What is this part? PT Cruiser

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I'm changing the front drive axles on my 2002 PT Cruiser with automatic transmission. The transaxle output shaft seals were not leaking, but with 150,000 miles on the car I thought it a good idea to replace the seals. I have the driver's side drive axle out, but due to the restricted space I was having trouble removing the seal. The Haynes manual says simply to lever the seal out, but it wasn't obvious what to pry on, and I screwed up and what I thought was the back lip of the seal (metal) was not a part of the seal but a thin metal part that turns. I bent it trying to remove the seal, and now that the seal is out I can see I shouldn't have pried on that thing. What is it? What does it do? Can I straight it or will doing that cause some problems? Whatever it is, it appears to be accessible by removing the heavy iron ring around the transaxle case, which has 6 bolts.


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