Buying an Older Jetta

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Hi, I'm thinking of buying a 99 wolfsburg jetta that the owner claims is really good. The problem is it has 85k miles. Is that too much?


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    I am looking at a used 2000 jetta GLX With leather and wood grain and all the goods. My question is it has 97,611 miles and they are asking 9,995 for the car. Is that to many miles to take a chance on or is VW Jetta pretty reliable. Thanks :)
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    WOW!!! Who is asking almost $10,000 for a 2000 Jetta GLX? That is about $4,000 -$5,000 too much. Please do NOT even consider that car for that price. I would give no more than $4,000 and still be very hesitant to buy a Jetta with that many miles on it. Whoever is selling that car for that much needs to be avoided!!

    Don't do it!!!
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    IMHO, Yes that is too many miles. How much are they asking?
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  • fish8fish8 Member Posts: 2,282
    Still wouldn't do it for that price!
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    I'm in Canada and we are looking at a 2000 Jetta for $7500Cdn. The car has 157K Kilometers on it.
    The way it works here is the Ministry of Transportation set the bottom end of the price using the black book.
    I just hope I won't regret this. :cry:
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    What type of a Jetta are u buying? diesel, 2.0, 1.8T, VR6? Is it manual or auto?
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    I bought vw jetta III petrol 2.0l auto transmission 1995 model about 22 months ago.
    My problems are:1)I need owner's service manual.
    2)Speedometer is not working.
    3)I want to know more about the car.
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    hey everyone,

    I'm looking for a second car, my old corolla had an untimely demise in an accident =( But now I'm looking into what car to buy, and I love the look and specs of the 2002 Jetta, the gls 1.8t to be precise. I have a couple of questions though

    do I REALLY need to put premium gas into the car, or will it suffice w/ regular if I buy it at 80k miles?

    If i want a car that I can reasonably assume won't cost me over $1500 a year to maintain, does the jetta fit?

    Thanks in advance for any comments, I appreciate all bits of advice (large, word...)
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    I am looking at a 1995 Jetta GL with about 110,000 miles on it. It's automatic, and the dealer is asking $3000. I have read a ton of reviews of 90s Jettas having a lot of random but aggravating problems (door locks fall through, unexplainable and unfixable oil leaks, etc). Are these problems things i should be worried about?
    Whats the track record for older Jettas?
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    Hey Guys

    can any one tell me the difference between a GL and a GLS???
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Member Posts: 3,855
    Start here:

    and you will eventually get to a place where it will tell some of what was standard on GL vs. GLS for whatever model year you are looking at.
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    1) I would recommend the Bentley factory manual or a Chilton's manual.

    2) The speed sensor on the transmission needs to be replaced.

    3) Make sure all belts (timing belt, serpentine belt, power steering belt) have been replaced.

    4) Make sure the engine oil and transmission fluid / transaxle oil has been changed (engine oil - every 5,000 miles, transmission fluid/transaxle oil - every 30,000 miles)

    5) Make sure there are no signs of leaks on the engine, transmission or cooling system.

    6) Check the coolant in the reservoir. Since your car is a 1995, the color of your coolant should be blue or green. If it is green, then you can use the older green glycol-based coolant. If it is blue, you need to use the blue G-11 coolant. Do not under any circumstances mix these coolants with the newer G-12 (Red) coolant, otherwise the chemical reaction between these coolants will mix into a gel - clogging your engine's water passages which will lead to overheating.

    How many miles (kilometers) are on the car?
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    Well consider this, I'm looking at a 02 with the 1.8T with 86k miles, in extremely good condition that's being "offered" at $5999.00. Not sure if this is the best Jetta buy in my area (Mn) but it's close.
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    95 Jet for 3k???? I say TOO MUCH! Wouldn't pay any more than 2k at most (although 110k miles is pretty low miles for that year) still.....
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    I'm looking to buy my daughter a mid 90's Jetta,anything I should be looking for besides the obvious,RE:brakes.engine ,tranny,clutch.Be specific,I'm an experienced mechanic,Just hoping for a few tips,thanks everyone
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    If this is any help for you i recently bought a '97 for 1700. it had 160k but it was kept up extremely well.
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    I'm looking to get rid of a car payment by selling my 07 civic, and looking at a 01 jetta TDI, 150K mi. The owner is asking 5,000. Any thoughts?
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    Hi~ I'm looking for buying used 06~08 Jetta.

    I already know about New Jetta warranty info that

    3 years/ 36000mi for basic/power train

    I wonder that whether the remaining warranty will be transferred to the 2nd owner(ME!!).

    Is there any warranty penalty for 2nd owner?

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