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97 Infiniti q45 turns but won't start

Wacko562Wacko562 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2019 in INFINITI
Okay I was at work car was running good when I got out of work went to my car but it didn't wanted to start anymore i work an hr away. I tried checking battery it was good then i turn the key and it turned but my car won't start now what might be the main problem?


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Not a lot to go on, but since it's turning over, either the engine isn't getting fuel to start, or doesn't have the compression it needs, or you have no spark. Since it was running it seems like you ought to have it all when you try to start, but something is going wrong. The vehicle is over 20 years old, it could be a problem with the fuel pump or perhaps a small leak in the fuel line somewhere that's bleeding off fuel pressure needed to start while the car sits. To test, get in like you're going to start the car, but only turn the key to the ON position, not all the way to Start. You should hear a buzz/whine noise like an electric motor. That's the fuel pump operating (it's inside the gas tank) Let it run for a few seconds, then try to start the car. If it starts up, you're losing pressure in the fuel line somewhere. Turning the key to ON for a bit before starting will get you by until you can get it looked at/repaired, but at least you'll know what the issue is.
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