RPMs jump while braking

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I have a 2009 Saturn Aura v6 auto transmission. Yesterday, the engine started revving up while I brake. It only jumps a little, from maybe 1,000 RPM to 1,500, but it definitely should not be doing that while I'm slowing down. I JUST paid the car off last month, so whatever it is, I'm getting it fixed.


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    Make sure that the floor mat is under the gas pedal and not on top of it

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    It isn't. Thanks.
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    What speed were you going when it would have the rise in RPMs? Was it consistent, say about 40?

    I'm wondering if that behavior is normal.

    When you put your foot on the brake, the lockup torque converter clutch is turned off and the rpms can rise because the fluid coupling allows the engine to go a little faster. You can test this by cruising at say 50 and lightly touching the brake pedal just enough to turn on the high level brake lights and disconnect the lockup TCC. If you keep the accelerator right where it is and just cruise along on a flat road, observe the RPMs, then let off the brake pedal and the TCC will re-engage and the RPMs will drop.

    Also on my Cobalt with what may be a similar transmission..., at about 40 the transmission seems to downshift if the car is speeding up on a downhill slope. Also slowing down through that speed the trans downshifts and holds back on the car more as I'm slowing down. It's going from 4th to 3rd IIRC.

    Note that you can't use cruise control for the first testing session because when the brakes go on the cruise control should be automatically disengaged.

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    I've been driving this car for four years, and it's not my first Saturn Aura. It's not normal. It happens around 20-10mph. It's never done it before last Thursday. My mechanic couldn't find an issue, so I filmed the speedometer and RPM and will show him the video this week.
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    I have a same issue and no one is able to fix it yet i have booked an appointment with honda and made videos to see if they figure it out finally. So damn frustrating as my rpm jums upto 1300 when applied brakes and car comes to a stop
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    My mechanic never figured it out. I sold the car last December.
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    Honda dealership couldn’t figure it out as well and charge me a whooping 450 for changing a sensor which fixed [non-permissible content removed]. I still have decent chuck of payment left on the vehicle so had to stick with it.
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    Whenever I brake my car comes to stop and rpm goes up and car makes a terrible sound because its stop at that moment.
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