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N63 CCP Oil Consumption Test

Ninamg7Ninamg7 Laveen, ArizonaMember Posts: 1
edited May 2019 in BMW
This is a complet joke. All BMW is doing is stalling having the dealers BS us on this test even if your car burned 7/8 of a quart or liter, these dealers are saying, it falls within the specifications for BMW.... BULL PUCKY!!!! They have no fix and unless it is a completely brand new engine. Here' my story.... $23978.00 worth of extended warranty parts and more labor, not to include, 2 full sets of Bridgestone staggered tires and 1 current set of Continetal staggered fit tires anothe $7500 easy, now that's a used 3 series. I've gone through the turbos replacement, control Arm replacement (x2), front wheel bearings (x2) for the Xdrive, they did not replace my battery as they should have to the new 105 amp battery on the Coolant Pump replacement, floor sub replaced on each side. Transmission pan replaced and the seal behind the tranny for no reason because that was not the leaking part, Transfer case replaced and to date, I have puddles of oil in the driveway. There are $$$ thousands of reasons for those who love to own one of these from the years 2009- early 2013 to rethink their decision, I say don't waste your time because the price is right, look for something more reliable Yes I can say the car is wonderful when it's at peak performing status but for the past 3 years, it's been in service repair status for one day and 3 days later something else is broken... I wrote to BMW USA and they dog paddled better than my Shitzu... Told me my car had too many miles, and that there was nothing they could offer me. I explained that PRIOR to the many miles, I had problems that were ill diagnosed and not addressed, and that in January of 2018, BMW themselves offered a replacement BRAND NEW 4.4 Twin V-8 for a whopping $3700 installed at your local dealership. However, the dealers failed to tell their customers this just to increase their overhead. Yes, I've been had but I know a great Lawyer and let me say this Guys and Gals alike... Keep your service records, I have an "A" BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA of everything... be Blessed and USE THE SWARTZE LONGSTAR!
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