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Suzuki Aerio Wagon Accessories & Modifications

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
edited July 2014 in Suzuki
Talk about add ons and improvements for the Aerio wagon here.


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    carthellcarthell Member Posts: 130
    There were two situations I encountered this year where a roof rack would have really helped, carrying long pieces of lumber from the local hardware store, and helping some people I know to haul their luggage to the airport (although the weight limitation would have allowed me to put only one large, densely-packed suitcase on the roof). I have a 15% discount coupon from Suzuki that expires at the end of the month.

    Has anyone made comparisons between the factory approved racks (base rack w/luggage accessory, specifically) vs. racks from other manufacturers? What fitting, sturdiness, versatility, and pricing issues did you encounter?

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    recyakkerrecyakker Member Posts: 2
    Have 'Zuki rack on my 03 SX and it looks great
      and is perfect for transporting my canoe and
      kayak. I know that its rated for 65lbs. It was
      dealer installed, paid 125. last May when car
      was purchased. I'm unable to rationalize paying
      more than $200. for a rack system when my canoe
      and kayak cost less than $400. I couldn't be
      happier with Suzuki's rack
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    deepu134deepu134 Member Posts: 3
    I recently ordered a couple of accessories -- the security system, and the base roof rack. I paid $135.76 (after using a 15% one discount coupon from Suzuki owners' 'Adventures' magazine) for the alarm, and $138.42 (list price) for the roof rack. The dealer through whom I placed this order did not give a discount for the roof rack. I don't know if these prices are reasonable. Suzuki does not price the accessories on its website, and a phone call did not help either. Can anybody share their experiences with accessories for Aerio SX? What are the typical costs and time involved for the installation of the security system? Does the base roof rack need a technician to be installed?
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    jontyreesjontyrees Member Posts: 160
    Can't comment on the security system, but the roof rack definitely doesn't need a technician. It's designed to be taken on and off quickly, and it's at most a 5 min job for a one armed midget. The suports just hook into holes in the roof that are covered with little plastic plugs, then lock in. Done. It does generate a bit of wind noise, but there is apparently a fix for that aswell. The noise hasn't bothered me enough to employ it yet.

    BTW - I really like my Aerio - no problems other than a buzz/rattle that seems to have disappeared. I replaced the stock springs and sway bar with aftermarket parts from a company called Progress, and the thing handles like a go-kart now.
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    davidd5davidd5 Member Posts: 79
    I got the sys as a gift,so I cannot comment on the price. The installation is very easy. Basically a "plug and play" set up. Takes about 30-45min to install.
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    dsjeeptidsjeepti Member Posts: 61
    Hi to all,
    Just picked up an 05 Aerio SX AWD (no ABS) last night. It's in Techno Blue (last Aerio on dealers lot) and aside from a cracked cargo cover (not noticed on delivery), it seems like a fun little wagon. I was not initially looking at Suzuki, but liked the package and test drive for the price.
    My question to anyone out there is if there are any good aftermarket products, particularly ones that will protect the bumpers and hood from scrapes, pebbles, etc. I live in NY and parking is usually filled with "taps" to the pumper to squeeze into that last spot. I am fan of plastic clad bumpers (as in my 03 Jeep Laredo), but fewer manufactures seem to offer them anymore. Any suggestions would be helpful. The Techno Blue color may be hard to match...
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    lianagslianags Member Posts: 1
    Hey hi, live in NJ and i also have a Aerio sx also known as Liana GS to the rest of the world,. . thats what i has , The dealerships in the us dont have much as an accessories booklet, but i have one from Europe, and they do list alot of accessories and parts codes, you may be seeking of you i i will ck and let you know if covers are in there, and a contact to email.

