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Just gotten a Santa Fe? Tell us all about it!


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    We picked up our '07 GLS tonite - what a ride! It's way cool at nite with all the blue lighting (had to turn it down a notch or two). In my old '03 Santa Fe the cruise, windows, locks and other things were not lit up which drove my husband crazy since he didn't drive it all that much unless we went out. The only "break in" in dealer recommended was not to use the cruise control for the first 500 miles. I did ask about the staying under 55 mph for a period of time, but they said it wasn't necessary. I have to say, I can't wait to get behind the wheel again!Mind did come with floor mats but no mud flaps and since we have a long, gravel driveway I will have to invest in some soon.
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    Congrats! You will enjoy it. Curious though, why not over 55 and why not use the cruise under 500? I have used my cruise from mile 11 to mile 550, did I do something wrong? Dealer couldn't tell me anything about the car because she has just seen it with me after it came off the truck. Let me know if there is anything else. I have a long gravel driveway also, mud flaps are a must. I keep rinsing it off after I drive it. They are not available yet but I keep checking.
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    From what I have read by others at this site, it is best to vary speeds as much as possible up to 500 miles. I believe as important an issue is not accelerating or braking hard during break-in.

    Joe in Texarkana
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    I think the dealer has given you good break-in advice.

    Its better to vary engine load and RPM during break-in for first 500 miles.
    Heres some additional tech reading.
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    I had read the remark about not going over 55mph in an earlier post in this forum. My dealer said it wasn't neccesary and with speed limits here on the freeways of 65 mph not very realistic anyway.
    I think you got the answer on the why no cruise control from someone else's post - that it's good to vary the engine speed and let the parts "break in". I was also told to not even look for good gas milage until after this break in period.
    I wonder if there are something like standard mud flaps? I'm not set on having and "H" on mine.
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    I sold Toyotas for a few years and although the RAV certainly was not a best seller, I was surprised how many people had significant rear end damage in low MPH rear-enders. :sick: If you do get a RAV, park with the rear end towards a building if possible. Several folks I sold to reported returning to their vehicle to find some jerk had backed into them when the vehicle was unattended...and you know who pays for that repair. I certainly tried to change the subject when that damn tire came up for the following other reasons.

    1. Missing wheels and wheel covers (you can buy a wheel lock-although I am not sure about securing the soft cover).

    2. Inconvenience for unloading in parallel parking areas.

    3. Lack of rear window roll down or lift gate for extra long items.

    4. Door opening on wrong side.

    It does allow easy access to change a flat, but with today's tires, that is like keeping the tire changing tools in the console between the front seats. Sure is handy but who wants them there.

    The RAV certainly has a kick [non-permissible content removed] engine, but read some posts at the Camry site about their tranny problems and the lack of cooperation from Toyota in addressing the problem. At this point, I would be careful, although they have a great rep.

    The new RAV was an excellant chance to get rid of that feature???, but for some reason Toyota stuck with it. Picture that rig without that rear spare and you see a SF. I think with other SUVs changing to more streamlined looks, that rear accoutrement will be old hat soon.

    Joe in Texarkana
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    I picked up my new Santa Fe Limited AWD on July 10th. Nice vehicle but I've taken it back to the dealership twice with a windshield noise problem that they can't find. Every time I go over 40 mph, wind noise comes from the windshield. Tomorrow will be my third time back to the dealership (Washington Hyundai). If they can't fix it, I'll ask for a replacement Santa Fe under my states Lemon Laws.
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    Was this corrected for you?
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    Bought our 2007 SE two weeks ago and haven't regretted buying this vehicle. My wife and I originally went to the dealership to look at a used VW Passat Wagon. However, prior to going to the dealership to look at the VW I conducted some research and came across the 07 Santa Fe and was impressed by it's styling so we decided against the VW and asked to test drive the Santa Fe. My wife and I both loved it, but wanted to try out the new 2007 Honda CRV, which didn't wow us like the Santa Fe had. But being Honda people we put a deposit on the CRV and went home while Honda worked on the financing. However, soon after we got home we both new we didn't like the CRV so we called Honda and got our deposit back.

