Is this a bad time to buy a 911?

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Hello from Chicago !! I've been in the market for a CPO 991.2 4S for a month now and based on my interaction with a couple of dealers it seems like my budget is off by about $10k. My budget is $100k but the cars I end up liking are about $110k. And so far the dealers have shown ZERO desire to bring the price down at all. I offered $102k for a $107k listing and did not even receive a counter.

My question is this - given that the 992 models are going to hit the market in 2-3 months(let me know if this is wrong) am I better off just waiting for a bit. Do you guys expect the price of 991.2 models to drop once the 992 models hit the market?

Any advice/input would be really appreciated. Cheers.


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