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    I looked at one this week, and sitting next to it was a Caliber. The difference between the two is a lot. Price wise the jeep is about $1,000. more equally equipped. But the outside is much better laid out, and dash set up are easier to see, and more driver friendly. Even with the additional cost I would choose the Compass. That's if I wanted one.

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    A reporter from a large daily newspaper is looking to speak to women who are current Dodge Caliber or Compass drivers. The reporter would like to discuss why you purchased the vehicle. Please provide your daytime contact info to [email protected] no later than Wednesday, October 18, 2006.
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    March 31, 2007 Jeep Compass LTD. Navi, CVT, Cali Emmissions, Full Size Spare, Chrome Clad Wheels, Moon/Sun Roof, floormats, Out the door $23,900 and thats with title and app fee. Love this Jeep.
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    A reporter is hoping to talk to consumers who have purchased or considered a Jeep Compass and have never before owned a Chrysler. Please reply to [email protected] no later than Thursday, April 26, 2007 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your interest in the Compass.
  • iudannybiudannyb Member Posts: 3
    Just bought a Limited 4x4, sunroof and some other extras. $25,580 list. Paid $23,000 (this includes the DC $750 incentive. i.e. $23,750 b4 incentive) at Manhattan Jeep before title, taxes and fees. It took a while to get to that price. Very nice people to work with.
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    I'm thinking about doing the same thing as far as purchasing a Compass through Manhattan Jeep. Who do you recommend I deal with over there? Also, anybody else recommend any Jeep dealers in the NYC or New Jersey area? Does anyone know what kind of financing incentives are being offerred through Chrysler Financial?
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    Does anyone know if there are any factory to dealer incentives being offered right now for the 2007 model in order to make room for the 2008 Compass.
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    Just leased a 2008 Sport 4x2 w/CVT from Safford Dodge in Springfield, VA for invoice minus $1500. Finance manager got CFC to match my credit union's payments (about $330/mo for 36 mos at 12,000 mi/yr). Will post ownership experiences in problems track.
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    I saw a compass in november new on the lot. sticker was 16900. I live in N.Y. and with 8% tax after tax, title licencse regristration, finance charges for 6 years plus whatever charges they put on I will pay 19600 for everything. try that with a sportage or a tucson.

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    Looks like $4750 rebate on leftover 2007 Compass. I wonder what the lease rates would be.
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    I could not hold back. I found a leftover 2007 Compass Limited 4WD 5-speed with no other options. MSRP $22,740. Sales price $15,500 + TTL. That is about $500 under employee price that I get through my wife. I picked it up from a dealer 200 miles away from home 2 weeks ago tomorrow and have put 1200 miles in it already. I would have perferred a Patriot, but I couldn't find any 2007 5-speeds within 200 mile radius, and they are running about $2k more for similar equipment. They are the same inside, I just have to get past the looks outside.

    The value of the features it has, the interior size, AWD, ride highet for putting kids in back seat, and fuel economy should make it a great commuter vehicle and short trip vehicle. Still have a minivan for trips, though.

    BTW, 2008 models have $2500 in incentives already.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Member Posts: 129
    how did you get $500 under employees price? I thought that is the lowest they can go
  • aaron_taaron_t Member Posts: 301
    Dealers usually make more money with an employee sale than a non-employee sale @ invoice. There are dealer kickbacks and holdbacks. Invoice is not what dealers pay for the vehicle. Nor is employee price. I've purchased or leased 4 vehicles @ $500-2000 under EP in the last 5 years

    In this case, I first offered $1500 under EP, but the sales manager sounded offended over the phone. Keep in mind, this vehicle was probabyl on his lot for a year, and it's an undesirable 5-speed. I doubt this dealer does many, if any, employee purchases to fully understand how much they really make on the sale. To him, I was just some guy 200 miles away making low-ball offers sight unseen. This was a dealer outside Cleveland, OH vs. metro Detroit that does 95% EP or supplier sales. There was one other Compass I test drove locally (only 5-speed within 100 miles) that had more equipment than I wanted to pay for. That dealer offer was $1303 under EP before rebates. It just ended up being about $3000 more than because of equipment than the one I purchased. So I got less of a deal than i think I could have ogtten, but was willing to pay a bit more to get the right vehicle/equipment for me.
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    Does anyone know if the jeep incentives being offered right now apply to a pre-owned 2008 jeep compass?
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi kbsmom. Unfortunately, the incentives that Chrysler is providing on the 2008 Jeep Compass right now are only available on brand new vehicles or dealer demos that have never been titled. A used or CPO Compass would not be eligible for them.

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