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Chevrolet Tahoe Electrical Problems



  • gzrglydegzrglyde Posts: 2
    I ended up taking mine to the dealer and when they hooked it up to the computer, it had about 40 faults. Ended up being a Body Control Module and some bad grounds. Been fine since.
  • Thanks. Just drove it down the road and now working fine....was the module expensive?
  • hre358hre358 Posts: 2
    Hi sean61, did you get your electrical problem fixed with the tahoe? If so, what caused it, I seem to have the same problem.
  • Recently I began to hear very random clicks coming from inside the dash. They are sometimes in rapid succession, sometimes just a few here and there. They clicks sound like a small relay of some sort, but other than the irritation of the noise nothing seems to be affected (except my radio amp went dead once, but after starting the car up the next day the amp was fine. Weird)

    Any idea what this clicking might be?
  • hre358hre358 Posts: 2
    Hi sean61,
    MY PROBLEM IS FIXED! Same as yours so fix will probably work for you too. The symptoms were the same, abs, brake, and engine lites on, brake service warning, door locks clicking, and engine wanting to run in idle mode. The problem was a bad black with yellow stripe wire coming from wire harness on top passenger side of engine and going to back of engine. It was damaged where it attached to rear of engine. We just spliced a new wire to it and ran it to front of head to a bolt. YEAH! It really did fix it!!!! Hope you see this and it helps you or anyone else having this problem.
  • westjr88westjr88 Posts: 2
    I have an '07 Tahoe and just recently the check engine light came on and later that afternoon, the voltage gauge started going crazy and the fuel gauge stopped working. The next day, my wife was driving to work and it slowed and the reduced engine power light came on and it started coming and going and had no power. She managed to get it back to a shop near home where they changed a crank sensor and the battery. Same problem. Took it to another mechanic who put it on the computer and it showed 62 codes. So far, i have $535 in it and same problem. I know it has to be some little wire somewhere or something stupid like that but i'd like to find it before i sink alot more money into it. Anyone ever have the same type of issues? Thank you for your time. :confuse:
  • ldreesldrees Posts: 2
    UPDATE: Electrical issue fixed. My problem ended up being that my radio had a short in it due to the kids putting a piece of change in it. I unhooked the radio, put in the new fuse and it never blew again. I replaced the radio about two weeks ago and life is good.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Heh, what is it about kids, slots and nickels? :-)