    See the real problem was we were "snobs". We thought people would laugh at us for driving a Hyundai, but upon further thought we realized this Santa Fe was an awesome vehicle and far superior to the CRV in every way.

    When we look to replace my '99 Altima I will definitely start first at the Hyundai dealership for it's replacement. And I suspect by then we'll be seeing a lot more Hyundai's on the road.
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    Has anyone driven the new GLS with a manual tranny?
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    I hope that you are still so ecstatic at trade in time or on your visits to the repair shop. Good luck with your Santa Fe.
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    fnamowicz, I assume your somewhat sarcastic remark is based on actual experience... Would you care to elaborate?

    I purchased my first Santa Fe new back in July of 2001 as a result of the favorable reviews I found on the internet. 5+ years and 139,000 miles later, my Santa Fe still looks, runs and feels like new with only routine maintenance. The biggest expense I had was this past month when I had new tires put on, and the struts & ball joints replaced. All in all, my experience with Hyundai has been nothing but pleasant.
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    Hyundai is number three in initial quality for 2006, and brand loyalty is skyrocketing due to their new designs. It is superior in every way, except for gas mileage, with the V6-less CR-V, especially in the area of towing and interior and exterior design. The 2007 CR-V a bit of an ugly-duckling IMO. It also beats out the Rav4 in interior room and quality, but I'll admit that the V6 in the Rav4 is a beast.
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    I finally did it . I am now the proud ownder of a Limited SF. Anticipating the AWD to come in somewhere early Jan, I reconsidered the FWD, living in Southern California where 90% of the land is paved. So, Touring and Premium packages were included, and an extended warranty. Kearny Mesa Hyundai/Subaru had 5 star customer service and exceptional flexability. My first new car in over 10 years, and initially I wouldn't even utter the word Hyundai, Now I consider myself amongst the lucky few to have purchased this new generation vehicle and become part of an exceptionally growning and suprisingly dependable auto company. I couldn't be prouder with my american dollar.

    Thanks to all on the site who contributed to the knowlege pool and helpful hints and buying tactics. EVERYTHING was helpful.

    Happy Driving All

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    Back in July of '01 I took a chance and purchased a Santa Fe for my wife. Close to six years and over 139k miles later, it still looks great and runs as smooth as it did when it was new with only routine maintenance. We've been so impressed with it that the new SF was at the top of my short list when we started shopping for a new vehicle a few months ago. We ended up getting an AWD Limited with both the touring and premium packages. While I was happy with our old SF, the new one is miles above in every way.
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    We bought an '06 Limited in April. I've looked at the '07s and we almost waited to buy an '07. But now that I've seen them up close, I'm glad we got the '06. Some people may not like the looks but we actually think it looks bettet than the '07. Seems like all of the smaller suvs are starting to look alike. And yes we just love our Santa Fe Limited. I can't get over how well int handles. We didn't get AWD. We get snow, but not that much. In the pouring down, monsoon type rain on the's as if it is glued to the highway. Just love it.
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    You mentioned an extended warranty. All new Hyundais come with 10/100000 on the powertrain and 5/60000 bumper to bumper standard.
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    Read in the manual the no formal break-in is neccessary for the SF. However, it is suggested that "in order to perserve the durability on longevity of your car..." the following actions should be practiced for the first 1,200 miles. One of these is driving no faster than 55mph. Ok, with all due respect, I live in Southern California and if I drove that slow I'd prolly get pulled for a ticket, in an accident or even shot! well, not that extreme, but this practice just can't happen. So I keep it between 60-70mph. Figure this will be fine for the time being. Anyone else doing anything different with their break-in practices or can suggest other break-in pointers?
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    Nope. Just running it smoothly at 60/70mph. Not getting on it. YET! :)

    Not too concerned with the "break-in". With such a great warranty and such a nice SUV I cant drive 55. Im on the East Coast in NYC. I prob would get shot. :) Good luck with the new Santa and enjoy!
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    During Break-in we drive the new vehicle around town at various speeds and take the other vehicle if we need something for freeway speeds if at all possible.