    From Liana GS :) ">
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    dsjeeptidsjeepti Member Posts: 61
    Thanks for looking,
    I did go on the Suzuki US web site and found an accessories page with available items. They sell a hood guard (mainly for bugs and small pebbles) the kind you see on larger SUV's and pick-up trucks but I'm not sure if it will look right on the SX (even if mine is AWD :)) There are also a couple of "bras" but I think it takes too much away from the car's front. If anyone has had experience with either items or pictures, please let me know. I went to a couple of local auto accessory stores (Auto Zone and Stauss), but found little in bumper guards. I guess it's not as much of a concern to many drivers. I would like to match that Techno Blue if possible...

    BTW, with only 50 miles on the car, I did notice the intermittent buzz in the driver's door panel. I guess they didn't correct that with the interior re-do for 05. Also found under the front bumper (air scoop) below the fog lights, were two large scrapes also not noticed the night I picked up the car. Dealer gave me a can of touch up paint and that was it. Might not have taken the car if noticed before. I hope this isn't the kind of service to be expected with Suzuki. My last Focus had a few chips in the bumper noticed from dealer showroom and they took the car back and had both bumpers re painted at no charge (I was shocked they would go that far). This dealer would not budge, I guess since the deal was now done. Makes me wonder who test drove this car before (it had 23 miles on it).
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    aeriohawaii1aeriohawaii1 Member Posts: 39
    What is the url of the European catalogue of Liana accessories ?
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    dsjeeptidsjeepti Member Posts: 61
    I saw this product on E-bay tonight and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this clear film. It goes on like a decal over a section of the hood and I assume the bumpers as well. Not sure how it looks or how difficult to install. Also, will it really protect the paint? I noticed in the one week and 300 miles I've driven so far, the paint is easily scratched and chipped. Still looking for the right product to use....

    Thanks, Dan
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    06pearlaeriosx06pearlaeriosx Member Posts: 1
    I just bought my 06 Aerio SX with AWD this past week and I think it would look really nice with a Suzuki Decal across the top of the windshield. Does anyone know where I can get one pre-made to fit the 06 Aerio SX? :) By the way, we have had some nasty winter weather here in Maryland this week, the AWD is excellent in the snow!
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    jaltfunjaltfun Member Posts: 8
    Buzzzzzz, That's what I'm talkin about. I have it on both front door panels. It happens intermitently at about 55 MPH and at 70 MPH it's constant. The right (pasanger) door has done if from the begining. The drivers door just started. Car is a 2006 automatic.
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    jaltfunjaltfun Member Posts: 8
    My 2006 Aerio Premium has only two problems. The front doors "buzzzzzz" as discussed by others earlier and I cannot find anywhere to purchase performance stuff for this little beast. It's quick at 155 HP but I would like to make her a little quicker and handle a bit better.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    jbaumbachjbaumbach Member Posts: 2
    AERIO ROOK-RACK: We have the Suzuki brand Aerio Cross-bars rook-rack available for sale if anyone is interested. This rack easily fits onto the wagon roof & can be accessorized with bikeracks or whatever you wish by mfrs such as Thule & others. We have the rack, but no Aerio anymore! New price was about $120, so we'll sell for about 1/2 that (plus shipping if that is needed). We're in Portland, OR. Phone 503-891-0728. Email: jnsbmb@aol.com.
    Thanks for looking!
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    traxxas11traxxas11 Member Posts: 2
    i have an 03 aerio sx and i will tell from experience what to do for more hp and torque. go to auto zone and order the 45 dollar k&n high flow air filter drop in. The put that in an remove the intake baffle. ask for help if you want i have a step by step page. then get the underdrive pulley from aeriostyle.com. its 100 dollars and adds 7.2 hp and 5.5 ft lbs of torque. then your aerio will be fast like mine
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    jbaumbachjbaumbach Member Posts: 2
    Every now and then someone else asks about our rack, but it was sold quite awhile ago. Wish I knew how to delete or edit the original message!
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    man_wangman_wang Member Posts: 1
    hi. i just bought my 2006 Aerio sx for two days.i love it. it is my first car.it has a installed remote car starter system, however, i dont have a remote control. i just wonder if anyone knows what brand name of the remote car starter it is. where i can buy it online for less? thanks

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