GMC Sierra? 4.8 vs 5.3

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Ok, first...why don't you see a lot of GMC Sierra
around? At least in IL, I don't see many, we're
overrun with Silverados though! Just curiousity
of why not GMC....basically the same truck isn't

My 2nd question. I'm looking at 2000 GMC Sierra
SLE 4WD 4 door. Comes standard with 4.8L V8.
optional 5.3L. I'm not planning on towing
anything, mostly a little hauling of misc. stuff
for myself and family .... yard stuff (topsoil,
bricks, etc) and maybe furniture for moves. Will I
be disappointed with the 4.8L? Any assistance
would be great because that's one aspect of the
truck I'm not too familiar with! Thanks.
Hopefully going to testdrive it this week!


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    Good luck finding a truck with a 4.8 engine in it. I have yet to see a 4x4 Z71 with a 4.8 L. Only trucks i have seen with a 4.8 are the base 2wd trucks. Its not a huge difference in power or performance, personally id go with the 5.3 if i had it to do all over again you wont be disappointed dont worry.

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    I agree with ryanbab. Get the 5.3L. The 4.8L is a fine engine, but the 5.3L gets the same gas mileage and has more torque (quite a bit more).
    Plus it will have a better resale value when you're ready to sell it.

    Regarding the GMC's, GM only makes about 1/4 the number of GMC's that they make Chevy trucks. That combined with the fact that there may be no GMC dealers near your location, may be the reason for you not seeing many. Personally, I kind of like that because a GMC is a bit more unique than a Chevy.
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    Post #1 "Its not a huge difference in power or
    performance, personally id go with the 5.3 if i had it to do all over again you wont be disappointed dont worry."

    Does that mean you have the 4.8? or... 4.3? ;)
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Sorry sounded bad i was still half asleep

    I have the 5.3 Liter.

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    Hey, thanks for the reply. Nice to hear about someone who actually has the truck I'm looking at (well, almost except for the 4wd.) I'm going to test drive either tonight or tomorrow (6/6 or 6/7). Hopefully I will have made a final decision by then.
    Thanks again.
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    hey did you get my pics i sent?? let me know if it worked

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    Hey, yes, I did get the pics. I sent you an email back. Check you email! hehehe.

    Sweet pictures! Nice truck!
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    Im at work and cant check my aol email. I will when i get home tonight thanks

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    ....go into the browsers mail settings and put in the servers it uses......course I dunno how wierd AOL is with that stuff?....I know they are different on other things..

    I go over a buddys house all the time and put in my settings....dial my server..and log on as me..

    works good

    - Tim
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    OK tim the toolman, if you have a hotmail account, how can you access it at work if you are proxied from hotmail?

    figured it was worth a try...
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    You got a problem don't ya??



    - Tim
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    I missed another one!!
  • dmdbitdmdbit Member Posts: 23
    does anyone own an ext. cab 2wd 4.8 5spd? i prefer a manual but was concerned about having to go with the smaller v8. i drove a base truck and thought it was adequate. of course dealers tell you where to drive.i would order an you yall think a 4.8/5spd 373 rear would do well compared to 5.3/auto 342 rear?
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    the reason the mileage, power is nearly identical is because there so close in size. I believe the 4.8L is 293 cubes versus the 5.3L's 325. Not a whole lot of seperation. With that said, either engine should ok. 5.3L may have a little more power, but the 4.8L will get a little better mileage - but I don't think either will "blow the other one away."
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    5.3 3.42 slightly better mileage, 4.8L 3.73 slightly better acceleration.

    I have a 4.8L 4.10 5-speed. Great power, outrun most anybody, get 16 to 17mpg...
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    5.3 /3:73 is the best combo!

    - Tim
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    4.8L with 4.11 would equal a 5.3L 3.73 would it not? Is it even available? If I had it to do all over again that's probably the way I'd go. Oh well, I like the LT package, but can't get it with the 4.8L...
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    tires size. 205's can make the 4.8 feel like a 454. Try it again with some 305's feels like a 4.3....
  • dmdbitdmdbit Member Posts: 23
    thanks for the opinions all.i think the best combo would be 5.3 with a 5spd. but that's not available.(at least not in a half ton) i guess i'm one of the rare drivers that prefers a manual.
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    I know what you mean. I put these 285's on and can definately tell the difference. But it's like Tim says - trucks look kinda goofy racing. But I do like to stomp on it every once in a while...
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