    We also don't use the cruse control until after break-in.
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    Just signed contract for purchase of brand new 2007 Limited AWD Santa Fe. I think I got a decent deal but can anybody comment on this.

    - Limited AWD 2007 Santa Fe Black exterior/Black interior
    - Touring and Premium packages
    - Floor mats

    * Got all the above at invoice pricing

    - Got the dealer rebate of $500.00
    - Had to pay the normal destination charge of $650.00
    - Allowed the dealer to get 350.00 above invoice pricing.
    - Dealer said I had to pay the $600.00 adv fee as it was
    not negotiable (similar to the dest. charge)

    * Total came to $28,946.00 had the following
    MSRP: 30,980.00 INV: 28,529.00 TMV(NH): 29,843.00

    Like I said I thought I did good, my only hesitation was the 600.00 advertising fee, but the dealer told me this
    was normal.

    So how did I do??????
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    Nowhere near as good as anybody who buys at Fitzmall (or values a deal) for $800 under dealer invoice or $28,124 delivered for the same vehicle!

    You ended up after the $500 rebate paying over dealer invoice.

    link title
  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323

    If you got what you wanted, when you wanted it and are comfortable with the location for service go for it. Enjoy the ride. Many people claim to have gotten better deals but several that I have actually followed up on fell through for color, package, availability, blah blah blah. IMO anything under 1000 dollars is ok.

    You already signed the contract. In the future I would recommend visiting a few dealers and pit them against each other.

    I have my Limited AWD for 4 weeks now. You will not be disapointed, Trust me! Good Luck and enjoy...
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    i wouldnt worry about it. you got an okay deal. some have done better and alot have done worse than you! you feel good about it and that is all that matters. the last new car i bought - a nissan xterra - i got at $500 over invoice and i thought i got a great deal. this time around i managed to get the santa fe for $527 under invoice.

    plus - if you financed your car, you wouldnt even see a difference in your payments over 800-900.

    enjoy your new santa!
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    Please consider posting your info in Hyundai Santa Fe: Prices Paid & Buying Experience. Thanks!

    tidester, host
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    Before or after TTL?

    On the other hand don't you love the black on black with Premium and touring? I have the exact model and love, love, love it! The black gives it a very sporty feel, don't you think? Upkeep another story!

    Enjoy and don't stress about the price at this point!
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    I feel like I"m driving a much more expensive ride than the one I purchased for $23,500, an SE. I've been in friends cars, SUV's, etc. and can't say any are better than this Santa Fe. Even a friend's Lexus that I've taken trips in with them, I would stack the Santa Fe up with on at least even terms. The looks, the feel inside, and the ride, are all up to the standards of any luxury SUV of this size I"ve been in. I feel like a million bucks sitting high and pretty in this dynamic Santa Fe. Please God, I'm planning on keeping this baby for 10 years or 200,000 miles, whichever comes first. Hyundai obviously gets it.. a long list of high quality standard features. Maybe a small point to most, but even the stereo in the SE model is excellent. Fit and finish, quality of materials, all make for a joyous experience that I don't think will wear off for a long long time in what I think will be a long term love affair with this car. BTW, I paid $200 extra for the special white paint, and boy does this car look bigger and stand out. Alloy wheels and big tires look fantastic. Dual exhaust pipes. Real roof rails with crossbar. I didn't get the leather, because the cloth seems so durable and is comfortable in the hot climate I live in. I didn't get the sunroof and heated or power seat. All to save money. Hyundai package choices are so simple to decipher. Makes picking out the right car on the dealer lot so easy. I went in to dealer at 3:30 PM on Saturday to "check out" the Santa Fe. They had me test drive it, explained the whole car to me. I loved it and they had me out of my trade and in the new Santa Fe 07, all financed and ready to go by 6:30PM. I oouldn't believe it. I am overjoyed. Got many great compliments on it today in my travels around town and to visit friends. They love it. Hyundai has come a long way. Their were just so many reasons not to walk away without buying this car.
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    Does the 2007 Sante Fe come with daytime running lights?
    I've found that in some cars, there is a fuse missing in the fuse box, and if you put in a fuse, you get daytime running lights. Does anyone have any info?
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    Daytime running lights are mandatory in Canada and as I suspect Hyundai are not making a specific "Canadian" version, a pulled fuse wouldn't surprise me. IMHP daytime running lights should be compulsory everywhere. GM got this one right.
  • solowalkersolowalker Member Posts: 118
    Daytime running lights should be mandatory only for people who drive whilst on their cell phones and looking at the Nav screen with a beer in the other hand and arguing with their kids who are watching a DVD in the back...

