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Vibration in front end of my 2007 Santa Fe

linleyslinleys Posts: 1
edited June 2 in Hyundai
Left MO to drive my 2007 Santa Fe (258000 miles) to WA hauling my 1989 13' Scotty camper, just under 2000 lbs. (have been hauling for 7 years; no problem). After crossing the Great Divide in CO a vibration started in front end, progressing to the point it started to scare me. Worse between 40-55 mph. Better at 60 which is my top speed on this trip to save gas. 3 mechanic stops later I'm in WA but haven't seen my car for a week +. First stop in Spanish Forks all converters and 1 sensor replaced. $2700. Not fixed. Finally had to stop in LaGrande OR. Replaced bearing assembly unit (can't remember what called)?? He showed me on lift how wheel was too loose? First mechanic paid for it $623. 3rd mechanic in Oak Harbor WA. Car has been in shop since I got here. Mechanic is determined to figure it out, but has not done so yet. Replaced CV axles, intermediate shaft (definitely needed), checked tire balancing and rotors. Nothing. He is stumped. Monday taking to get alignment checked. Before I left had 4 brand new michilins put on. No problem til Great Divide. I believe something happened coming down.
Thank you so much for helping me. Don't know what to do.


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,237
    Honestly, the very first thing that came to mind when you said a front end vibration started coming DOWN the Great Divide was warped front brake rotors. What "converters and sensor" were replaced and how did they relate to the vibration? Something with ABS? Does the vibration occur when braking, or at all times?

    The vehicle IS getting a bit older and up there in mileage, and you evidently do a fair amount of towing (7 years as you point out), so the amount of stress on the drivetrain and braking system might be adding up.

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