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50 Worst Cars of All Time | Edmunds

Edmunds.com wades through the muck of the 50 worst cars ever made.

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  • ChevyheadChevyhead Member Posts: 1
    The Aztec was a roomy, comfortable car that my son (6' 6" active father of 3) owned back in the day. Complete with camper package, it did and fit everything we ever asked of it. Its unique looks were a plus. I note your article doesn't mention any actual shortcomings of the Aztec (the real star of Breaking Bad) just a conclusion that it buried Pontiac. I say the Aztec was simply too far ahead of it's time. RIP.
  • rickdonrickdon Member Posts: 123
    The Reliant Robin looks ugly. It is unstable and impractical.
  • Loonysquare49Loonysquare49 Member Posts: 1
    If you were to built a 3-wheeler, put the two wheels up front. Reliant didn‘t, so they certainly own a place on this list. What I really miss here are all the BritishLeyland cars. They could have given an international flair to this list and they were so poor in quality, they claim a place here.
  • JimjoJimjo Member Posts: 1
    The Aztec was a good idea, but poorly styled. The Aztec is to blame for all the SUVs you see today. Pontiac should have stuck to cars, and ditched all that plastic for substance. G8 GT for example.
  • christyochristyo Member Posts: 1
    John Pearley Huffman, that was brilliantly written. How can someone be so freaking hilarious and descriptively clever in so few words? And yet......Kudos!!!
  • Sammy16887Sammy16887 Member Posts: 1
    I stopped reading when I got to #35. Clearly this author has no clue. They are fantastic cars which were very fast for their day and one just sold for $140K st Gooding.
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