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Hyundai Santa Fe Test Drives



  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Posts: 378
    Yeah, the SE I tested was utterly silent -- no squeaks or rattles whatsoever, and wind and road noise was very minimal or absent, depending on speed and road surface conditions. The engine gave a pleasant growl under hard acceleration but was otherwise ultimately hushed.

  • leeh2leeh2 Posts: 5
    Can you get a tow package with the 07 Santa Fe? Aslo the dealer says the cost to install a hitch is $650. WOW
  • subarufan1subarufan1 Posts: 85
    you can get it done much cheaper away from the dealer :P
  • lasberrylasberry Posts: 12
    I posted my comments in another forum but here's the synopsis. A pleasing vehicle that makes switching from a Geo Prism to an SUV a superb experience. No road, wind-rattling, braking, or whistling noise to speak of. Even my critical wife approved of it hands down. ;) I can't wait until model clearance in 2007. The SE is all mine. :blush:
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97
    Then test drove CRV, Element, Tucson, RAV4, Mazda 5, Matrix, and the winner is:

    Bought the 07 Santa Fe!

    $400 over invoice and received the $500 owner loyalty discount.


    2007 Santa Fe FWD Limited
    - Platinum Sage with Black/Gray interior
    - Premium Package
    - Carpeted Floor Mats
    - Cargo Cover

  • Since I haven't bought anything yet, I drove a 06 a couple of days ago and I noticed that when you take your foot off the gas, the vehicle doesn't coast, but slows down as if you are giving it a very slight brake. I mentioned this to the salesman( none of my other 2 cars do this) and his answer was that the engine is tight and will loosen in time. I don't believe him 'cause my other 2 cars didn't slow down in this way when new. Hoping someone can shed light on this , thanks.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    auto trans? 4 or 5 speed?
  • shc1shc1 Posts: 10
    In the last week I've tested the CR-V, the RAV4, Honda Pilot,Kia Sportage,Subaru Forrester, and the Santa Fe GLS 2.7. The dealer let me take the Santa Fe for the weekend, as I live way out in the boonies up a mountain and on a dirt road. The ride is a little rough where the pavement is lacking, but even the 2.7 made it up the mountain without straining. The pavement ride is very comfortable, no noise, very quiet cabin, good handling, but a little hesitant re power while passing. Likely if I stay with the Hyundai I will go with the SE 3.3 All in all very impressive, and I will make a decision as soon as I've been able to give the Subaru the same test.
    The others are no longer in the running.
  • Curious,
    regarding the 'rough ride' the SF is said to have when off the beaten trail an onto the dirt, could this be anything possibly remedied with better shocks?
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    In the White Mountains of New Hampshire this vehicle had great difficulty making it to the top and the brakes overheat when descending. The noise on any road is incredibly loud. Take another look. This is so bad that we now rent a vehicle when traveling any distance.
  • Tested the 2007 SE just this past friday and we decided to buy.

    On interstate, SE was incredibly quiet. We traded from a 2003 Honda Accord V6. Santa Fe's V6 has plenty of power and again we were surprised at the quietness of the car on the interstate. It also had/has a very nice car-like ride. Very smooth and does not feel like an SUV. I also like the dark blue-purpleish lighting for the dash. This is similar to the Jetta we test drove back in 2000. It appears to be easier on the eyes at night. At least it does that for us.

    Off the interstate, suspension is a bit tight and the bumps are more pronounced, but not by much.

    Overall, we were very pleased with how smooth the SF drove, and how quiet the cab was, even at 80mph. We were very impressed and decided to purchase(see my post on purchase details).

    Although only 2 days old, the SF is a winner in our books!

  • I am in the process of buying a 2007 Santa Fe Limited.

    The sales staff does not know much about the vehicle or it's options? Found virtually all the into about the vehicle on the internet including Edmunds and other sites.

    Sales staff does not have computer and were not aware of various and sundry things that they should have at their finger tips!

    Sales staff was not aware of TSBs, Campaigns,etc!

  • I also drove the '07 Santa FE SE on Friday. It was an AWD with the Premium & Touring package.

    This is a great vehicle. Very smooth, quiet on concrete highway, and handled road imperfections flawlessly. My test drive experience made me upset that we paid $35k for our Honda Odyssey. Our Ody is so noisy on the highway & the car is just not built as well (it seems) as the Hyundai SAnta Fe.

