Trouble starting after valve cover replaced

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2006 BMW 325i N52 Engine
147XXX miles

Parts used:
1. NGK (1208) ILZFR6D11 Laser Iridium Spark Plugs
2. MAHLE VS50533 valve cover gasket
3. Victor Reinz Valve Cover Screw Set
Repairs done:
Replaced spark plugs
Replaced valve cover gasket

The car started to idle roughly and hesitate while driving. Eventually I got a misfire in two cylinders.
When I went to replace the spark plugs I noticed cyl 1/3 had oil in the cylinder well. So, I changed the
valve cover gasket. However, I forgot to tighten the 3 middle 10mm bolts (22 bolts total) that held on the valve cover.
All bolts are 10Nm + 90deg
I tried to start the car before I realized the the bolts were loose. It would not crank. NOOOO!
After tightening the 3 bolts I left loose, I tried to crank again. No luck
I checked the spark plug cylinder wells and the valve cover to oil leaks - there was none.
I pulled out the spark plugs, and every one of them had what looked like oil/black residue on the electrodes, not the threads.
I cleaned all of them off, and tried to crank again - no luck
I pulled out the spark plugs again, and all of them had the same oil/black residue on them?

I'm assuming the problem cranking the car has to do with the spark plug electrodes having oil/residue on them - at least
that's my first guess.

Any help would be awesome!
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