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Strange signal issues

hfxchrishfxchris Member Posts: 2
edited May 2019 in Dodge
Hello all,
I just bought a 2008 dodge caliber... all lights works ( installed brand new bulbs).. the right front signal light has some strange things happening
When I turn on the right signal, it will flash 4 times then go into hyper mode like it's burnt out
When I put on the hazards, it works pefect
when I turn on the headlights, the right front flasher will not work
I replaced the socked today, thinking it was an issue with that, no change, same issue.
the right front signal bulb does burn a little duller then the left ( in both sockets)

Any ideas? driving myself crazy trying to figure this out


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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,752
    You have resistance in the circuit and it is causing a voltage drop. Take a volt meter and with the bulb in the socket and both the headlight and turn signal turned on measure from the battery negative post to the ground connection, the parking light connection and the turn signal connection. The ground should measure less than .1v, and the parking light and turn signal should both be within .5v of battery voltage. Which ever one(s) are out of those specs are the ones that have the problem. To locate the problem simply work your way back towards the power supply or ground as required.
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    hfxchrishfxchris Member Posts: 2
    thx for the help.. I finally had some time to drop it at my mechanic friend...he's going to have a go for me.. will let you all know what it was.
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