2009 GMC Acadia... It's possessed or hates me

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I bought a used 2009 GMC Acadia in July of 2018. Dealership that we purchased it from is horrible, but that's another story. Less than 45 days after purchase I had to have it towed only to find out the timing chain needed replaced. Towed it to a Chevy/GMC dealership and had it fixed... 3 grand later. Drove off of the lot with it and within 3 minutes couldn't get the car over 10 mph. Took it back, another 1300 to have both converters replaced... So here we are several months later and it's acting funny. Took it back to the dealership that did the work to it and they say there is a misfire in cylinder 3 and the ignition coil needs replaced. 2 weeks ago I am taking it to get fixed and the Engine Power Reduced message comes on and the car dies. Finally get it restarted and limp it home, because it's closer. 3 days later the car won't start at all.

Somebody please tell me this isn't my timing chain going out again or give me ideas what it could be. Had the battery tested and it tested just fine. Obviously the ignition coil needs replaced. The only other thing I can think of is the starter has gone out. I'm more than a little upset as I am already into the car for almost 5 grand in repairs (tires had to be replaced the night we purchased the car) and I just don't know how much more I want to sink into it.


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    Kinda the same problem, car just started sputtering and overheating. Limped it home and put a code reader on it. Said bank 2 was bad replaced all 3 converters and 02 sensors. Still won't start. Replaced all plugs and coils and still nothing. WTF. So aggravated with it. Beginning to think a couple sticks of dynamite might be cheaper. Won't start so no codes. any help would be appreciated.
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