    Thanks for reporting back.
  • pwaggpwagg Posts: 1
    I am recycling a Military Police 2007 Tahoe for a small state police department. All the windows, locks, mirrors, front A/C fan, and the all gauges & ODO are not functioning. My first thoughts are during removal of police equipment something came unpluged or damaged...any ideas on a good place to start looking???
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Probably more likely that they blew a fuse when taking out all the old stuff. Check all of the fuse boxes, use a voltmeter if necessary to see what has power, and what doesn't. Track it back on the electrical schematics to see what is blown.
  • I own a 2009 Chevy Tahoe and have been having what appear to be electrical issues for almost two years. It started with my navigation system. While driving, the screen would go black and it would shut off/on. I had the system replaced twice, but the issues continued. Then, other strange issues began occurring randomly: 1) warning lights flash on and off while driving; 2) outside temperature reading sticks at 55 degrees or 78 degrees; 3) door locks click on and off while driving; 4) key fob does not work; 5) dome lights go black immediately upon shutting off the car - no electricity in vehicle; 6) unable to start car on first attempt, but then hear clicking sounds signaling the return of electricity; 7) headlights alternate between dim and regular strength while driving; 8) all power/electricity turn on and off while driving, resulting in the car losing power/stalling and having to coast to the side of the road. I have taken the vehicle in to the dealer 3 or 4 times, but they could never duplicate the problems while the vehicle was hooked up to the computer, and sent me home every time as though nothing was wrong. I recently contacted GM to find out if others had reported similar problems, hoping to get information I could take to my mechanic so that he could fix the defect(s), but GM dismissed my complaints after the customer service person spoke with the service department at my dealership. In order to put less strain on the electrical system, I don't drive with the radio or navigation system on anymore, and as much as possible, I try not to use the air conditioning. My children are so worried about the car jerking to a stop while we are on a busy street that they do not want to get into the car. My 12 year old son is so concerned that he spent more than an hour searching the internet this week to find out what is wrong with our car. After reading all of these posts, it is apparent that GM is, in fact, aware of these same issues with hundreds of other vehicle, but has elected to ignore the consumers and make no attempt to remedy what has clearly been mass production of defective and unsafe vehicles for many, many people. After reading what everyone else has written, I am going to bring this information to my service department hoping that they will be able to identify and diagnose the defect(s). After paying more than $50,000.00 for a "lemon", why am I the one doing the work of the "factory trained" GM technicians? Obviously, defective GM vehicles are the reason why people choose to buy foreign cars.
  • slowcrawlerslowcrawler Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    Ran into the same problem the other day for the first time with my 2008 Tahoe. Thought it was a fluke thing and it did it twice to me then went away. Thought ok maybe that was the end of it. But when it did do it it was like my Tahoe was possessed everything was going on and off. Every gage looked like windshield wipers going back and forth. Every indicator light was blinking on and off. Door locks where unlocking and locking so fast that the actuators got to a point where they seemed like they could not keep up and started jamming up. Then it started to stall out. Next day my wife was driving it and it started doing it again, scared the hell out of her. Its only a matter a time before this causes a major accident such as a fire or airbags inadvertanly deploying because of the sensors getting affected. It will happen to one of us who are having this issue eventually God forbid. I know if it comes to that GM is going to be begging for mercy. Going to be taking it in this week but I'm sure I'll get the, can't duplicate the issue answer. Its a shame at the money we paid for a nice family vehicle to have these issues.
  • My 08 Tahoe LTZ in the shop right now for this very thing. Truck acts like its possessed! It all started with a warranty replacement of a cracked dashboard. After getting it back, the nav/radio would go off and restart on its own and different warning light would come on. (Random occurrence) but often. Then this past saturday the truck completely shut down after being turned off. No electrical thing would work(lights doors locks and would not crank; funny clicking noise and needles jumping on odometer)I had to disconnect the battery to "reset" the truck. Took to dealer monday they could find nothing. Tuesday truck became "possessed" with the rest of your symptoms.locks engaging on their own various warning lights nav radio go out car jerks and slows..... what is going on?
  • The problem with my truck ended up being a bundle of wires that dropped down against the drive shaft and several were chafed in two. Problem solved.
  • Curious to see if anyone else is having the following issues and what was done to resolve it for a 2007 Tahoe LTZ, costs and if it was covered by warranty.

    At 70k miles I just started recieving the error messages with stabilitrak and traction control as well as having delayed starting. After turning the key to start, you can hear it cranking over and over with no start, it would even continue to crank once I let go of the keys. It would only stop when i turn it back. When it would finally start after cranking, the vehicle would "jerk" a lil. During driving, the stabilitrak and traction control and check engine warning lights would go on and off intermittently. One effect during driving is that it would seem like the vehicle will die during sharp turns (like a u turn) or when the vehicle is in reverse. Another wierd behavior is an error message that basically says engine is running hot so A/C has been turned off, but the engine is running cool with no over heating heating.
  • also, when warning message says A/C has been turned off due to engine running hot, the temperature stays at 160, like the guage froze. while the day prior, the nominal operating temp is at 210. this too is an intermitten problem with no repetition pattern
  • t_text_tex Posts: 25
    What state/city is the car located in?
  • Has anybody figured this out yet? I have warning lights flashing off and on. At first it was just my "tire monitor" light going on and off. But today, the tire monitor light, service traction control light and stabilization light were all coming on and going off. This is on a 2007 Tahoe LS. It's just 2 or 3 months out of warranty.
  • aupaup Posts: 1
    HI, I huse to have a Tahoe 2007 in Mexico, built in the states, I had the same kind of proble, when i was driving sudenly the door locks started to go up and down, and then the tahoe would go completly dead, and it wopuld take long before you could turn it on again, and it went as if nothing happened, i took it to the gm agency and they did not find the problem, once it did it on the highway and after strugling with every elctrical conector I found out the problem, fixed it really easilly and it never gave me more problems. if you open the right front door you will see a little cover on the side of the dashboard, if you open it you will find a conector in there, on my tahoe it was not making good contact, so I plug it again and put electrical tape to keep it from moving and that was it, it never gave more trouble. i Knew that the problem was there because when i open the cover and touched the conector ths door locks went up and down. I hope that helps.
    Right now i have the same problem but with a 2009 Tahoe, i have tried to tight all conectors and i do not know if the problem is foxed or not, it is hard to know becase there are not any symptoms until it happens, does someone knows how to fix it in the 2009 TAHOE?
  • Christina/Jared:

