brake problems as all four locked up on be careful not only in the ice and snow but any quick stops where you don't want to slide but will. :sick:
  • robbykrobbyk Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get an answer to this or any more information???
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