    After owning 3 Hondas with problems (some major) in the past 5 years it is time to look at other manufacturers. Bad transmissions, droning noises, rattle, creaks, rough riding, & excessive road noise made us think twice. Ruled out Toyota because of their obnoxius sales staff who think they are doing you a favor by selling you a Toyota.

    That being said, I am nervous about buying a Hyundai. Everyone I talked to says Hyundais are cheap cars & won't be worth much in a few years. Any comments or experiences on trade-in. Our Hondas always returned excellent trade-in values.
  • That being said, I am nervous about buying a Hyundai. Everyone I talked to says Hyundais are cheap cars & won't be worth much in a few years. Any comments or experiences on trade-in. Our Hondas always returned excellent trade-in values

    I think we are starting to see an upturn in Hyundai's trade-in values. They are not at the level of Honda or Toyota yet, but they are definitely improving. We have 2 Hyundais we purchased new, a 2004 Sonata LX and a 2005 Tucson LX AWD. The Sonata we bought in March 2004 and paid $18700 for it. According to Edmunds, the retail value is $14200, private is $12900, and trade is $11400. The same values for the Tucson which we bought in November 2004 for $22500 are $18800, $17400, $15800. The interesting thing about those values is that Kelley Blue Book has both vehicles valued at $1000-$2000 higher in each value! :D

    As far as our experiences, these cars have been darn near flawless. We have only had to do regular maintenance on these vehicles (per the Hyundai manual, not the extra services the dealers always want to add on for their bottom line) and they are extremely well put together. No rattles, no loose parts, comfortable rides, and great value and content for the money. Ultimately, you need to make the choice that is right for you, but we made the choice to go with Hyundai and we have no regrets at all. Good Luck! ;)
  • Rating: :D

    I just purchased a 2007 SE. I was looking for a replacement for the Malibu Maxx that I leased two years ago. Since I was driving a Chevy, one of my chief considerations was price. I just didn't want to pay $30,000 for a new vehicle. I don't remember all the models I considered but aside from the "luxury" brands, the list of manufacturers was Suzuki, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda and Hyundai. Within each of those manufacturers I considered a dizzying array of cars and cross overs and SUVs. (Although off-topic, if you want a car, take a look at the new Nissan Altima. I love the car but I couldn't bring myself to pay $25,000 for a relatively spartan V6 model.)

    After returning to the Hyundai dealer four times, I finally decided I couldn't pass up the $23,000 price I worked for an SE w/no options. I drove the GLS with the 2.7 + 4spd auto and although no slouch, once I drove the 3.3, the 2.7 would have been impossible to accept.

    I found myself drawn to the value aspect of the vehicle. I really felt like I was getting a bargain. There were lots of standard features costing thousands more on other models. Although I would have been able to get an Equinox a bit cheaper than the Sante Fe, I found it hard to accept the Chevy's "low tech" push-rod V6. Don't get me wrong, Chevy's aren't bad vehicles. I've owned four in my 26 years of driving but they tend to start having issues around 85,000 miles. With three kids all getting to the "expensive years", this time I was in the market to purchase and "drive the wheels" off of a vehicle. I wanted something I could drive for perhaps 10 years. That's where the Hyundai warranty sold me. Although Chevy's now have a 5 year 100,000 warranty (impressive and kudos to The General for raising the purely American manufacturing bar), I currently only drive about 12,000 miles/year. My Chevy warranty would have run out at 60,000. That concerned me because it was before I usually start having trouble with GM products. When I added an extended warranty package to the Equinox, the price advantage faded. I also thought that the Santa Fe offered more features, had a quieter ride, more performance and better styling. The Equinox center console was a joke. It was like Homer Simpson's belly (you bang it from the side and it jiggles to a stop.)

    After having the car for two days, I feel like I stole a luxury SUV. Both my wife and I agree that until you get close enough to see the logo, the Santa Fe can be mistaken for other much more expensive SUVs. The highway ride is incredibly quiet. We also own a Toyota Sienna minivan and I had to pull the boys aside and tell them to stop telling mom how noisy the van is after riding in the Santa Fe.

    I cannot say enough about the 3.3 V6. It never feels strained and unless I floor it, one could be fooled into thinking they were driving an electric car. It really is that quiet unless you call upon all the horses.

