Signal lights acting weird.

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I just finished working on my Equinox after about a couple of weeks. I plugged the terminal back into the transmission, reconnected the battery and plugged in the three terminals on the computer. All of the following issues began when I started the vehicle: The rear tail light on the driver side stopped working but the passenger side does work, the front passenger signal light stopped working but all the other front ones did, the liftgate handle stopped working, when I use either signal light or the emergency flashers either arrow on the dash blink at normal speed then about three seconds later they blink real fast. I pulled out the turn signal switch but the guys at AutoZone said it wasn't the problem, it was the bulbs, I changed both bulbs and neither worked, I tested all fuses in the cab and under the hood, plus the relays, still nothing!


  • rickdonrickdon Member Posts: 123
    Maybe a bad ground or the problem is in the multi-function switch.
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