2003 Ford Windstar Passenger Headlight low beam does not work.

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I have an 03 Windstar and my low beam on just the passenger side doesn't work. The bulb has been changed and swapped with the other side just to make sure it worked. The fuses are all good. I have replaced the light socket and I have tested the continuity of the wires from the socket to the fuse box.

One interesting thing I noticed was if the bulb was in the socket and I checked continuity between the Yellow/Green wire (which seems to be the one for the high beam) and ANY fuse in the fuse box it triggers. If I disconnect the bulb it doesn't have continuity with any fuse.


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    Sounds like you have a short somewhere since you have continuity from the high beam wire to ANY fuse. Suppose it's possible the problem might be in the socket itself, but I'd wager it's somewhere along that high beam wire path
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    Looking at the schematic shows the same fuse powers both the low beam and the high beam filaments. The ground for the lights is controlled by the front electronic module. The Light Green / Red wire comes from fuse #9. The Yellow/White and Light Green/White are the ground circuits.
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