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I posed this as a starting thread simply because GM recently came out with a hybrid version of their trucks. Whereas Toyota is usually known at the forefront of this technology, a few questions arise.

1.) Will this force Toyota's hand to develop a hybrid of its own?

2.) If yes to #1, do you think they'll release it in time for the Tundra release?

3.) If no to #1, do you think it will affect the Tundra's ability to gain ground in the domestic truck market?


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    I have been anxiously awaiting the new Tundra because I have heard there will be a hybrid version. Anyone out there have any news on it. The sales rep a tthe dealer said 2010 before it is on the lot. Thats a long wait
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    It's in the works and likely will be the next hybrid from Toyota even before the hybrid sienna and revised hybrid highlander. When though is the question. I'd guess next spring but it's a closely guardes secret.

    Look for a diesel option as well. Biodiesel anyone?
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    I know that some people have said that Toyota has been working on a hybrid, but I think it will start with the Tacoma first. The reason - no significant fuel effeciency. For exmaple the GMC Sierra has a 19-21 mpg versus my 2001 Tundra that gets about 19 mpg with almost all (90%) city driving. The talk in the GM truck hybrids is a 10% improvement on fuel efficiency. This only equates to somewhere between 1.5 - 2 mpg. Is that worth the extra expense. I truly believe that this is why the hybrid that GM has had on the market in the past (forgot the name) did not catch on.

    Toyota is a big enough company now to not really be driven by what GM does. They will release it if they think there is demand and potential profit to be made. If people are truly worried about gas mileage, they would not be buying trucks like the have been. I think that most people buy trucks for other purposes and Toyota already has a fuel efficient truck that the American car makers are still trying to catch up to. I believe that Toyota has time to perfect the balance between fuel efficiency and torque/power in its trucks before releasing them. :shades:
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    My dealer told me in 2010 or 2011 before the Tundra Hybrid is on the lot. I'm not waiting for a Hybrid that may get me 2-3 miles more per gal and cost me more.
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    Check out this article -- than-2010/

    Expectations are that the Sequoia and Tundra will be offered as hybrids at about the same time.
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    I appreciate the link..good reading!
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