Need Help Deciding 2006 Passat 2.0t or 2004 Volvo standard

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Hi All, Need some quick help. I have to get a car and have a new used car and have two cars that I have relatively no experience with. I hear they both have some known issues, perhaps the vw more so, but cannot make up our minds at all. We are looking to people with more knowledge than us.

2006 Passat 2.0t
125,000 miles
heard a little air flow in the top of the engine when car was shut off (turbocharger or Manifold)
overall condition very good 4250.00 tax and title
oil was a low when inspecting, heard oil consumption was normal for these cars


2004 Volvo S40 stand 2.1 I think
125,000 miles
sun roof does not open, needs alignment and front end shakes just a little when braking. Overall condition good.
minor wear and tear defects.
3750.00 tax and title

Taking into account current condition, price/value, known issues, cost of possible repairs in the future. Which would you buy


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    side note, the VW is an automatic

    the Volvo an auto as well with the 2.4 L 5-cylinder

    Thanks in advance!!
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