Jeep Liberty Diesel Shift Patterns

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Some owners really like to compare notes on their CRD shifting - here's the spot to get it in gear!


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    Glad I found this forum. Have had our 06 CRD for two months and 3000 miles. We love the Liberty (traded in my 98 Isuzu Rodeo that was liturally falling apart at 110,000 miles).

    My only concern is I'm only getting 20 mpg city and 22 mpg hwy. However, the highway miles are 2 lane state highways in Western Michigan that I drive at 55 to 60 mph. This past weekend I drove the Interstate and was surprised that when I hit 65 mph my rpm's fell from 21,000 to 18,000 and when I backed off to 60 mph they fell to 16,000 compared to 19,000 the tach usually reads at that speed. Unless I'm counting wrong I'm already in 5th gear. I'm new to Turbo Diesels so maybe this is common?
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    Hey tjm, When the CRD hits 51 mph the RPM will drop from around 2K to 1700. That is a major shift point when thinking about fuel mileage. I usually put my cruise on 51 when I am on a road with a 45 mph speed limit. Another major shift point is right near the 60-65 mark depending on load. Like my earlier post, if you keep the RPM under 2K you should see your mpg go up to about 24-26 mixed highway/city.

    The funny thing is if you are not carefull you could be crusing around town doing 35 mph around 1900 RPM which will KILL your MPG. Feather the pedal :P
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    Never fear you have your shifting is normal, well to this car anyway.

    When you speed up to 65 the auto changes into 5th (with both 4th and 5th gears being overdrive). Now that you are in 5th the trans will lock and you can slow back to 60 without shifting back to 4th gear. Don't ask me why if you are driving at 61 it doesn't shift into 5th.

    As for your milage at 1000 miles i was getting 22mpg average and by 7000 miles i was getting 25 mpg average.
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    Nice to see another Michigan CRD here. I get 20-22mpg city in the Lansing area, a measly 22-23mpg when driving two lane country roads, and 24-26mpg in typical Michigan freeway driving. I can get better if I go 70 or less, but as you know that often isn't practical here. I also can approach 30 mpg in an extended (100+ mile) stint on a 2-lane highway at 55-60mph with no stops and few slowdowns, but again that's not very easy to do in the lower part of the lower peninsula.

    My CRD is very happy on Meijer diesel - I recommend it if you haven't already tried it. Much happier than on most diesel from other gas stations or truck stops. I am guessing that the Meijer diesel has a higher cetane rating.
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    For those Michigan CRD folks check out There are a lot on B20 pumps in the greater Detroit and Lansing area. When I visit family in the UP I always make a stop at the Imlay City Pump.

    The CRD runs very smooth on B10/20. ZERO smoke and it keeps the garage smelling good. Well good as opposed to smelling like a gas station.

    Amocco Premium Diesel is 54 cetane in the spring and summer months and 50 in the winter. Not too shabby. A friend of mine who also owns a CRD called Amocco and verified the ratings.
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    Thanks for the reassurance. It just seemed odd for it to be shifting at that high a speed but I guess I'll get used to it.

    I've been using B5 from Crystal Flash, but since that station is on the other side of town I'll have to go to the Meijer's station down the street sooner or later.
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    Mine goes into first lockup at 53 and at 58 goes to the second, final Overdrive.

    Mileage will climb as you put more on. Mine improved steadily til I got to about 11,000 miles. Now it's no worse than 20 City in the winter with below zero starts and no better than 30.5 Summer highway cruising. Above 60 mph the mileage starts to drop a bit, I dont' think the Libby is exactly the finest aerodynamic objet.

    Don't get too worried about all the problems people put on this site until you have one. I haven't had but one problem in over 20,000 miles. :)
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    I am at @24,000 miles and have had no major issues besides getting used to the shifting to increase my fuel economy
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    My TC only locks up in 3rd with the OD off @ 38 and 5th @ 50.
    I have been using the OD off and skipping 4th entirely. My mileage seems to be up a bit.
    I have been thinking of adding a switch to lock the TC when I want to. The TC has way too much "slush" for my liking.
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    thechip: I am not attempting to make anyone upset or challenge your information, my intention is to share facts and bring to light what it has taken a lot of phone calls and talking with professionals who made some of our equipment. Please take what I say as information to think about or just dump it overboard, I am not interested in an argument.

    If you use above B-5 fuel you are giving DCX a way out of taking care of any fuel system part. In a 9 page letter DELPHI, BOSH, SIEMENS VDI, DENSO, STANDADINE, all signed a statement that their parts are are not to be used with any Bio Diesel above B-5 or the warranty is null and void. They go into very in depth information as to why any fuel above B-5 is not intended for their parts. If you think these people are not interested in making consumers pleases with their products, then go against their warranty advice.

