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Engine keeps running after ignition is off

AshleyMarie0530AshleyMarie0530 Member Posts: 1
edited May 2019 in Dodge
2005 Dodge durango 5.7 hemi - I walked outside tonight and saw that the headlights & taillights to my durango were flashing, as if I were pushing my key fob. I grabbed my keys and hit the unlock button. I started it, let it run for a minute and turned it off. The engine didn't shut off right away, it lingered for a few seconds and slowly died. I hooked up my father's code reader. No abs codes but 10 other codes. They all claimed they lost connection with the transmission communication, fuel communication, etc. 
My Alternator was replaced in Sept 2018 and the fuel pump was replaced in Jan 2019.
The mileage is on the high side. When I bought it, the guy claimed the old cluster dash unit quit working, so they replaced it. He claimed it had 150k but the dash read 237,770. It now reads 260k. Does anyone know if the mileage is supposed to sync? Thanks in advance. 
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