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Audi S3 - should Audi USA import it?

kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
edited March 2014 in Audi
Audi has announced its S3 for Europe per an Inside Line Edmunds article of 08/01/06. The price in Germany is roughly $46K.

Should Audi USA bring this model here? Would USA enthusasists buy it over the GTI or current A3 3.2 S-line?


  • dhamiltondhamilton Member Posts: 878
  • quattroporte12quattroporte12 Member Posts: 178
    I visited my local audi dealership about a month ago to look at a Q7. They were still unwrapping it at the time, so it was back near the service building. When i looked through the glass garage doors on the building, i saw a black audi a3, but it has an s3 emblem on the back. i could not tell is it was a four door or a two door, but im pretty sure it was an early audi s3 press car or something like that. Dont know what else it could be...does the car recieve s3 badges from the s-line package, if there is one for that car...
  • stinkwordsstinkwords Member Posts: 4
    I'm sure everyone knows by now, but that was a 4-door A3 with the S package (which replaced the sport package). Degrades Audi's S line IMO.
  • musermuser Member Posts: 11

    The Audi S3 would not compete with the VW GTI any more than an Acura TSX competes with a Honda Civic sedan. Similar package size, vastly different contents...

    The GTI is a very competent front-wheel-drive grocery getter that nimbly slaloms around porky SUVs with ease. The Euro S3 is an all-wheel drive "shooting brake" that will leave almost anything without a V8 or a Porsche badge in the rear view mirror. The S3 hatchback is also lighter and faster than the US-spec A3 5-door, perfect for couples who tend to haul gear and luggage, but not usually rear seat passengers.

    Why shouldn't the USA have a practical 3-door sports car? Since the US auto manufacturers abandoned the hatchback vehicle configuration to build more trucks, we have been left with only two affordable, high-quality, high performance, practical everyday sports cars: the Corvette and the 350Z. I'll take the awd Audi, thank you.

    Could we please have the Alfa Romeo Brera too?
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    This may be the only place where you can call a 350z and a corvette 'practical'. I guess this make my vw rabbit the most amazing thing ever. :)
  • bookoflovebookoflove Member Posts: 1
    The new BMW 135i with the twinturbo engine should force audis hand!! I'm so excited, I thought I would have to import the older S3 from Mexico just to get one. Now I'm hoping Audi will realize even the R32 is slower to the S3.
  • musermuser Member Posts: 11
    I should have been more precise. I didn't mean to imply that the Corvette or 350Z are family haulers. However, these are practical for comfortable daily transportation, with room for a couple pieces of luggage for a weekend trip. As opposed to, for example, an Elise, Solstice, or Miata, which will hold your briefcase or your hat, but not both.

    Like your Rabbit, the S3 is surprisingly roomy. But the S3 adds so much more in powertrain, suspension, chassis tuning, and spectacular interior -- it's a better package than compact car currently offered by anyone, including Audi USA.

    So, Audi, when are you bringing the S3 to North America?
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