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Suzuki XL-7 Problems and Solutions



  • I am having the same problem they say in the manual that it comes on when the emission control system needs servicing my mechanic could not find where to connect their computer to it not only that but their new computer did not even have suzuki listed so it looks like a dealer run to me
  • I have a 2007 Suzuki XL-7 when ever its below 20 degrees my battery is dead and car will not start. The dealer tells me to replace the battery but only happens in cold weather.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Car batteries don't charge well when they are cold. You can mitigate the problem by avoiding short trips. The battery needs extra time to recharge after supplying a large current to start the car.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • jquickjquick Posts: 3
    I have a 07 XL-7 the other day the accelerator stuck on the highway it didn't just stick it was like the cruise control took the pedal away and floored it. I had to stand on the brakes to get it to slow down just to get out of traffic of course not knowing I could have just turned it off. Itgot towed to the dealer and they are saying nothing is wrong with it. I have already had the battery problem with it about a month ago and the vehicle has less the 3,500 miles. I am afraid to drive it. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    Make sure to tighten your gas cap. Go by an Autozone or other auto parts store. They can't scan your computer for issues.


    kc5yti :)
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    watch your accessories and avoid short trips. I have had battery issues with both of my XL-7s. The 2002 and 2007. Both times, our fault. Our 2007 is the bus in the family. So it gets lots of short trips to and from school and day care. Well, we left the satellite radio on one night, and sure enough, dead battery come morning. Since then, no problems. I killed the 2002's battery twice by forgetting to shut off some radio equipment when I park it for a long period of time. Otherwise, both of our Suzukis are great.


  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    I am looking to try 225-70-16s on mine. It seems to be a popular size with many other owners. it give the truck a better look, and reportedly, a better ride. I have heard 235-70-16 as another choice, but without some suspension upgrades, the tires will rub some.


    Ivan, kc5yti
  • I have a new 07 XL7. I experienced a stuck accelerator. I was pulling into my parking place and work very slowly and the thing took off, it seemed like someone floored the accelerator!!! To my horror, it went over the curb, knocked down the reserved parking sign and I finally got it to stop by putting both feet on the brake. I did damage to my bumper and underneath. My Husband thinks I'm crazy! Has anything like this happened to anyone else? If so, what did you do about it? I know it took off by itself!
  • I had mine towed to the dealer and they said nothing was wrong and suzuki said this hadn't happened to anyone else!!!!!! Mine also just took off and the accelerator was floored. I don't know what to do when everyone is saying theres nothing wrong. I know there is something wrong and I am afraid to drive it!
  • I had asked the dealer about it. They told me to bring it in and they will test drive it. Well, I am 99% sure that it would not accelerate when they test drive it! You can't make it do that.
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    Are either of you, cruise control users. I have only seen something like this, once, with ours. It was driving into town from the highway, and I had accidentally bumped the resume button for cruise control, which at set a 70mph. So, of course the vehicle started to accellerate until I realized that I had kicked the cruise back on. Otherwise, I have never seen this on our 2007. We have about 11K miles on it.


    Ivan, kc5yti
  • I have never used my cruise control and none the less when you hit the brake the cruise control stops.The vehicle doesn't stop accelerating even when you are standing on the brake.
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    Wow, never had that happen. I can't remember if the throttle is cable or by wire on the XL-7. I wonder if it could be the linkage binding or maybe till, the cruise actuator kicking in when it should not. I hope you are able to determine the issue. We own two XL-7s, a 2002 and 2007. We have been very happen with both.


    Ivan, :)
  • staabstaab Posts: 1
    this winter my 02 suzuki XL7 started to be able to go in reverse only. this happened twice. then went away for a few days. I have the problem coming back. have anyone one else expereanced this same situation? the mileage is around 36k. and the O/D button will not work :confuse:
  • ceuserceuser Posts: 6
    I bought a brand new 2007 xl7 in September 07. I have put nearly 8,000 miles on the vehicle . The check engine light came on one morning and I immediately took the vehicle to the dealer.Ok,,,The dealer called yesterday and they will have my brand new 2007 xl7 for at least a week. The codes coming up for the check engine light indicated that a misfire was occurring because the camshaft is defective.
    The camshaft ,,,along with the rocker arms have to be changed...????
    This is completely blowing my mind.
    Has this happened to anyone else? The dealer service guy said that this has happened to a few other 2007 xl 7s.,,but after the repair,,everything should be fine. I believe this is a huge job for a brand new vehicle. Engine work??????
    Can anyone shed any light on this for me...??
    Thanks for letting me share.
  • slinky1slinky1 Posts: 42
    Interesting for sure!!! , i also have a 2007 xl7, i also bought in september and have about the same milage. no probs for me.
    I work at Cami automotive, the company that makes these for suzuki, in Ingersoll ontario, i have heard of no particular probs with the camshaft, or misfires, but i will take a trip up to our quality department for you and see if they know anything i don't!!
  • ceuserceuser Posts: 6
    The xl7 is still in the shop,,,, waiting for parts and whatnot. The dealer service guy keeps telling me not too worry that the vehicle will be ready soon.

