Is It The ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Harness?

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I replaced my fuel pump over the weekend and managed to pull the wires out of what I though to be the anti lock male connector. It runs from the side of the fuel tank, all the way up and back to the back of the driver side wheel and connects right on the back of the wheel. I've been doing research to find this harness for the past hour and seem to only get an ABS Wheel Speed Sensor harness? Not to mention, the one that is on it right now is a 4-way and Im only finding 2-ways. What connector am I looking at? I can get a picture if needed.


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    I suggest going to your Chevy dealer where they have blowup sketches showing the wiring parts for the ABS/traction control/Stabilitrak systems.

    I don't see any of the GM online suppliers with parts blowups that include the wiring.

    Or you can try a pick and pull where you can go in and find a car equivalent to yours and look for the part.

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