2006 PT refrigerant fill port on A/C

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Hello to all, Brand new here ,,
I recently bought my 2nd PT Cruiser and this one had a locked up A/C compressor. After much cussing, finally got it replaced plus both hoses at the compressor and now ready to recharge but am having some doubts as to which is the fill port. I checked several YouTube videos, and some videos show people charging their systems thru the port on the smaller of the two lines,,,??? I was always of the impression that the bigger of two lines on a compressor/pump system is the "low or suction" side. This PT has a port on the smaller line at the DRYER but no port on the bigger of the two lines,,,,,? There is a port down at the compressor but that port "fitting" is much bigger than the regular fill hose fitting on charge manifold. WTH,,,??
Is that fill port at the compressor the correct port and does it require a special fill hose??
Why in the haides would Chrysler locate such an important fitting in such an inaccessible place,,,,sheeesh,,,!!
Any help here,,?? Many thanks
OH,,one more thing,,I could not find the orifice valve for replacement and am told is it made in the high side hose that I replaced,,,Is true?? Thanks for any help.
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