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Nissan USA / Customer Support Issues

DrivedOutDrivedOut Posts: 4
edited May 28 in Nissan
Is anyone else had issues with traffic announcements on 2017/2018 Rogue?

It would be a great feature but I keep getting useless messages for parallel roads for the opposite direction of travel. Its just annoying when 90% of the messages don't apply to the road your and the direction of travel. There is an option to turn it off, but that doesn't work. It keeps turning itself on every time you start the vehicle.

The most disappoint part is Nissan's I had a 2017 that had the same issue which has totaled when I was t-boned and Nissan hasn't fixed the issue with the 2018 with a newer radio/head unit which now has a Andriod/Apple Auto. I showed the issue to the dealership when I purchased with than 50 miles they said they would work on it. Its now been to 3 dealerships and they say all said there wasn't much they can do and that I contact Nissan Customer support.

Nissan customer support is just now escalating my issue to the engineering team after 20 phone calls and a year later.

Sure feels like this is Nissan new business model is:

1) Sell new cars at any cost.
2) Don't provide good customer support to existing customers
3) Don't solve, repeatable and solvable software problems
4) Don't spend the resources to solve solvable issues and let it transfer into newer model years.
5) Make it very... very... very... difficult for customers and expensive for dealers to escalate issues (years and wasted hours).


  • DrivedOutDrivedOut Posts: 4
    Nissan Customer Support has gone down hill.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,292
    Knock on wood, I haven't had any issue with any on the 15 Nissans I've owned including my 2019 Rogue. I'm not a big fan of "features" that you have to turn off every time you start up either. If I want something turned on, it ought to be MY option, know what I mean? I kind of get it with safety items like the lane departure warning, bu traffic announcements seems like a safe one to leave up to the driver.

    Regarding the parallel roads in the opposite direction, do you think it's a situation like we ran into coming back from the Indy 500 on Monday? There was an accident on the PA Turnpike and my daughter whipped out her phone and opened Waze, which told us to get off at the next exit a half mile ahead and head back in the other direction on the turnpike for about 5 miles to head north towards Pittsburgh and basically drive the looooong way around the traffic. Yes, we would have kept moving, and added about 15 miles to the trip

    Sometimes GPS choices don't seem too logical

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  • DrivedOutDrivedOut Posts: 4
    I keep getting an "entrance close" announcement for a parallel freeway for the opposite direction of travel. Nissan NAV is actually quite dumb compared to google maps or google waze. I suspect Nissan tried to make it make it feel "smarter" but in all reality has really has turned many of us off because we can't even turn it off because its extremely inaccurate with 90% of the msgs we're getting are either dead wrong or just don't apply to the road were on. We don't use it at all because Waze is so much better - again you can't turn those damn Nissan NAV traffic messages off. Actually some of them are funny "warning stopped car on the road due to faulty vehicle".... I mean, if the NAV system is smart enough to know that a vehicle is actually "faulty" then why can't it just tell me about faulty vehicles on the road I'm on and on my side of the road. Just saying.... with a gritting smile :) URG

    Waze is pretty cool. Same thing where we've had it on many time tell us to get us off the freeway 1/2 mile before a backup and go around. We figured it saved us an hour in traffic due to a accident once.

  • DrivedOutDrivedOut Posts: 4
    oh yeah, Waze can sometime take you the long way, but I still think were still a way off when they can make a personal mileage vs. time evaluation for you.
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