Car starts, engine light on, won't drive past 35MPH, exhaust smells very strong of gasoline... Help

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I have a 2002 Jaguar X-type. Every single part on it is Ford and it's having issues. Here are the codes:
P0171 - system too lean (bank 1)
P0174 - system too lean (bank 2)
P0300 - random cylinder misfire
P0302 - cylinder 2 misfire
P0303 - cylinder 3 misfire
P0304 - cylinder 4 misfire
P0306 - cylinder 6 misfire
P1314 - misfire / catalyst damage
P1316 - misfire
P0420 - catalytic converter system, bank 1 efficiency below threshold
P0430 - catalytic converter system, bank 2 efficiency below threshold

It still starts, it is not overheating, it will not go past 35MPH (and when you try the check engine light blinks), it does not stall even though it sounds like it might, just starting the car causes real bad smell of gasoline coming from the muffler (not water and absolutely no smoke). RPMs around 1000 and its not steady.
All new iridium spark plugs and coils.

I need an idea of what to look at next... please help


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    Can you measure the fuel pressure? My first concern is the fuel smell. It could just be a lack of combustion, or it could be an injector that is stuck, or commanded open all of the time putting excessive fuel into a cylinder(s) and from there the exhaust. If an injector is stuck open, you would see the pressure drop rapidly once the pump turns off. I've had cars where an injector was stuck open and had raw fuel dripping from the exhaust. That's a fire hazzard as well as all of the other problems that can cause like oil dilution.

    With all of those codes and the associated symptoms proving that you have spark and at the right time, fuel and the right amount and compression which also means fresh air requires comprehensive testing. With the catalyst codes the possibility of a restricted exhaust is in play and that could cause insufficient air to be drawn in for the fuel that is being delivered. The loss of power with the flashing check engine light are consistent with the P1314 code setting.

    If I was instructing a tech on how to troubleshoot this, it would start with a relative compression test done right off of the battery with a digital storage oscilloscope. Combine that with an ignition coil command and the pattern would be synchronized to the firing order. If anything is seen there, then pinopint testing would be in order such as a pressure transducer in-cylinder compression test. Then move onto spark and injection commands/delivery as required.
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