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Does anyone know if the 1990 Camaro came with a factory installed "security" key/ignition? I have a key with a "chip" in it, and upon start-up, the dash lights flash SECURITY. Did this security system came on the car originally, or was it an aftermarket feature added later? Is there any way I could get some sort of paperwork on this? Does someone have a 1990 Camero RS Owners Manual? THX for all your help. Mary


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    still need to find info about the "security/key ignition. does anyone have any info yet? Thanks again, Mary
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    I have a 1990 rs camaro that has the factory built in security system and i get the security light on the dash and the car only will run in limp home mode. does any one know how the security shuts down the car the dealer told me 500 to fix and wont tell me anything its not in any book they dealer says it is a broken wire and it happens commenly i just want to fix my own car would be happy just to know how to disconect the security system or what coler the wire is to trace it. i feel like the dealer is treting me like i have stolen this car and this is not the case im not a criminal please help
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    i have had almost the same problem in my camaro only mine is a 94 but it was the same thing and peronally i think the dealer is wrong u gotta remember the dealer wants money bad because im almost positive that if u get the manual on the 1990 rs it should tell u how to find out what the problem is but i would suggest not trying it yourself because if u cause anymore prolems then ur putting urself in more of a ditch with fixing ur car but if it is the same problem i had it is nothing more than i split or faulty wire
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    I have a 1983 camaro and its all original , I would like to change the exhaust and make it sound meaner but I didnt really want to put headers on it . what do you think would be good for the car?
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    I have the 91 Camaro RS (basically the same car as yours) and the security feature is factory standard. I had an issue with the chip going bad in the key due to age, but was able to install a bypass wiring system to circumvent. Hope this helps.

    If you find a manual for your car, let me know because I am looking for one as well. :)
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