Front end slips/knocks under pressure

Ray95Ray95 Member Posts: 1
edited May 2019 in Ford
My 5.4L automatic 4WD seems to slip and make disturbing knocks in the front end when accelerating quickly, climbing hills or pulling loads. I suspect it has to do with the A4WD because the knock is much louder in 4H, but I was test driving on dry road and the knocks occur even in A4WD. Strangest thing we've ever seen!

We recently replaced the CV Axle on the driver's side and initially thought we had a bad part, but we changed it out again and it hasn't gone away. Prior to this, we changed out both upper and lower ball joints, and tie rods on both sides, and wheel bearing housing on the left side.

To make this more interesting, this symptom was first noticed, and only occurred very infrequently, after a minor car accident in which our truck collided with a passing car while attempting to do a U-turn (impacting the left front wheel and fender).

Alright, Ford pros, what are your thoughts???
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