    For sane drivers, they should be optional...
  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    I really enjoyed your response. I am still laughing about it. I agree, this should be an option. To its defense, statistically DTR Lamps have shown to be beneficial during very specific hazardous driving conditions but if your not distracted by your environment ( Cell phones, NAV, the kids )and practice sensible driving habits you can avoid them from jump street.

  • davesuvdavesuv Member Posts: 149
    No, the 2007 Santa Fe does not come with daytime running lights in the States. For a vehicle that otherwise excels in safety, this is the one area where Hyundai dropped the ball.

    For instructive information on the safety offered by daytime running lights, see the IIHS site here.

    In brief, they will cut multiple vehicle daytime crashes by about 6% (studies ranged from 3% to 11%). They reduce left hand turn related crashes by about 35%. They also reduce fatal crashes with pedestrians and bicyclists by 12%.

    Apparently, there are retrofit kits that can be used to give you this feature. Alternately, you can just keep your headlights on all the time, but this costs over twice as much ($40 per year instead of $15). The DRL use reduced voltage to limit power requirements and extend bulb life. It would be great if a simple fuse addition, as you suggest, would give you this functionality.
  • retiredpilotretiredpilot Member Posts: 16
    Just a short note for solowalker
    To see is a blessing, to be seen helps prevent accidents.
    Thanks to davesuv. You saved me from looking up the statistics that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the value of daytime running lights.
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    You would have found out that $600 advertising fee is negotiable if you told them it was a 'deal breaker' as I did, and they caved.
  • roudy1roudy1 Member Posts: 36
    Purchased a Santa Fe Limited today and after 300 miles, the trip indicator showed 22.1 mpg; I'll find out how accurate that is when I fill up in the morning.
  • pedro6pedro6 Member Posts: 12
    I now drive a 2007 top of line Santa Fe, however few thing that I find with this car that are unusual. Since the car has a sun roof, when you open the doors, the only interior light that turns on, is way in the back of the car, for some reason the map lights do not turn on when you open the doors, at night you can not see the cabin. The other thing is that my son complains that while he is watching a movie, the screen turns black any ideas?. Also the A/C, (3 times back to the dealer to be fix with only 2000 miles), while driving the ac stops cooling and only blows regular air, only once I turn the car off and on it would work again for a while. The last thing is a noise that the car makes after I drive away one block, I feel and hear a noise around the accelerator, like something arming??? Any tips?
  • 07xle07xle Member Posts: 177
    I've got a tip.

    Don't post the same message twice in two threads!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pedro6pedro6 Member Posts: 12
    I now drive a 2007 top of line Santa Fe, however few things that I find with this car that are unusual. Since the car has a sun roof, when you open the doors, the only interior light that turns on, is way in the back of the car, for some reason the map lights do not turn on when you open the doors, at night you can not see the front cabin. The other thing is that my son complains that while he is watching a movie, the screen turns black any ideas why?. Also the A/C, (3 times back to the dealer to be fix with only 2000 miles), while driving the a/c stops cooling and only blows regular air, I have to turn the car off and back in order to work again for a while. The last thing is a noise that the car makes after I drive away one block, I feel and hear a noise around the accelerator, like something arming??? Any tips? I had another noise from there too, however it was a nut that need it adjustemt, it was resolved.
  • pedro6pedro6 Member Posts: 12
    Sorry, technical dificulties, I am new and I am not sure what I am doing. Thanks for the tip, it really help me...
  • roudy1roudy1 Member Posts: 36
    When I filled up this morning, my computation showed 22.3 instead of the 22.1 that the trip computer showed, so it appears the computer is pretty accurate. Drove another 300 miles today and the computer showed 22.9. At one point today, my mpg was up to 27.0, but then I did quite a bit of city driving and it dropped. Looks like I'm in for a couple of hundred miles again tomorrow, but it will be all freeway driving and I'll finally be able to use the cruise control since I'm over 500 miles.
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    Picked up the SF Lim. w/touring and took it to Lake Tahoe the next day. It handled well with decent power and surefooted on packed snow and ice. It was everything I expected from the many reviews I read prior to purchase. The only thing I was in the dark about was the lack of interior lighting, not the fancy blue accents, just the basic stuff. There is no illumination in the front aside from the map lights. Am I missing something? Also, outside temp. display registered 140 deg. and is now stuck at 68 deg.- no worries. Thanks.
  • gwillygwilly Member Posts: 51
    Be happy if you only have a couple of problems, our 07'SE AWD touring+ultimate consistently gets 13.9 to 17.9 MPG. We live in Southern California and we do mixed city/highway driving.