    The 18" wheels on the SE do make the bumps in the subdivision noticeable but once on the freeway, it's incredibly quiet and smooth. I can't wait to take the family to my parents around Christmas. They live ~200 miles away and I think we'll all enjoy the ride. My only reservation will be the first hour of "buy American" indoctrination I'll receive from my rural parents who believe we should support our country. And they won't skip a beat when I tell them the car was made in Alabama and that even Chevys and Fords have a lot of foreign parts. Then I'll hear about where the profits go until I remind them that they own Chryslers.

    So far my only complaints are:

    1) It is impossible for an adult to retrieve items that fall between the cushions of the passenger seats. I have three boys and my middle son's Nintendo game cartridge slipped between the cushions. It took me about ten minutes to finally figure out that a sliver of a crack forms between the rear seat and the cargo compartment when you start to fold the seat forward. That crack is too small for an adult hand. Luckily the son that lost the cartridge was able to slip his hand into the crack and get his cartridge. I looked for a way to remove the cargo bin but I didn't feel like removing a half-dozen screws from my two-day-old vehicle.

    2) The entire engine is covered with a massive plastic shield. At first glance it looks cool but the more I stare at it the more I wonder why Hyundai felt it needed to hide the engine. After repeated views I then noticed the faux "manifold pipes" and felt like the designers were trying to appeal to idiots because only someone with total ignorance of what goes on under the hood would be fooled into thinking that what they are viewing has any functional purpose. I know I'm nit picking but I feel compelled to remove it just to get a peek. Is there a mess underneath or are the various components, pipes, wires and interconnects dressed and fastened neatly?
  • Congrats on your purchase. Is your Santa Fe AWD or FWD?

    I am seriously considering this car now if the price comes in where I need it.

    Please post your gas mileage over in the Hyundai Santa Fe Owners: MPG-Real World Numbers forum when you run a few tanks.
  • It's a FWD. I live in St. Louis and we don't get enough snow to justify AWD. Even if we did, I didn't want to pay for it. Some test drive reviews felt the AWD handled a smidgen better perhaps due to all wheels providing power.

    So far the trip computer says 19mpg but only one day's commute is in that figure. So far most of the 200 miles on the car were spent puttering around on the week-end. I'm hoping my commute mileage drives that number to 20 or more.
  • edmac1edmac1 Posts: 36
    "The entire engine is covered with a massive plastic shield"

    I couldn't believe this goofy-looking thing when I first saw it. Could it possibly have any practical purpose? The oil filter is apparently on top somewhere because the instructions I saw say that the first thing you have to do is remove that cover by removing the six bolts with a 10-mm socket. If you do decide to take a look, let us know what's under there.
  • Could it possibly have any practical purpose?

    Good question. The cx-7, Sedona, Entourage, Murano and RDX have similar covers just to name a few. ONLY the RDX ( the cowl houses a filter )seems have have some functionality other than giving the engine compartment a cleaner look.
  • I removed the cover a couple days ago and there's really nothing much to see. Nothing particularly attractive, nothing particularly ugly. It's not a "rats nest" as I had feared. The wires are rather neatly wrapped in what appears to be a cloth tape.

    Rather than the cover, Hyundai probably could have cast a large flat spot on the intake manifold, machined a nameplate into it and polished it. I suppose this would have "branded" the engine and perhaps they are trying to keep it generic for use in Kias.
  • Was it a big deal to remove? I plan to take a look myself. Any tips before I attempt it?
  • Been researching cars to find the right one for me. Been considering CRV, Ford Freestyle, Jeep Compass, Toyota Highlander, Mitsubishi Outlander, Buick Rendezvous. Using Edmunds and other sources. Friend told me he loves his 04 Santa Fe and has been looking forward to newly redisigned 07. So I researched it on Friday night and at 3:30Pm on Saturday went to local dealership to "see" it. Nice salesman showed it to me and offered test drive. Well, I fell in love instantly and this place had me out of my trade-in and in a new Santa Fe SE in less than 3 hours with financing and everything. The car rides amazing. Solid, quiet. Just ideal. Commanding view and feel of the road. I used to own a Subaru Legacy Outback and I just get an even more solid feeling in this Santa Fe. And is Pearl White car gorgeous. This color was worth the extra $200. Everywhere I went today, my first day of ownership, I got remarks on this car. Other than the Subaru which was so reliable, I've made some bad decisions on cars before. But I just know that this is the best decision I could ever make. I thank the research tools at Edmunds and elsewhere for pointing me in the right direction.
  • Congrats!
    Good choice. I have not seen one in Pearl White. Please post a pic.