    The cetane rating for any any Amacco premium diesel in not near what your friend states. Call for your self, do not rely on 2nd hand information. Call any truck stop and ask for the cetane rating, and maybe 1 out of 100 might have a guess. This information is not something most even care to know. If it's diesel, and they sell it, fill it and lets get out of here, is the way it works in the world of trucking.

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    After five times following what STAR told my tec what to do here is what we found out, and how we corrected it.

    1st. There are no official shifting marks. DCX just didn't get this far in development of the CRD to do this. (if you don't know by now you have been part of a "test market" and you paid to be a part of it and did not know it) These CRD's are controlled a PCM which tells the power train what and how to do what they are to do. Every re-flash changes what it tells the engine and transmission what to do. Mine had over 6 re-flashes, and everytime things got even worse.
    My tec on his own ordered a new PCM and did not do the re-flashes. Bingo, it works good and no more shifting into 5th at 62mph and lock up at 65mph. Fuel mileage went from 20-22 mpg to 23-25mpg. that was 4,000 miles ago, we now have 17,700 miles on the CRD.
    Finally don't use oil above 10w-40w synthetic, 5-94 is preferred according to V M Motori. Why DCX says different is a question nobody seems to know why. Maybe it was a typo and no one dares question the higher ups? Hope this helps. I do like the CRD, I just did not know I was being used as a test market, we all had the right to know, this was delibertly with held from us. Did you know this was a very limited run of CRD Liberty's?

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    Farout; no worries here. I only put down what I have experienced. I guess you can call me an early adopter willing to except the risk of using a greater percentage of biodiesel. I have been running mostly B10 for about 5K miles now and so far so good. I also know another who has been running B10 for about 4K on his CRD. If anything happens I'll be sure to post it here and whether or not it was covered under warranty.

    My late father-in-law and brother-in-law were both long haul truck drivers in the mid-west so I am used to the diesel is diesel argument :)

    Also, I was standing behind my friend (who is on this board but a silent member) when he called BP/Amoco. Now whether the tech was full of it is another story!! If he was selling a song and dance we bought it. I called Exxon/Mobile and Shell myself as my friend called BP/Amoco and Hess. Mobile and Shell both said their diesel is minimum 42 cetane year round. Fuel providers in the Northeast usually cut their diesel with K-1 in the fall and winter which lowers the cetane so their summer blend in theory should be higher. For now I'll stick with Hess.
  • thecipthecip Member Posts: 18
    Here is a link to Detriot Diesel's 2005 Fuel Specifications Farout mentioned in his post.
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    I plan on driving my CRD for a long time, this is the reason that I bought a Deisel.

    I know that the auto in it will go long before the engine and I have been inactivly looking for some parts for the european model. When this Auto starts showing any signs of age it is out and I am going ot replace it with the Euro 6-speed manual and clutch package.

    The switch to lock the TC is a good idea. I don't like all the bulky computer controls. Its like a congressional hearing when I touch the Pedal, fuel pump say "I want to pump more fuel", The emissions managment system say , "No wait what about the environment", The transmission says, "But what gear should I be in". I could probably get 30+ mpg if i didn't have all of this "SMART computer in my way". Instead of shifting when it makes since I messing around with speeding up in order to slow down. Its stupid.
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    If you figure out a way to hook up a switch please let me and others on this forum how you did it. That has been something I would like to do for a long time.

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    New guy here, just adding my observations. I bought a 2006 CRD new on 1 Aug 2006, and have had good luck so far (14000 miles).
    My transmission in normal mode (as I understand it) shifts to 4th around 40, then locks the TC at 52 in 4th. Accelerating to 63 mph finally makes it shift from 4th to 5th with the TC staying locked. At first, I didn't "get it," and was worried that there was something going wrong at 63mph, then I counted gear changes and realized what I thought was the shift to 5th at 52 was really the TC lockup in 4th...
    I think the way it works in O/D off mode is great for towing, but is also good for cruising in the 40-50mph range when driving hilly streets. Rather than being in 4th with the TC unlocked and the revs varying widely, O/D off keeps it in 3rd but locks the TC to keep the RPMs relatively low and steady.
    I routinely use O/D off to accelerate from the lower speeds up to 50 or so, and then go to normal resulting in a shift from 3rd w/TC locked to 4th with TC locked in minimum time and keeping the engine where it seems to really like it. The few times I have towed a trailer, this worked really well and I was impressed with how well it pulled. I specifically avoided heavy throttle when engaging the O/D to take it easy on the driveline. If I could reprogram the shifting, I would have the TC lock in 3rd in normal mode, then shift to 4th the way it does going 4th to 5th. That may be too harsh for the internal components though?
    I really like my CRD, and hope it doesn't fail me now that I've boasted about it!
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    Does anybody know if there is a programmer for the Jeep Liberty CRD that can access the shift points and TC lockup?
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