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Hummer Maintenance and Repair

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
Got problems? Got solutions? Discuss them here!


  • Okay everybody, I know this is a girlie kind of post, but some of you may not have discovered this wonderful feature of the H3 yet! :D

    I thought this was worth noting since I see several female drivers of H3's! After having a few cars that would only allow you to carry a little travel package of tissues, I'm pleased to report that in the H3's center console under the shallow tray that lifts out, a full sized cube style Boutique box of Kleenex fits perfectly! :blush: There's still plenty of room for a few of those other things you might want in the center console! The shallow tray even goes back where it belongs without sticking up!

    You see, it's the little things like this that make the H3 Nice to Own! :)
  • Edmunds was the first place I joined when we bought a Previa. It's meant to be family friendly - the Hosts have slapped my hand a couple of times. It's condemned on the net as having a bunch of idiots posting misinformation (that's everywhere and what is right is what is right in the mind of the individual, even though most people agree that 2 + 2 = 4).

    I read two other forums. One post has the shallow tray mentioned above by better_half as being discontinued. Other items of interest:

    Some may experience engine head problems (and it seems GM goes out of their way to keep you happy) but supposedly H3 motors built after March 31, 2006 have stronger valve train. Not concerned.

    Chatter about failing heater cores. Not concerned.

    Mention of a front differential? on the IFS going bad and clunking especially when rock crawling and using 4low. No mention if rear e locker engaged. Something about bushings?. Other IFS's with aluminum differentials split their case and warranty is denied by that brands parent company. Not concerned.

    Big concerns now are getting a shorter antenna so it doesn't hit going in and out of the garage, and need a new ball mount to bridge the big gap from receiver to the trailer.
  • Hello! Please help me! I have Hummer H3. I am from Russia and we have not official dealers of Hummer. But I need information about Hummer H3 wheel alignment for do this service in Russia. Please help! Send it to my e-mail.
  • I just ordered one myself and can't wait to climb in and play with everything... you are right, the little things count. Thanks for the tip.
    Does anyone have one with the navi system? How does it do w/ DVD's? I got the luxury level and am wondering about the little things now, like is it w/ the single CD or 6 CD changer, etc. Should be talking to the dealer before long, but I would like to know what owners have to say.
  • tsh3tsh3 Posts: 1
    After 17000 Miles My service light came on. Took the H3 to the dealer. Engine running a little rough at idle. Found out that valve seat was a problem. They are replacing the Head on my engine. The dealership said they are not trying to repair the head on the H3 but replacing it.
  • Thanks for the calm post. Other h3 forums have lots on this issue. It seems motors built before 4/1/2006 (and a given vin number) may be involved. Real design change or implementation of qc on just in time parts? Again, from other forums, one way for others who only read here, to check the date of their motors is on a sticker on the valve cover facing the firewall. Our motor has a 4/21/2006 build date and we feel for others, but the general is on top of this unlike the pain caused by dcx and the crd we used to own.
  • Can a Hummer be towed, via tow bar, with ALL 4 wheels on the pavement?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I would think so since it is the same drive line as my Colorado 4 X 4 Crewcab that I have towed many thousands of miles behind my motorhome.
  • THANKS dmathews3.
  • extech2extech2 Posts: 120
    I'm planning to get a new truck or SUV in the next 4-6 months and the H3 is on my list. I wonder how is the reliability and if you'd get another one if the current truck would be lost/stolen/totaled etc. I'm especially interested in hearing from owners who had their H3 for at least a year or more. I'm aware it's not that quick and has poor gas mileage but we can live with that.
  • You might want to look at the cylinder head problem. I purchased a 2007 h3, its in the shop now with this "common" problem. 4000 miles.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The new '08 H3 Alpha with a 5.3 V8 won't change the poor fuel consumption, but it should improve performance and eliminate the cylinder head issue of the five cylinder.
  • hldonhldon Posts: 1
    Brake problem-While stopping at a red light after driving down a hill the brake pedal drifted to the floor. The vehicle did stop to a point but it kept moving slightly. My wife drove the H3 to my office just a short distance away.My son drove the car around a parking lot and experienced the same. About 4 hours I drove the car home(15 miles) on highway, stop and go, down hills and there was not a problem with the brakes. I had my service man check out the H3 and after a bit of driving he to found that coming to a stop down an incline the brake pedal drifter to the floor. He felt that ther may be a problem with the master cylinder or the hydrolics as the brake fluid level was fine. Hummer towed the H3 to the nearest dealer about an hour and a half away. They received the car on Thursday and to date they have not been able to find any problem. The H3 was pruchased Nov 2005 and has 13300 miles on it. Any suggestions
  • Read about this before and just checked that forum,
    air in the system.
    Understand your concern, our ford conversion vans would do that at times sitting at a light and would cause us to shift into neutral and get ready to apply the e-brake. Research back then talked about replacing the master cylinder with a better one from a ford truck.

