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Toyota Highlander Rebates Incentives and Best Time to Buy

maxxladymaxxlady Posts: 21
edited May 2014 in Toyota
I am planning on buying a Highlander AWD V6 and am trying to decide if I should wait for the '07's or buy now. Right now (until end Jul) there is the $1000 rebate. Do you think the rebate will continue until the new year is released? Generally, do the new year prices stay the same or go up? Do you think it would be advantageous to get an '06 when they are trying to clear them off the lot? I really need to keep my OTD price to 25K.

Thanks for your input, Eileen


  • landdriverlanddriver Posts: 607

    The MSRP of HLs only goes up a small amount each year (a few hundred dollars at most) so this shouldn't be a major issue. I don't know specifically for HLs but in general rebates for cars gradually increase during the model year. For example for the Ford Ranger the rebates gradually increased from $0 to $3000 during the '05 MY, so if you bought near the end of the MY you'd have saved $3000 from what you would have spent if you waited for the beginning of the next MY. I suspect it's the same for the HL and as there are no significant design changes for the '07 HL I'd highly recommend buying now assuming you can find what you want. For the Ranger the rebates have never decreased during the MY so I highly suspect the $1000 rebate will remain in effect in the remaining months for '06 HLs, but of course can't be positive what Toyota will do.

    To get the best price get internet quotes from several dealerships and then start by visiting the internet department of the dealership with the lowest quote and the dealership you feel best about.

    24K - 25K before TTL is roughly the best price you can expect to get for a V6 AWD so 25K OTD may be a challenge. Ask for OTD quotes from the internet departments so they don't try to add any surprise fees when you come in; include your address so they can accurately calculate any sales taxes.

  • cmw829cmw829 Posts: 19
    In our area the rebate is 1200 through 7/31, although we opted for the financing deal. '07 production starts next week for delivery in October, so stock may dwindle until then.

    We decided to buy now b/c of the financing, we needed to replace a car and we believe that our excise tax - which is based on model year - will go down more quickly than if we waited for the '07s.

    Good luck.
  • I hope this helps...

    link title

    For 2007, the Highlander mid-size SUV will add safety enhancements and significant additional value. All Highlander gas models will receive driver and front passenger seat-mounted side airbags and front and second row side curtain airbags with roll-over sensor as standard equipment. In addition, the 2007, Highlander offers new and value oriented Extra Value Packages (EVPs). The base MSRP for conventional Highlander models range from $24,880 for the 2WD four-cylinder model to $32,210 for the 4WD Limited V6 model. Total Highlander average MSRP increase is $350 or 1.3 percent.

    Highlander Hybrid will offer two-row models for both base and Limited grades for 2007. The base MSRP ranges from $32,490 for the 2WD base two-row model to $36,550 for the 4WD Limited three-row model. For 2007, highlander Hybrid also offers new and value oriented EVPs. Full federal hybrid tax credit will be available for purchases completed through September 2006. The approved credit amount for Highlander Hybrid is $2,600

  • tuggerstuggers Posts: 52
    Wondered if anyone has any ideas on what the rebates might be for July on the 2WD Highlander?

    Going back and forth between the HL and Santa Fe. Wondering about end of month, end of quarter deals vs waiting til July and hoping for a larger rebate.

    Any advice?
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    That current gen highlander looks 20 years old 2 me.
  • What is the best time to buy, currently i dont see any rebates on 09 model, usually what time of year toyota will start giving any guss ?

  • petepiepetepie Posts: 9
    Mid Atlantic just put out a new financing offer at 2.9% up to 60 mos on the 09 Highlanders. Cashback on the 08s.
  • carlupicarlupi Posts: 52
    The special financing (2.9%) or cashback ($2000) applies only to the 2008 Highlander gas model. There are no incentives available on the '09 model.
  • petepiepetepie Posts: 9
    I stand corrected. Must have read the website too quickly. thanks for the catch.
  • ffmskffmsk Posts: 5
    Do you think at the end of 2009 Highlander V6 will go on sale with 0% interest?
  • beachfish2beachfish2 Richmond VAPosts: 177
    And have you actually located a Limited in a color you like with options you like? I've been looking for a few months and 6 dealers can't come up with much of anything. For me or the other would-be Limited buyers I've run into at these dealers.

  • edkakedkak Posts: 6
    When will the 2010 Toyota Highlanders be released and dealers have them on their lot?
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