    Normally, I just pound the gas pedal in our other cars, but I have beeeen ever so delicate and the mileage is DEFINITELY below what the sticker says. Maybe the AWD is the deciding factor in all of this. I actually think the computer is set to have an appearance of better mileage on the first 2 - 3 fillups.

    While I'm going here, the factory radio FM tuner has the worst sensitivity and blah sound I have ever heard. If I put my Sirius FM modulated unit in this car it sounds like there is cardboard over all the speakers. BTW, in all of my other cars the sound is crisp and bright on FM 87.9, so what to do, just pray they will come out with some sort of mini-jack adapter for this vehicle in the coming years.

    Rant off

    I do like the car though, even with its warts;-)
  • davesuvdavesuv Member Posts: 149
    Interesting gas mileage gwilly. My 07 AWD Limited with touring and premium packages gets about 18-19 mpg in the city and 24-26 on the highway. This is from actual fill-up calculations (but agrees generally with our mpg computer - some may be off by 20% based on other reports). Of course, when the engine is cold, 16 mpg or less should be expected on the mpg computer if you reset it.

    I find our FM radio tuner sensitivity to be the best I have ever owned. Certainly better than our Lexus RX350. It is amazing how far we can clearly pick up stations in the Santa Fe, where they would be reduced to static in our Lexus and our prior Honda. I also really like the sound quality from the speakers. Just a tad below the Lexus, but not far.

    After 4 months, our only problem has been the much reported temperature sensor malfunction, which was easily corrected by the dealer shortly after delivery.
  • rick2456rick2456 Member Posts: 320
    I took delivery of a white 2007 SF SE AWD, with the premium package on Feb 28. This is my 3rd hyundai, but my first hyundai Suv. So far, it is great, but I will keep you all posted. Enjoy. I am.
  • colonel717colonel717 Member Posts: 20
    What I found surprising is it didn't come standard with Cargo Cover. My 2002 Santa Fe it was standard. Dealer was misinformed and thought it did. Go to purchase one and price is $300. I saw another vehicle on the lot had it listed as $100 option. Dealer said thats because it came that way from factory. They said they will work on price for me. What a crock they run the pricing up that much for that cover. Its nice to have that cover in the back so people can't see if you have any packages in your cargo are.

    Otherwise very happy with my purchase. Hopefully the MPG is close to what the sticker says.

    Anyone know if you turn off AWD, that gas milage is a little better?
  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    This site has the cover for 279.

    AWD is on demand. Its off until you need it.

    MPG gets better after break-in. Around 5000 miles. I am getting 17/22.
  • mikes2mikes2 Member Posts: 43
    This won't be of much help (or comfort), but they've changed it now - I just got my SF on Saturday, and the map lights come on whenever I open the door or unlock the car. I gather that there's no fix for earlier production models.
  • mikes2mikes2 Member Posts: 43
    $300US for the Cargo Cover?! Wow - in Canada it's only CDN$257 (about US$218). The dealer cost is apparently around CDN$217 (about US$184).


  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Hi...Do you happen to know the build date of your SF...on the driver's door would not seem to be that big of a deal to have the driver's map lights come on and I am glad yours do...Mine do not

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