    Good luck and enjoy!
  • No problem to remove. There are six fasteners. To in the back, two in the middle, two in front. If I recall correctly, I believe the two in back and the two in the front are nuts that thread onto studs. The two in the middle are bolts. I believe all were 10mm.

    Other than covering the engine for "looks", I don't see any purpose served by the cover. It might keep splashed water from pooling in areas on the top of the engine or getting other things on the top of the engine wet. However, since an engine is hot and any water splashing around it generates lots of steam, it would be prudent on Hyundai's part to design all aspects of the engine as water resistant. That leads me to the conclusion that the cover is just to provide an appealing engine compartment for the average person to peruse.
  • Just did a test drive on a 4wd SE last night. Also looking at the CRV/RAV4.

    Overall impression was positive. Great looking car. Can't imagine anyone over a dog fitting in the third row seats. Great layout nonetheless.

    My two concerns are:
    1) Sudden stop caused an angry crunching noise that was not friendly. Dealer suggested car had to be broken in. My comment was it sounds like something is already broken.

    2) Engine pickup from a stop was slow. It took a second or two to kick in, not immediately responsive.

    Anyone else have these issues?
  • stevecarstevecar Posts: 148
    I also recently test drove the SE model. Had same thoughts. Also considering CRV. Lots for the money. Rode smoothly. Also slow on pickup.
    Had Many in stock. dealer had tons on the lot. wanted to sell. I just wanted to drive. Asked the famous question . (What will it take?) I gave him a very low price including my trade. He got angry when I didn't take his offer. Told him I still had others to drive. He said again, What will it take? (I love a good comedy)

    I'm still not convinced. Been a Honda/Acura person for 25 years. Old habits die hard.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I noticed that pickup was a little slow, but overall it's plenty fast for me. I think they could have done a little bit better with the gearing. I hope they switch to the Aisin 6-speed in upcoming years like the new Veracruz though. Aisin makes some pretty smooth transmissions.
  • Was the "crunching" the sound of the ABS? Did you stop suddenly enough to cause wheel slippage? Every car's ABS usually makes an awful sounding noise as it works against the pedal to keep the wheel from locking up.

    Regarding engine pickup, I agree on the slow response but after driving my 07 for just over 2,000 miles, I don't have a problem from a standing stop. It's usually when I'm cruising in the top gear. When floored, it takes a few seconds before the transmission and engine get on the same page. However, it definitely goes once it realizes you are serious about wanting power. Even after it decides to go, when the RPM reaches the shifting point, up shifts are slow (smooth, but slow) and rob more performance. I have not tried moving the shifter to the right and using the manual shif feature. I have read that this at least gives the illusion of making the shifts more responsive. Perhaps after I put few thousand more miles on it, I'll try giving it a beating with the manual shifter.

    But I wholeheartedly agree that it should be more responsive but I'm not sure it's the transmission or the engine. It seems like the computer control is involved because I don't think it delivers full throttle fuel to the engine until the transmission is finished shifting gears. It's a very odd few seconds. The cars indecisiveness is not unlike the Chevrolet Malibu I drove for two years. The Malibu had traction control and unless it was disabled, when floored in a corner the car lumbered along until the turn was finished. Any sign of wheel slippage and it would practically kill the engine in an effort to ensure the wheels did not spin. Very strange feeling especially when you expect the car to be responsive and it feels like it's out of gas!

    If the computer is at least partially to blame, I wonder if an aftermarket BIOS upgrade would improve the situation. Of course such a move may void the warranty.
  • I have the 3.3 Limited AWD. Disable the ESC and traction control is gone. I can chirp the front tires with no problem. Now engage the sport shift and it becomes a beast if you know the sweet spot. ( 4000-4500rpm ). Very respectable for an SUV pushing 4000lbs+ and only 242hp. I agree on the delay issue. However, duration is under 2 seconds. Hyundai needs to work on this. The throttle is electronic. No cable. Many of the features within this truck are driven by a data network. Additional information can be found in the online shop manuals and tutorials on the Hyundai webtech site. Makes for some very interesting reading...
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