Power Steering Torque Sensor

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Diagnosed loss of power steering to a bad torque sensor. New torque sensor install directions state that if the old sensor has a paint mark, the entire steering column needs to be replaced. Old part does have a painted "L" on it. Why does the ENTIRE steering column need to be replaced if the problem is just the torque sensor? Dealer doesn't know. Any info would be helpful.


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,559
    Technicians report that attempting to replace the sensor results in steering that either just runs to one side or is notably easier to turn the wheel in one direction as compared to the other. The best explanation for the condition is that the sensor only allows for one attempt to install and if it is not perfectly aligned which is near impossible to do by hand as compared to what they can do in a factory setting it results in an inaccurate command signal to the power steering control module. The vast majority of technicians advise against attempting to replace the sensor and recommend replace just the upper column.
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