    And one of our vans had a squeal (2 years)that most of the ntx dealers "could not duplicate". b-h and myself, with the engine cover off, found it coming from the abs unit and paid yet another dealer to bleed the system including the abs with the magic box with the toggle switches.

    Another hummer dealer maybe.
  • extech2extech2 Posts: 120
    Usually before a brake master cylinder fails completely there will be a few intermittent problems like this.
  • Saw that you joined and got the same answer (master cylinder) that was given before. Did you go back to 01/07 and see the last response from that poster about air. Either way, hope you get the answer on Monday and report back here also.
  • I am new to this forum, a quick question concerning detailing of exterior plastic/rubber parts. Any suggestions on keeping these black? :shades:
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    First, try not to get polish on them. There are a variety of 'Back to Black' type products out there. Generally, the more expensive ones work best.

    There are better forums here than this Hummer one for that sort of enquiry. Maybe one of our hosts can direct you?
  • Where is your next post? With the last call I made to dcx to check on crd title release (stories about these issues with dcx from dcx loyal fans) to the Hummer dealer, the dcx financing arm employee answered the phone with "It's no bummer we don't sell Hummer". He got an earful from me and said no more. "bummerhummer" brought that back.
  • Been to slippery subject and bitog. Patman wouldn't use 5w30 or 5w40 mobil 1. The last change was from 5w30 t&suv to reg 5w30 mobil 1. Better. Has anybody (who can change their own oil) switched from mobil 1 to p platinum (not platinum weird) and can relate the difference if any?
  • himiler719himiler719 Posts: 1
    Has anyone tried one of the K&N or AirRaid cold air intakes? Any comments or recommendations would be appreciated.

  • Never bought a smooth intake tube to replace original factory. Bought one K&N sealed from the factory, took out a ford maf sensor. Know someone using a K&N on an old chevy ss with supposedly no problems. Assume you want a tube to go with a new filter. Like syn fiber no oil needed dry filters but will stay factory with B_H's H3. The following site has been linked by many.
  • I just bought an '05 H2 and within 2 months the rear struts failed. Are there better ones after market?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I don't have an immediate answer, but you might do better posting in the H2 Discussion.
  • i have a 06 H2 and the trailer wiring just stopped working. i tried the trailer on another truck and it worked fine.
  • There does not appear to be anyone at the H2 Discussion any other suggestions
  • Yes, talking to myself, maybe. WM today PP Jug $19.97 - M1 Jug $19.94. Bitog pressure, marketing pressure, or what.
  • ab784ab784 Posts: 3
    I am a new owner of 2007 H3X, I absolutely love it. One of my friends suggested to us 93 gasoline, is that OK?
  • Another possible reason.

    Could mobil be using euro profits to subsidize oil for us.
    Didn't the last demo pres try to get the euro from ~ eighty cents plus up to parity of one to one with the dollar. I think last year? my post to a european about we've spent our treasury and therefore our goods would be cheaper(implied) was probably wrong. Even gm uses good managers to move millions on a daily basis. If memory isn't failing - decades back didn't importers like gstoyota do the same.
  • Well discussed everywhere. Do what you want. But unless games are going to be played with octane numbers (see cetane anguish) 87 is just fine for our pocketbook and we don't need to make carbon to lubricate our pistons/valves/rings.
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