Toyota RAV4 v Honda Element

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Lets say both lease out for the same price! Based on features, benifits, ride, experience and so on of each, which do you think is the best car for the money? Again assuming they cost the same to lease. I'm making my decision soon and appreciate any input. Thanks Tony....


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    How about 24 city/30 hwy vs. 22 city/26 hwy?

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    BE CAREFUL about the gas mileage. Yes, the RAV 4 get's better mileage however, I'm sure it's not what they claim (of course, neither is the Element).

    The Element seems to get much worse mileage in the city than they claim - look in the Element Posts titled "Real World Mileage".

    They are BOTH great vehicles with a great history in quality - it just depends what you like and what your needs are. They both come with a 4WD version as well. The Element is more of a quirky design and geared for the camping life.

    My 2 cents.
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    Thanks for the input but I decided on the RAV4. Just got it today and I'm glad I did. It's just more practical for me!
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    Excellent! Congrats.
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    The Honda Element is a nice and cute SUV. I was ready to select this car but the height of the car calls my attention. Its height is 70.4 inches in comparison with the RAV4 that is 66.3 inches. Last year not only I did camping but I shipped/ferried my car (not a Honda Element) to various places. Many shipping companies have restriction on the height of a passenger car to ship the car at a lower price. I have always used a roof box (15 inches high) which made my car to have a total height much less than 85.4 inches that the Element with the same roof box will have. The premium to pay for an extra 4-5 inches height is considerable.
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    "The Honda Element is a nice and cute SUV."

    "Cute???" How can you even begin to compare the Element to the RAV looks-wise? The Element is widely known as known as one of the ugliest vehicles on the road! *gags*

    At least one soul I ran across recently understood that and had an obvious sense of humor... Saw a Honda Element with a vanity plate that read, "UGLY1". Now *that* was funny... and so correct!
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