No fuel?

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My 2003 sprinter had the "black death" This was an inherited truck from a company we bought out. It worked for a few days and stopped. Of course.
Because repairs quoted was more than it was worth ($2500 for new injectors installed) i cleaned them myself and put in new copper injector seals myself for $30 and $50 of cleaning products. That said, i know enough to be dangerous, I am no wrench.
Because i needed to re-prime, i made an IV with a funnel and tube and connected to the input of the fuel filter up as high as possible. Worked great and fired right up. Problem solved i thought.
I reconnected the fuel line and it ran for about 2 minutes before it stalled and would not start again. Again i hooked up IV and it started fine as before.
My question is this, should the tank pump make noise when you first turn the key on? I dont hear it. Fuse is good, and nothing comes out of the line when it is running. I see very little on these pumps going bad and am hesitant to pull it unless i need to, not to mention the cost. Any other possibilities before i pull the tank?
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