    I am having the exact same trouble and have a dead Tahoe that needs to be towed. Car was parked in garage Monday night and then dead Tuesday morning. Dead meaning will not start. All other electrical seems fine. This is the second time this has happened. Do we know what the issue is from all the others having the same issue?

  • Did you get this resolved, and can you share with me what was fixed. I have the exact same problem now for the second time.
  • I am experiencing this problem with my 2008 suburban ltz. It started a few months ago with just resetting the clock. Now it acts like it is possessed...locks going, dash lights flashing, complete loss of electrical power, clicking sounds in dash, then coming back on. Had it in the shop...couldn't find anything wrong with it. I can touch the positive post on my battery...sometimes have to loosen and retighten the bolt...then the electrical system 'resets'. Any suggestions? Had the shop look for frayed wires, but nothing. They had it for 3 days.
  • Both of the rear windows are not responding to the door switches or the drivers switches. I have checked all the fuses and relays and all appear to be good. What is strange to me is that both rear windows make no noise, have no movement and are 100% dead. Power locks on both rear doors work fine and all the systems on the front doors woke fine. I pulled the panel off of the drivers door and the drivers passenger door thinking that something just may have been disconnected. I bought this vehicle used and it looks as if there used to be a high-end sound system in it, so I was hoping then when the previous owner pulled out the sound system that something just got unplugged by mistake, but from what I can tell, everything is plugged into where it supposed to be.

    Any thoughts on what else to check or how to check it?
  • sox10sox10 Posts: 9
    Today my radio has huge amount of static coming through it. all fuses are working fine but every station has static and the seek work land on a station. any ides?
  • mhal1mhal1 Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    Message #174
    Did you ever resolve this issue, and if so how? I am having the exact problem with my 2009 Tahoe LTZ.
  • I am having the exact same issues with my 2008 Tahoe LTZ. Only difference is my AC/Heat will set itself to 74 degrees, with the passenger dual climate control on and the auxiliary air/heat on in the back. Did you ever get this issue resolved?
  • katieikatiei Posts: 1
    I bought my 2008 Tahoe 7 months ago as a certified preowned car. Luckily I bought the extra insurance because it has needed to be towed SEVEN times to the dealership. Every time The battery is dead and obviously something is draining it. One time they said it was a seat warmer misfiring, next they said it was the alarm.... It is back in the shop again and because they cant DUPLICATE the problem while it has been in the shop they want me to come pick it up and bring the unreliable car home. I refused to pick up the car if it is not 100% fixed so they finally got GM involved... I threatened to hire an attorney and now I have a meeting today to go over our options with GM but they may be buying the car back from me. THEY STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE PROBLEM IS AFTER 7 months of this issue. Makes me even more mad to see that a lot of people are having this issue because they told me they have never heard of an issue like this before. I think there needs to be a recall on these vehicles... dont make them unless you know how to fix them!
  • Depending on the 'incident' sometimes my 2008 Suburban LTZ also resets the climate controls to 74 (as well as all the other crazy stuff). Driving me crazy! Can't believe GM won't fess up to a problem such as this!
  • t_text_tex Posts: 25
    HRE358 - I've had the same problem with my 09 LT Tahoe. Is the wiring harness underneath the black plastic cowl that is position over the top of the engine? I'm having a hard time locating the black/yellow stripe wire. thanks
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. Have you spoke with a dealer? If not, I would start there. Have you spoke with GM Customer Assistance? If not, I would recommend doing so. Please feel free to email me directly.
    GM Customer Assistance
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