IS 250/350 2007 vs IS 250/350 2006

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It is almost the beggining of August, I know there has to be some buzz about the 2007 is250/350 comming out. I was woundering if there is going to be a difference, and if the 2007 will bring the prices of the 06 down. When are they comming out, and is it worth the wait?


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    It is worth the wait!!!

    I drive a 2006 IS 350 and I have to manually turn off VDIM which only takes 10 seconds, but is still a hassle nonetheless. With the 2007 there will be a switch for this. There is a huge difference with this on/off. The car can be driven much more aggressively and after looking at various drag strip times with VDIM on and OFF the car is significantly faster in quarter mile times..........
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    Yes it is definitely worth the wait if you are going to drive it like a dragster and planning to change your tire every 5000 miles. However, the stand alone HID option is a welcome change. That's one thing I truly wish that they'd offer on the 2006 models.
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    when is the 2007 IS 350 coming to dealers. I can't find anything on the web about the 2007 model. Interested in the 350, but want to see 07 first.
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    Dealer told me it would be late this year.
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    My 07 IS 350 is on the water scheduled in port on Tuesday August 15th. It will then get a couple of PIO's and make a 7 to 10 day train trip to MW where it will meet the truck and be delivered to the dealer 1 to 3 days later. :)

    That dealer is off the mark. Probably just trying to get the 06 inventory moved.
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    Good to here. Did you build it? Are than any differences from the 06 that you know of yet?
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    changes to 2006:

    I heard that it will get a sharkfin antenna (nav antenna like others have i assume)
    HID as a standalone option.
    upgraded wood as an option
    vehicle stability control in the is250.

    got this straight from the dealer who was getting it from his tech bulletin. sounds like minor changes, not surprising since the car was all new for 20006
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    Here are the 07 IS changes all listed in one place. (as listed on the Lexus Pressroom website) I've found it hard to find the mention of the VDIM/VSC disable on the website but found it listed on the Lexus Pressroom room site: link Lexus 2007 IS Information Summary . It lists the following:

    IS 250/ IS 350
    The popular IS sport sedans also add a shark fin-style antenna and VDIM/VSC cut-off function as well as foglamp indicator, illuminated fuel opener and illuminated trunk opener to their list of standard features for 2007. In addition, the High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps with the Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS) will now be available as a standalone option. New for 2007 is the X Package option for the IS 350, IS 250 rear-wheel drive and IS 250 manual models. This package includes a sport-tuned suspension, alloy sport pedals, illuminated scuff plates, front lip spoiler and 18-inch five-spoke wheels.

    Pricing for the 2007 IS line-up (with the exception of the IS 250 AWD which remains unchanged at $34,285) reflects an increase of $265, or less than one percent. MSRPs for the IS 250 manual and IS 250 rear-wheel drive are $30,255 and $31,425 respectively. Base pricing for the IS 350 is $35,705.

    It lists everything but the new color Obsidian Black which is on

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    1. what doies the sharkfin antenna do for you? radio antenna?
    2. i notice that you cant get the nav w/o the HID lamps, is that correct?
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    I am not sure about the HID's, but the Sharkfin allows you to hide your Satelite radio antenna in a nice OEM package that is popular on other high end imports. Also allows for metallic tint on the rear window.
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    I looked on the Lexus site and it seems that manual tranny is not an option? Is this true?
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    manual is available only on the 250 for both 2006 and 2007.

    odd, isnt it?
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    No there is not. From the Lexus publications/press releases there probably won't be either.
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