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Isuzu Axiom Maintenance and Repair

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • entact1entact1 Posts: 7
    I'm recently having this starter problem with my Axiom 2004. At times I cannot start the car. When I get the key into the starter and crank it, all the lights appear on the dashboard, but the engine will not start. It's like the batter died, no engine sound when cranking. After a month, I found if this happens, I get out of the car close the driver door and open the hatch. After opening/closing the rear hatch, the car will then start. I took it to the dealer, they could not find anything, nor electrical faults. Anyone experiencing this? It's frustrating, because it doesnt always happen. I'm currently documenting everything I do with the car, to find the possible pattern that is causing it and narrow this problem.
  • Bad ground at starter solenoid ?

    Pinched / shorted wiring harness to hatch ?

    Malfunctioning security system ?

    Try turning the hatch light off (and always on) and retry your temporary fix. See if anything changes.

    Also, do you have any difficulty in getting parts for your Axiom ?

    Thanks and Good Luck.
  • entact1entact1 Posts: 7
    I think I have found the problem! I installed a third party computer mirror (auto dimmer, map lights, direction and temperature), and to power it I connected the wire into a fuse slot, 15 AMP. Well it happened I couldnt start the car, and so I disconnected the mirror's power wire from the fuse, and the car started! ...I'm thinkin' of just connecting it directly to the battery. Right now I have no idea why it did not like it.
  • my remote batteries were dead. i replaced them. none of the buttons worked except "unlock" however, instead of unlocking, the car beeped and the lights flashed. i opened the car manually, drove approx.,5miles, turned off the car. when i tried to restart the car it would not crank. all lights worked, however it would not turn over. did not appear like dead battery, but tried to jump anyway, nothing. i took the batteries out of the remote, unhooked the cars battery, locked and unlocked the doors manually, rehooked the battery, tried again. nothing. again, lights work. any suggestions?
  • It sounds like an alarm problem. Look in your owners manual for the procedure to turn off the security system with the ignition key. There is a certain procedure to it.

    Once you try that. See if you can find the fuse for the security system and remove it as a test. See how things function.

    Ultimately, you'll probably either need to have the keypad or alarm or both reprogrammed / replaced. Hopefully just reprogrammed.

    How is your ease or difficulty in getting parts for your Axiom?
  • thanks for your response. i believe you are right. unfortunately, i bought the car w/o a manual(any sug. on places to get one?) however, i found a button on the fuse marked "power windows" pushed it, and it started! Monday am will go to dealer for more info.

    great site! thanks again!
  • entact1entact1 Posts: 7
    OK, my problem has returned again!
    I guess it wasn't the way I connected the computer mirror to the fuse box for power. This time when it didn't start, I removed a fuse and pushed it back in again,the car then started! Whether I have a electrical problem or maybe it is the alarm system that is causing this, like the guy who is experiencing the same issue in this forum, I'll have to start with the alarm system and disable it and see if this starter problem occurs again.
  • entact1entact1 Posts: 7
    I checked the manual for ignition security. Found Axiom is equipped with an ignition security feature called an "immobilizer". This prevents tampering with the starter by theives with copied keys and foreign metal objects. The key(s) that was given to you by dealer/owner is coded with the ignition. If you look at the ignition metal ring, you will find the following settings: LOCK ACC ON START.

    To disable the immobilizer to start the car:
    1. insert the key
    2. turn it to ON for a sec, immobilizer light will show (a car
    w/embedded key, top far right)
    3. then turn to START.

    To enable the immobilizer while the car is running:
    1. from START turn the key to ACC for a sec
    2. then turn to LOCK
    3. pull out key

    If you can't start the car after trying to disable it:
    1. turn the key from START to ACC
    2. leave the key on ACC for 5 seconds
    3. go to "disable the immobilizer" step 2 procedure

