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Has anyone with a 2007 Entourage attempted to have an aftermarket DVD player installed in the roof? If so, any problems or complaints?

We found the additional $2000 price for the Premium Entertainment package too expensive to justify even though we believe a DVD player is a must have item in a minivan. In the end we bought the SE model with the Premium package and figured we could get an aftermarket player professionally installed for ~$750. Looking at Best Buy and Circuit City websites would suggest that no DVD models have acceptable fit for the 2007 Enbtourage. Visiting both store's installation departments, I was assured that nearly any of the models could be easily installed.

I hate to have a young installer take apart a brand new vehicle but we must have DVD for trips. The portable types don't really interest me due the messing wires and lack of IR headphones. Just wondering if anyone else has taken this route already.


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    Yes. I have the same vehicle and response to the price of the Premium Entertainment package. I bought the Insignia 10.2" model that was onsale at BestBuy 2 weeks ago. It fit well into the area in front of the rear door lights. My only regret is not having external AV hookups for aux video devices (like PlayStations) and somewhat poor FM Transmitter reception in this model. Best Buy also warranties their labor for the lifetime of the product.
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    Good to know since that is the exact model we've been looking at. I had a couple of questions based on your experience with the unit.

    Do you find the screen brightness sufficient for daytime viewing?
    Do the IR headphones work OK and are there suitable for a child's head? (my daughter is only 2yrs)
    Any issues with head room in the second row? I've read the Sedona's factory unit is bad with this.
    How much of the driver's rear view is blocked during viewing?

    Thanks for the input. I've been struggling with this decision for weeks.
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    The picture and brightness is great from all viewing angles. I have absolutely no problems with video of this unit.

    The IR headphones are definitely adult sized, but work fine on my kids (ages 12,9,8,8). My feeling though is that they may be too large for a 2 year old.

    Second row are absolutely not affected by the placement of the LCD screen. As for how much of your rear view is blocked, you have mirrors and can turn your head, right? Seriously it blocks most of it when it down. We just got back from a 800 mile road trip, and it was somewhat annoying being blocked. Given the alternative though (a smaller screen or mounted to the headsets), I still think I made the right choice.
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    I need some help. I've been in contact with Hyundai Motors for over 2 months and can not get a reply re: the reason the entourage does not come with a factory installed tow package. I suspect there may be a problem. Does anyone know anything about this?
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    Not sure exactly what you mean to be included in a tow package but there is a dealer installed hitch in the acessory book. People on other Entourage / Sedona forums have found widely varying prices on it though (150+ dollar differences)

    I want one to cary a hitch mounted bike rack but Hyundai doesn't make a bike rack for this van so I waiting till I see something aftermarket before I invest in the Hitch.
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    Update... I am starting to see aftermarket options on ebay. Draw-Tite has a hitch and wire set for the Entourage. I think I will wait till spring. Hopefully the prices go down a bit as the supply and demand evens out with a new model.

    draw-tite Hitch Info
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    We bought two 9" screens for $250 at Sams Club. You can play 2 separate movies, or show the same one on both screens.

    Just took them on a 600 mile trip, and they worked great for a 3 and 5 year old.

    Comes with plug-ins for 110 or 12V, and a carrying case.


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    I just installed the Full Front End Mask on my 07 Entourage SE. It looks awesome. I do quite a bit of Highway driving and the bug guard did not move me enough to get it so the dealer recommended the Bra. For a $100 you cant get hurt. Visit my carspace page for a pic of it if your interested.

    Bugs and paint chips be gone!
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    I have a 06 sedona (same thing) has anybody bought a trailer hitch yet and if so what did you pay? I seen one on e-bay for a little over $100 but never bought anything from e-bay.
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    We're currently looking into purchasing the Entourage. We test drove a Limited without the DVD and sunroof model on the lot. When we got back into the showroom we looked at the Limited with the DVD and sunroof. I am concerned at how much head room is lost with the sunroof. One of the seats had to have the back further just to clear me. 5'4"
    Has anybody noticed this?
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    Are you talking front seat or second row seat? With front row seat there is no problem. I am 6'4", with more upper body height, and Entourage is first vehicle that I can have sun roof and sit up straight. Second row does lose a lot of headroom, if you have seat straight up. However, if seat is reclined a little, there is not a problem as it only takes a slight recline to get head behind the lowered ceiling. I just bought Entourage Limited with ultimate package and I am very pleased with the vehicle (at all speeds).
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    Try I got mine there (2007 Entourage) $119.00 plus freight. 30 mins. to install and they were very fast on delivery.
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    did you have to lower the exhaust? and where do I find the plug to plug in the wiring? thanks.
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    Yes on lowering the exhaust. It's just 2 little bolts at the rear hanger. Remove them and if you have some help they can pull the tail pipe to the left to give you room. You will see what I mean when you look at it after you receive the hitch.
    The wiring can also be purchased at HiddenHitch. It is part number 118410 T-Connector. It is a bit of a task to install. If I had it to do over I would have found someone local to do the wiring. Installing the hitch took about 30 mins. The wiring took a couple of hours and the air got kind blue from all the blank-it-t-blanking I did. Hope this helps. Almost forgot the wiring cost is $47.50.
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    Anybody have to put in a heavy duty flasher?
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    Where did you purchase the Full Front End Mask for your 07 Entourage SE
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    I just installed trailer hitch and wiring harness in 2 hours on my 2008 Entourage.

    I purchased the hitch and wiring harness from Fast shipping Ordered Saturday evening received Wednesday afternoon. Ordered the Hidden Hitch - 70761 and Wiring Harness 30138 (by far the easiest harness to install. Total price with free shipping was $194.90.

    Install included be just pushing the tail pipe while installing bolts.
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    I have same package. My lights do not act right. Sometimes right OK then left Flasher runs very quickly but light won't blink. Other time opposite is true. Also had a Taillight go out only to come back when trailer disconnected.
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