    I have heard thru the grapevine that this has happened to a few other xl7s because of the manner in which it is shipped thru Canada. The interior of the engine is not covered and rust has been forming on the whatchamacallits. This sounds crazy but I hope they can fix this or else I want my money back. Its been 8 days in the shop already. I have to start looking up lemon lawyers.
    At this rate ,,,I will be in line for a refund or a new vehicle,,,I ll take the money.
    I thought I had a good deal,,,but.............we shall see.
  • There is one 2007 XL7 at Payne Suzuki Brownsville ,Texas, approx 1000 miles, dealer told me it's a 'rocker arm issue'. They pulled the engine last week and it's still there as of today on service rack with engine pulled.

    I bought a new 2007 XL7 Limited AWD in Dec 2007 here is my list of issues:
    Jan 3rd 2008 heater will not work while in Aspen Colorado.
    Jan 5th 2008 DVD/Radio/CD will not work in San Antonio, Texas. Rear defroster 1/2 broken. (dealer replaced rear window completely)
    Feb 11th 2008 Engine shut off completely while driving!!!! rough idle heard and felt through out car, dealer check all OK. Two roof rack bindings will not stay down, dealer fixed per tech bulletin. Now all four will not stay down. Dealer order new roof rack rails with attached bindings. Climate control face plate/bezel will not stay in assembled location, pops out, Dealer replaced bezel.
    Mar 11th 2008 1st oil change. dealer suggestes replacing all wipers, under warranty.
    Mar 14th 2008 tighten fuel cap warning.
    Mar 16th rough idle and hesitations while accelerating from stop.
    Mar 17th check engine light (7865 miles) and tighted fuel cap warning, again, but I never touched it since tighten it last time and the light went away. Dealer witnesses lights and mentions that the tach was not moving between shifting from M/D/N/R/P. Rough idle witnessed by dealer, finally.
    Mar 18th in dealer service shop this morning - I'm completely frustrated and do not want this lemon anymore. I had a new 2006 Grand Vitara 4X4 never one issue that's why I bought the XL7.
  • ceuserceuser Posts: 6
    My xl7 is still in the shop. First it was parts then they are still waiting on a few seals?????? This sounds pretty serious. Well,,Maybe it is a lemon!!!!!!
    The dealer told me it was a misfire caused by a defective camshaft.
    They were going to put a new camshaft and rocker arms but someone told me that there are no rocker arms because it is variable valve timing or something.
    Its funny you mentioned the climate control face plate not staying in position. Mine is doing the same thing,,,,I keep pusjing it back on but that is not my problem right now. I am waiting ....
    cHECK ENGINE LIGHT came on at around the same mileage as yours. Weird...
  • The 'check engine' according to the dealer was the tighten fuel cap warning because it's a pressurized fuel system, so they reset the light and ordered a new fuel cap per Suzuki, swho stated there is a check valve in the fuel cap which can get dirty and cause this issue. Sad to say, but I think I'm in for more monkey business with this one, only time will tell. I just don't like hearing 'maybe you had some bad fuel' that's why it shut off. I've learned a valuable lesson, document everything and report it to the dealer to develop a case history per the 'lemon law' . That face plate was more irritating than anything, $25K new vehicle and the face plate won't stay put, I don't think so...wish I'd kept my 06 Grand Vitara.

    Regardless of the dealer's cover story your defective camshaft should have never made it to market, there is more to that story. The same with the auto accelerating XL7's posted here , that alone is enough for me to dump this vehicle very soon.
  • anon5anon5 Posts: 1
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have a 2002 Suzuki XL-7, and I think ever since I've had it, it had this problem: When I start the car, it feels like the car jumps when I switch gears (it's automatic). After that, it runs fine. I took it to the dealership, and they don't seem to think it's a problem. All they are telling me is that I have to wait until the cars gets under 1000 rpm for the problem to go away. Also, even the newer models' engines are made the same way. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  • dave42nydave42ny Posts: 9
    2007 XL7 with 2-Row seating. I discovered a water leak in the rear cargo area of my XL7 last week. The carpeting / floor mat is wet. After some problem determination – I pulled backed the carpet (which was wet, damp and smelly) and also removed the car jack. I noticed road cinders, which means that water was coming in from the surrounding area. The problem appears to be with the pressure relief body vent, which is a plastic flap. As the flap moves the air pressure from within the vehicle to the outside, this is the entry point for the water. I also double-checked the weather-stripping around the rear lift gate, which appears to be fine. I saw no splits, cracks or gaps – all was tight. The water comes from under the vehicle while driving in the rain or driving through puddle. All of the plugs in the body/flooring are sealed. It's the flap/vent.