    If the immobilzer light is flashing you'll have to take it to the dealer, to get it reprogrammed. With these procedures my car has been starting fine.
  • I'm the proud owner of a 2002 Ax, Anthracite w/ 2 tone leather. I am going to keep it (since it has no trade-in value) and decided to do some upgrades. They worked out pretty well, so I'll share them with you.
    Stereo upgrade----JBL 6.5" speakers in all 4 doors---not too expensive---and makes a pretty big difference. I had them leave the stock tweeter components hooked up (I bought 3 ways for all 4 doors) so I have even better top end, and DEFINITELY more bass. But I went 1 step farther and had them install a Pyramid equalizer/booster (906VL). They mounted it on the side of the center console on the driver's side, and wired it into all 4 speakers. Now it really cranks!!! There is some ignition whine, but when you crank it up you can't hear it. You can turn off the amp/eq and it will work like stock. Overall, an excellent upgrade for less than $500.
    Suspension upgrade---I had air bag suspension installed in the rear----bags that go inside the coil springs---with an air hose at the back that you fill at a tire air pump. It firmed up the ride (took the bounce and body lean way down), and took all the bottoming out of the suspension. In sport mode, it rides almost as well as my friend's 2005 Highlander. It also added 1000lbs of towing capacity.
    Parts and installation $230.
    That's it for now. Get in touch with me if you have any questions. CB
  • I have a 2002 Axiom and recently the dash and tail lights went out checked and the fuse was blown. Tried replacing it and it kept blowing. Took it down and left it with a mechanic. I came back later and he told me it was fixed that when he was looking at it he jiggled somethings and it worked. Well, it doesn't I turned it on and nothing happened. Got some more fuses and they all blew. It's a 15A, I even tried a bigger one. Is there some common problem or do I have a major electrical problem now.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Get in touch with me if you have any questions.

    We have a wonderful place right here to "get in touch" and share ideas.

    tidester, host
  • I got an 02 Axiom 52000 miles, in october my axiom started to hesitate slightly one day then that night went into reduced power with engine light on, turned it off restarted its fine for a few minutes then same thing. Then it;s fine a few days and just dies like no power at all as if the battery is disconnected, 10 seconds later its normal and starts right up. My dealer days its wiring harness, only thing to do is replace it for $975+. I took it to my mechanic and after 2 months he found no wiring problem, put it back together and it seems fine except my engine light comes on. He turns it off but once the engine cools down the light comes back on....anyone have this problem?
  • I haven't been able to find much info in the manual regarding "power drive" all I know is I love using it but am I doing any damage in doing so? Also just how does it work? Where does the extra power come from.

    Also my engine light is on and the code it produces is 1120. When the mechanic looks up 1120 in his computer/books it says 1120 is a false code, anyone ever experience this?
  • Has anyone had stereo problem such as when the volume is up the radio/cd player seems to cut off for a split second and then come back on especially if there's alot of bass playing? It's the stock stereo with 6disc changer, I bought this car used so I'm not sure if there's an amp somewhere that's affecting it.
  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    You are not getting any magical "extra power" from the engine. All the power button does is change the shift points of the transmission. It allows the transmission to remain in a particular gear through a higher rpm, extracting more of the available power (torque) from the engine.

    As far as damage from running with the power mode on all of the time, the only thing I can think of is you are revving the engine to a higher rpm than normal, which is causing more wear. Also, more torque is being applied to the transmission causing more wear on it.

    You may want to follow the Severe Driving maintenance schedule if you are going to use power mode all of the time.

    Just my thoughts.
  • Just a thought.
    I don't know if it is the same problem but I had a similar situation when my EGR valve went bad. Engine would hesitate and stall. Bought a new one online, replaced it myself (10 minutes) and haven't had problem since. Did your mechanic give you the code?
  • We are getting ready to buy a 2002 Axiom from a dealer , how is it the overall??????
  • dgluthdgluth Posts: 49
    I have a 2002 AXIOM and it has been great. I don't drive a lot (about 7k miles a year) and have 28K miles on my AXIOM. The only problem I have had is that the sunroof came off its track and the CD player gave up the ghost both were covered by ISUZU. On tuesday I have to go in because I have a rear axel seal leaking. Other then that it has been great and has never stranded me. The only real bad side was that the value drops like a rock but if you plan on keeping it, then it is a mute point. You should be able to get a good deal on one due the fact that Isuzu can not sell cars to save their lives. I really think if they had taken the effort to market the axiom better I think it would of been a great hit. Oh well, I love mine.

