C230 or C280 4MATIC?

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I love the sporty look of c230, but I'm worried about the winter time.. can someone tell me how it is to have c230 in winter time, and also experience about these two cars?


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    We bought a c280 4Matic in Nov last year. Since I live in the SE, I have not yet had the opportunity tested true winter conditions. For what it's worth, here is my opinion:
    1. I've had the C230 as a loaner during service and find it lest peppy than the c280 4matic (which is not as peppy as the C280 RWD).
    2. We are getting ~23.5mpg average overall combined driving. I would guess it to be 50/50 hwy/cty.
    3. I do notice the 4Matic seems more secure in the handling even on wet roads.

    If you live in an area where they typically "stock" the 4Matic, my recommendation is test drive both on a rainy day if you don't want to wait til winter. Try driving through a few curves to see how it handles.

    Good luck!
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    I bought a sporty C230 last year and loved it very much! I ordered 4 new rims from a web-site and 4 new snow-tires from local Costco. Instead of yearly tire-rotation, I have Costco put on the snow tires late November and change back to sporty tires late April (this is for Boston weather!) Comparing to another car - a hybrid - in the house, we thought C230 is a very good buy!!
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    I have owned a C230 kompressor for 3 years now. I knew when I bought it that snowy days in this car would be bad. But, I thought, I grew up with rear wheel drive cars in the snow so I'd just deal with it. The dealer told me your gonna need snow tires, but I did'nt want to invest $1000 for a set up on a lease vehicle I'd be returning some day. Let me say that I have had some scary moments with this car in the snow but have never had to get out and push. Starting out in 2nd gear helps alot! And by the way the original tires on this car burn up fast, mine lasted 15k I've heard others only getting 10k which is just ridiculous. The tires I just put on this fall are much better. Orig=Continentals Now=Michellin
    Anyway, my lease is up in a couple months and I think I am now willing to give up the sportyness of the C230 for the surefootedness of the C280 4matic. Don't get me wrong the 230 has been a joy to own and drive.
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    Although snow can put a bit of a frown on your driving, the skid and traction control do help a lot besides the W/S switch on the console on the W position so that the transmission always starts from Second gear and the shifting is smother.
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