    I will be posting some digital pictures later.

    The 3-Row XL7’s may not notice the water leak since it has the storage bin behind the third row but I guarantee that the water is still getting into the vehicle.

    This is a major (and stupid) design flaw by the engineers (from GM and/or Suzuki). Does anyone do any quality control testing? Not. (or very little at best).

    I have a service appointment next week with my local Suzuki dealer – and hopefully a permanent solution.

  • oswald008oswald008 Posts: 6
    On May 4, 2007 stopped at a stop sign I relaxed the pressure on the brake to roll forward a little bit to check the intersection when it happened. The 2007 XL7 Limited took off into the intersection and T-boned another car traveling at approx. 45mph. Airbags did not deploy nor was anyone seriously hurt, Thank God. This is the same XL7 I've written about here with numerous electrical issue still puzzling the Suzuki Tech Reps. Suzuki is in denial. I bought this thing because it was suppose to be safe! Now I need to convince the insurance agent that it's not safe and to total it.

    Good luck to all
  • I have a 2003 XL-7 and I am in the process of having the wheel bearings replaced for the fourth time!!! The front has been done once and this will be the third time for the rear! It has 88000 miles on it and though it is under warranty the dealerships are few and far between. I have found the customer service for this repeat problem has been miserable through Suzuki and I guess that's why the dealerships drop them for service. I will now have to travel over 40 miles to get it serviced......any ideas? does anyone else have this problem?
  • gadielgadiel Posts: 1
    I have an XL7 with 3 rows I also found a water leak problem in the cargo area.I noticed the water was entering from the back cargo light located at the roof. When I verified, the rubber bracket that cover the light cables were loose. I took my XL-7 to Service and the Suzuki service personell adjust the bracket. Since that, no water leak problems at all.

    Hope this can help you.
  • dave42nydave42ny Posts: 9
    I finally had the pressure vent (that was on order) replaced today on my 2007 XL7, it was raining pretty heavy at times today. This was a good test - I drove to work after having my XL7 repaired then back home later in the day - and guess what? It's still leaking from underneath, from the pressure vent. I had a small hand towel placed near the pressure vent, I removed the towel and about half of it was soaking wet. I'll check the area you mentioned but I will be calling both my local dealership/service dept and Suzuki America come Monday morning. Additionally, I had the EVAP solenoid replaced for a P0449 check engine light that came on about 10 days ago. It appears that it's been resolved. However, the wire appeared to be severed near the connector. How did that happen? Did the service tech cut the wire after the check engine light was cleared? :mad: :confuse:
  • We have taken to the dealer 4 times for the same problem. The first time they replaced the solenoid (not covered by warranty). The next time they told us they were getting an unknown trouble code and needed to check with tech support. Then they said they needed to test the PCM (Power Control Module). This wasn't it, so they finally replaced the front differential. The day after I got the car back from the dealer, the 4X4 stayed engaged and wouldn't release. We have noticed it will sometimes disengage on steep inclines, but not always. We have checked the tire pressures and fluid levels. If there are any other options that anyone is aware of, please post an answer.
  • gerry19gerry19 Posts: 2
    I had the same issue on my 2005 X-L 7
    apparently the O2 Oxygen sensor wire runs very close to the oil filter location, and a service person ( not paying attention) pinched the wire in the top of the oil filter, not enough for oil to leak, but enough for the sensor to short out.
    Sensor was $270 (part only) and my oil change guy ate the bill.
  • gerry19gerry19 Posts: 2
    The AC indicator light started "blinking" with or without the AC engaged.
    The AC works fine , and the compressor does NOT disengage when the light blinks.
    Any ideas on the "blinking green light"??
    2005 XL-7 runs great no issues 56k miles
  • Go to autozone and have them run a diagnostic. We had the O2 sensor changed at around 80k on ours. Save a $100 and have a private mechanic do it. Hard to get to so have a mechanic do it.
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