Suzuki Aerio Wagon Audio & Entertainment Questions

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From plain old AM/FM to the latest and greatest out there, this is the place to dicsuss audio issues for your Aerio.


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    I replaced the rear speakers on my car today. Let me tell you that the original ones are the worst original speakers I have ever seen. There was no magnet to speak of on the back of it and it was as light as a small plastic frisbee. I replaced them with 6.5" 3-way Sony Explode. I have these in my 92 Miata and was very impressed with their sound quality so I decided to buy them again. The stereo sounds awesome now. I didn't gain a lot of bass but vocals and high notes are crystal clear and crisp, the stereo plays much louder without sounding muddy, bass has more punch, and overall sound quality is excellent. Another benefit is I can divert some power to the rear and still hear the music just fine, which will hopefully reduce the buzzing in the front door panels. Installation was pretty straight forward, but it did require cutting off the original connectors. Problem is, now I want to replace the front ones, LOL.
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    I'd go aftermarket, but I habitually totally replace my cars' stereo systems. You're going to run into a bit of a problem if you want cassette and CD, since the choice of head unit will be limited. I have a cassette player in the dash, and a cd changer, but I swear I haven't put a cassette in in about 5 yrs. The advantage of aftermarket is that you can get a higher powered unit that can easily be upgrded with external amps, but the power increase won't be that noticeable unless you do amplify separately. You would free up some dash space if you went with a DIN size unit, so you could drop in a cubby for sunglasses, etc, or an equalizer, like I have. It'll be a lot more expensive to get a factory casssette plus CD - do they even offer one?

    I went through the same set of alternatives to the Aerio - no suprise there. I went Aerio because of 1.Price 2.Performance 3.Space 4.Less common 5.Styling (OK - I'm weird) 6.Suzuki reliability 7.Built in Japan.

    No regrets so far. 4,800 miles and counting.
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    I learned the other day from the dealership that the front speakers were Bose. I was surprised.

    I was also happy to learn that my dealership is now offering leather seats with the work of some lady that does them for $1200. That made me happy.

    I'm especially happy to report that I'm getting free window tinting due to the fact that the body shop that repaired my hail damage lost my hood prop and was extremely apologetic.

    Lucky me :)
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    Mic500, I think your dealer is blowing smoke your way. The Head Unit is made by Clarion, who I suspect also supplied or at least spec'd the speakers. Maybe they are from a manufacturer that also supplies Bose, but if they were Bose you can bet that Suzuki would be using that as a selling point.
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    Yup, the 2 front speakers are supposedly bose. I didnt' say anything about the head unit, but those are definately Clarion. No clue about the back speackers...those just thoroughly suck.
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    No way they are Bose. The speakers on the aerio are made of rice paper. lol. Dealers are such scumballs. They will say anything to make a sale.
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    And I trusted my dealership parts guy. dang. I forgive them, still the best dealership i've come across.
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    This is the most resourceful and specific source for my car ever! I recently bought a [used] aerio and the entertainment is still stock. I dont know much about cars none the less of audio installation but I am in the process of learning. My stereo and everything else is boring stock and i would like to know if anybody could help me with where I could begin in my effort to upgrade my audio...any recommendations? Any will help...thanks
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    Welcome to the forums kaaihuegirl!
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    I am the owner of a 2003 aerio 4 door sedan, I honestly dont love this car too much (but then again im more of an american muscle kinda guy). I purchased this car to get back and forth from home to college as a reliable car. I cant stand talking to my friends about cars and driving this stock car around without bragging rights about somethin. I have always been proud in my automotive work ( I also restored my 88 trans am and that is very sharp right now). It's time I payed attention to this suzuki, one problem, I dont like to "rice" my cars out. So I figured id upgrade the audio first...well I purchased a pioneer head unit, monster cables, a nice power cap, a nice 1800 watt pioneer amp and two pioneer 12's. The only problem is when i went to purchase a wiring harness and mounting kit for my car, well there isnt [non-permissible content removed] available. Does anyone know where I can get either the mounting kit or harness? Even if I can get a diagram of the harness i'd be happy. I want to replace all the speaker wires anyway, because eventually i'll replace the speakers with sony xpolode, and the tweeters with some JBL's I have layin around. If anyone can help, i'd appreciate it. Pix and video's will follow when completed.
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