GMC Yukon/Yukon Denali Real World MPG

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    I've had mine severals weeks, and several tanks of gas now. I'm only getting 8.3mpg. I don't drive crazy. Is this normal? The dealer told me I'd get 13 - 16mpg and that it just has to break in? Can someone shed some light on what they're getting for this vehicle?
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    That's really wierd. I do mostly around town driving, with maybe a 30 mile freeway trip, once a week. I get no lower than 14 mpg ('07 Escalade). I haven't reset the thing in about 2 months, so it's a good long term average.

    I also live in the Lake Tahoe area, at 6000 ft elevation. In my previous '05 Denali, it got 12 mpg in the same environment and usage. I've been pretty impressed with the '07 6.2 so far.

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    Mine 07 Denali just gotten the 1st gas refill and it averaged between 11 and 12 mpg. I reset the fuel economy shortly after I took delivery of the vehicle. I hope it will get better later.
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    Denali XL here and only get about 8mpg city. Doesn't bother me, I figure better gas milage means lower power. I'd rather take more power.
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    Right now, 12.9 mpg
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    The 2nd tank had 12.7 mpg. Mostly local roads.
    The 3rd tank is having 16.2 mpg so far. More high way than local roads.
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    I have an 07 Yukon 5.3L w/3.73 rear axle ratio. Just turned
    5200 miles and my YTD MPG is 16.8 with 55% highway and 45%
    city mixed driving.
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    My 2007 Yukon Denali has 4000 miles. I get an average of 9.9 in the city and about 16 on the highway.
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    '07 25k mi
    13 mpg city
    17 hwy
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    Last week I returned home from Charlotte, N.C., a distance of 457 miles. From the hotel parking lot in Charlotte to my driveway my average was 19.2 mpg. I am happy with this considering that my Yukon had only 4200 miles on it when I left the hotel and much of I-77 through Virginia and West Virginia is mountainous. I drove about 3 mph over the speed limits which put me at 68-73 mph. The AC was on 100% of the time and I used only 87 octane gas. My Yukon has the 5.3 engine and 3.73 gear ratio. Oh, I did have Amsoil synthetic, 5w-30 in the crankcase.
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    I just picked up my '07 Denali lastnight and I was browsing everyones feedback regarding MPG. I noticed mine said 9.6 the whole time i was driving it home. It also said I had used up 10 Gallons of gas. This has to be wrong because I just picked up the truck and it had a full tank. The gas gauge is on "F". Someone mentioned resetting their fuel economy. Is this what I need to do or is something wrong? How do you reset it? Thanks!
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    Pull up your "average fuel economy" stat in your view area and push the check mark. That will reset it. Mine came off of the lot with 27 miles on it and an average of 6.4 MPG. My wife drove another 150 miles on it and had an average of 11.7 MPG. I have since reset it and will see...from what I've read, I don't expect to get a mixed MPG result much better than 14, but that's the price we pay for playing with this kind of power ;)
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    I got my 07 Yukon Denali about 3 weeks ago... We have taken it on our winter vacation as well as local to/from office. The following is my MPG report:
    6.2 V-8 with original factory engine oil, cold tire pressure at 30 psi at each tire (or at 33-34 psi according to the gauge displayed when hot)---
    Local (1 Full Tank, myself only) with Stop-N-Go traffic, at max 40 mph with AC On ~50% of the time => 13.6MPG
    Highway (1 Full Tank, myself and 4 passengers), at ~67 mph (Due to break-in period, speed vary between 60 mph to 75 mph) with AC On 100% of the time => 20.8MPG
    Averaged at 17.2 MPG.
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    Can anyone tell me the difference in gas mileage between the two?
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    I have an 07 Yukon 4x4, about 15k miles, and I get 14 mpg doing 80% highway, and I am pretty heavy on the gas pedal so I think that is pretty good. It looks really good compared to the 12.7 mpg I get on that 210hp Commander V6.
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    Just curious for those of you who have these beasts of a vehicle (Denali XL or Denali or even Tahoe/Yukon) what have you guys done modifications wise to get better gas mileage and has it paid off?
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    Below is just my personal experiences through my previous vehicles:
    1. Cold Air Intake modification - not at all cost effective, so not done on my Denali.
    2. Using Synthetic oil mostly for better protection - on all my past cars and my Denali today (Engine and Axles only).
    3. Engine Computer mod - not done on my Denali (enough power for me as is).
    4. Maintain proper Tire pressure (weekly basis)
    5. Try not to drive over 75mph (I observed at ~68mph with best MPG)
    6. Try not to drive with a heavy right-foot; but that will defeat the purpose of buying the Denali with the 6.2 V8... Doh!
    7. Keep junk out of the SUV as possible.
    8. I still think brand name gasoline (BP & Shell) is better. just my opinion.
    9. keep up with regular maintenance (You take care of it and it will take care of you most of the time).
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    Items 2,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 are all done on a regular basis.....

    I am not interested in item 3.......but have thought seriously about item 1....

    I fuel up about once every 7 days, doing mostly city and the occassional highway (65mph) 10 mile never fails, my MPG on my computer is always 12.4-12.7......

    If I am on an all highway road trip..I sit at 15MPG by time the tank is running low.

    Im just curious, if maybe the cold air intake would make a slight/major difference if anything at all.
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    Yes it can. I installed the cool air intake along with the performance exhaust (GMC dealer installed) and I get 17 street 20 hwy (@ 55 Mph). Make sure u get the touring exhaust, not the performance. When I get up to 70 I get a solid 18 Miles per gal.
    I have the Denali XL. The touring is not as noisy. Love the sound.

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    My '08 gives 10 mpg local and 16 on the open road. Yes, it's a thirsty pig.
    Would have been an o.k. SUV when gas was 35 cents a gallon. But that will never happen in this world.
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    08 gmc sierra denali awd me driving it 14.5 w/my wife driving 15.4
    i tend to get a bit heavy on takeoffs....even though punching it at a stop wont even get a chirp....maybe my tires will last a bit longer .. i have about 1000 miles sofar i like it. real nice interior quiet ride comfortable chairs the exhaust on the denali are huge compared to the other sierras......denali has a rear exit tail pipe ....l like the sound better.
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