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Why the 2019 Camry will be my next purchase

midnightdriv1midnightdriv1 Member Posts: 5
edited May 2019 in Toyota
After much research and test driving I have decided on the 2019 Camry. I plan on keeping this vehicle for over 10 years so from a reliability standpoint the Camry makes the most sense to me. I love the simplicity of a non-turbo, naturally aspirated engine and a traditional (non-CVT) stepped gear automatic transmission. I also appreciate the simplicity of the Camry's analog gauges, non-push button start (on lower trims), and no annoying stop/start engine feature at idle. All of these superfluous features are just more things to break, especially as they age.

On the subject of handling, the Camry's lowered architecture and double-wishbone suspension provide more than a capable driving experience. Yes, the Accord and Mazda6 drove a little more spirited when I test drove them, but only by a small degree IMO. I will probably just go with the LE Trim which I think provides the best bang for the buck. I like certain aspects of the SE, but I feel that some of the styling like the fake air scoops are a little overdone. The larger rims on the upper trims also provided a ride that seemed a bit stiff for me.

Lastly, since sedans are loosing out on sales to SUVs they are being discounted pretty heavily these days. This is even true with the Camry. A friend of mine recently purchased a Camry LE at a dealer in my area for $21,300. That is a bargain IMO.
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