    Good Luck
    Dennis P.
  • ritaoritao Posts: 5
    I have a 2003 Axiom, 46000 miles 7 months out of a 3 yr warr. My automatic sunroof will not close. The dealership told me that I need a whole new sunroof, the part will cost 1400.00 and 8 hrs of labor will be another 1000.00. I do not want to put this much money into the car. Does anyone have another solution. Has anyone else had this problem. I call around looking for a aftermarket part but they said the car is too new.. I ask if the cable could be cut and just perm close the sunroof somehow..but was told the cable keep the sunroof closed..Help of any kind is appreciated..
  • dgluthdgluth Posts: 49
    I don't know where you are at but their should be an aftermarket company that can do it cheaper. Here in Tampa, there is a shop that does the Isuzu sunroofs and most other dealership brands as well. I would definitly get a second opinion on it because that doesn't sound right. Also you can get a brand new sunroof put in a vehicle for less then 1400 so I am scratching my head trying to figure out what broke on yours that causes it to be so expensive. My 2002 came off its track and it was fixed under warrenty and I use mine every day without fail. Good luck and let us know what happens.

    Dennis P.
  • I drove my car back from work for lunch it was cold out side I beleive it was wednsday, I parked my car in my garage closed the garage door & out the Axiom in park.
    When I did this I was abou 2 turn of the engine when it started revving up onits own from 1g to 2g up & down about 5 times I turned it off!
    Then cranked it over again, nothing.
    Hasn't done it since.
    Whats up???
    Im thinking egr valve or pvc valve? What do you all think!
    I just bought it January 26th so I have only had it so far for 7days! :confuse:

    Any help is appreciated! Thanx in advance!
  • A couple days ago, my CD changer would not play. I had not used it for a couple weeks. I was listening to the radio, then I pushed the CD button on the front panel. Nothing happened, the radio kept playing. I opened the center console to eject the disk cartridge and pressed the eject button. Nothing happened, the cartridge appears to be stuck and will not move and come up. I can't tell if there is a cd jammed or not, it is loaded with 6 cd's and I have a couple favorites in there. Any ideas? How hard is it to remove the changer and take apart even to remove the cd's? Can the changer be repaired or replaced?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I parked my car in my garage closed the garage door ...

    Wild guess - build up of CO2 made the O2 sensor try to compensate?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Dear rsarnol,

    My Axiom started having similar problem and guess what the dealer said, engine wiring harness needs to be replaced! But it's going to be $616 (pt) + $834 (labor)!!!

    So want to find out what happened to you finally? Or did you try what axiomguy suggested which is changing the EGR value?

  • stunna8301stunna8301 Posts: 2
    my 2002 just had to have 6 new o2 sensors and a new fuel pump."i would hate to have a paid for lemon.
    oh and how much did you pay for yours.
  • stunna8301stunna8301 Posts: 2
    my isuzu axiom needed a push and it was all fixed.
    is yours a piece of [non-permissible content removed] to>? :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: is what the hell i bought
  • How did you get your CD to start working? My CD changer stopped working on Friday, and has not worked since. I even changed the fuses thinking that was the problem. Help, I need my music!!
  • This may not be any help to you ... however. I now believe my problems were associated with a battery jumping situation.

    One day, I left my lights on an drained the battery. Before that, I had been listening to either the radio, or the CD. Then I got a jump start from someone. I didn't try to use the CD until a few days later, and found that it didn't work. That's when I posted the original message.

    I didn't get any information, and I didn't do anything. I was as bummed as you are.

    A month or so later, I once again accidently ran the battery down, and needed a jump. Slow learner. Once I got the engine started, and driving, I decided to give the CD another try. An to my surprise, It turned on, and has been working ever since! I also have not run the battery down again.

    So I hope you can get it going somehow.

    BTW, for long trips, I now play an IPOD through a cassette adapter. At least the AXIOM has a cassette slot. It sounds pretty good.
  • Hi , somebody change the timing belt of my father's Axiom 2002 and he don't remember how to put in time again. If somebody know please let me know how. Thanks!
  • That sounds exactly like an amp is connected. I have a boat with a 1000 amp and sub and if the engine is off, I can only turn the radio up a tad before it cuts off and it will keep doing it until I turn the volume down. I was told it is because the amp draws so much power that the battery can't keep the voltage up w/o the engine on which keeps the battery at maximum power. Just my thoughts on it, hope it helps. Can't be many places they could hide an amp in the Ax. Either under the seats, behind the dash or inside the console. Good luck.
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