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Jeep Compass Problems and Solutions



  • I have a '07 Compass Limited with a 6 CD changer and Satellite radio. For some reason it powers off unexpectedly (lose all displays and sound) by itself for 3-5 seconds and then it plays again as expected. This happens despite if I am listening to the CD, radio or satellite. This can happen every 5 minutes or every couple of days. I plan to have the radio exchanged at my Jeep dealership however, I was wondering if anyone else experienced this problem..
  • That was the exact mileage that we brought ours in at. Good luck, let me know how it goes. We are still haveing leaks that Jeep can't fix. We just don't drive our brand new, paid in full, 2007 Jeep Compass, when it rains anymore.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • I am having the exact same issue with my 07 Compass. Just today I have taken the car in for the 5th attempt to fix my leaking sunroof.

    In the previous four repair attempts I have had the entire sunroof assembly replaced, the gasket around the glass replaced twice, both the front and rear drains replaced, and had the headliner replaced. A star case has been opened on my vehicle and corporate has been out to look at the problem once. The service manager has indicated to me that basically every thing that could be done has been done.

    I have opened a case with Chrysler customer relations and now get past the people in India pretty quick, but I am not getting very far with corporate. Corporate, while being very sympathetic, told me that I needed to take it back to the dealer AGAIN! This after I told them that I no longer believed that the problem could be fixed and I wanted the car replaced.

    Anyway, I dropped the car off at the dealer today and sent a certified letter to Chrysler informing them that I want to lemon law the car. I'm not sure what will come of it, but I just can't have a car that can't go out in the rain. I have also talked briefly with a law firm, but figure I will try to go through the arbitration process once myself and see where I get.

    I have to say that I take some comfort in the fact that I am not the only one having this problem, no offense. I had been told by my dealer in May of this year that they were unable to find any documentation internal to Chrysler regarding the problem. It seems that some Patriot owners are starting to experience the same problems. Hopefully there are enough people having this problem to cause Chrysler to really try to find the root cause.
  • Well-I guess I can now consider myself among those of you with this problem. I was feeling pretty good-but over the weekend at 14,998 miles, I began to have this problem. Odd thing, was it leaked (from snow, I believe) and then when I washed it to get the snow/salt off-it did not seem to leak, my guess is that this has to get to a certain level before it tries to "get out" the best way it can.

    I am off to talk with the dealer today.

    Has anyone encountered problems with the ABS or 4 wheel drive component? Whenever the ABS engage or if I try to use the 4WD (have only used it two times in almost 24 months due to this issue) it sounds as though the vehicle is coming apart and the brake pedal shakes violently under your feet. The 4WD issue has been in snow both times and in reality, it makes the vehicle difficult to control.

    Thanks for any info.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I bought a 2007 Compass Sport 4x4 on April 4,2007 the price was $23,730. We tarded it in on Aug. 31,2007 with a little over 10,000 miles on it. By far this was a HUGE waste of money! The 2.4 L engine was completely gutless, and the CVT was the worst transmission I have ever had in my 45 yeras of driving. The dash was so uneven and big gaps and such cheap plastic junk everywhere! There was no place soft to put your arm. The gas mpg was average was 22 mpg which was horrid. The Compass required a heavy foot to get the darn thing to move, and had no ability to accomodate any item larger than 26" high. The Compass for me was a vehicle that did not meet my expectations, except the Siruis Radio, that has been real nice. I insisted the Pacifica I bought to dump the Compass have that radio. By the the Pacifica AWD Touring gets 24 to 26 mpg consistantly, and a high of 28mpg!

    The 2009 Compass has a new dash that is pretty nice, the sound deading is much better, and thy say the engine has had some minor changes. Oh, the sunroof did not leak, as of when we traded it in.

  • Hi, I had this exact same problem with my 2008 Compass that I got as a birthday gift just this past June. I took it to the dealership and it was fixed the first time. There are drainage tubes that they had to clean out. However, now I have a new leak problem. When it rains my entire driver's side back floor fills with water. I have looked around the trim of the door and the seal is unharmed. I have felt the vertical part of the floor and it is dry. So, it seems as if the water is coming from the floor. So, what I am thinking is that after "fixing" the tubes they caused the water to re-route through the side frame and that is why nothing else appears to be wet. So, needless to say I am terribly upset because like you I did not buy my Jeep close to home and have to travel over an hour to the dealership for repairs. I must say that although I have wanted this truck for a long time I am starting to get tired of the repairs. I can't even enjoy it.
  • :lemon: :lemon: Well as bad as I feel for everyone its good to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this problem with the Compass. I bought my Compass in July of 2007, I had it in the shop for the first time in regards to the leak June of 2008. At least it made it almost a year without starting to do this right? My service people told me it was because the drain was plugged and that I HAD TO FIX IT?!?!?! They ended up fixing the sunroof and told me everything should be fine. I brought my car back in for the sunroof December 27, 2008 because the map lights were full of water and water was EVERYWHERE! My service department again tells me that I need to check the drain and when you have a car that has a sunroof you have to do maintnance. They had it for the entire day, said they ran the water test on it for over eight hours and the car again showed no sign of leaking, they did however mention that there was a gap in the sunroof and thought thats what caused it. When I picked up my car that evening I spoke with my salesman, he stated that this a KNOWN JEEP ISSUE as they have received information on it from Chrysler it is happening in both the early 2007 compass and patriot models. Monday January 5.... Not even a week later.... IT DOES IT AGAIN!!!! I called my dealership and this time I get "We dont build them, just fix them" and advised that I should call jeep this time. Like some of you I spoke to Roy from India (customer service)and he blew me off told me repetedly he had never heard of this issue and that he was going to escalate this to the district manager... Doubtful. I understand that there is not much that a dealership can do, theyre hands are tied its not like they would be able to recall the car, they have to get the ok from jeep. What I dont understand is how Chrysler can have absolutely no care for their customers, they know about this issue and that it cant be fixed, so why not recall the vehicle? I'm 23 years old I bought this car on my own, I purposly bought the 4x4 limited edition the "top of the line" Compass it cost $32,000.00... This is the worst experience I have ever had with a car.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    You got seriously screwed paying $32,000 for a Jeep Compass, even if it was a Limited. Wow. I wonder if a hot glue gun somewhere couldn't fix it...
  • gmcintgmcint Posts: 2
    Well, less than 30 days after I got my compass back from the dealership-where they had indicated that the sunroof was not installed properly by the factory, and the entire frame needed replaced (and was). I am once again having the problem with the leak. I knew it did not bode well for me when there was so much water in the light yesterday morning that the light switch was frozen and I could not even turn it on/off-but as the day wore on and things thawed out, the water begin to run out of the lights again.

    I am now scheduled to take back to the dealer again next Tuesday for a second review-this really does seem like a trend. . .
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I'm starting to think the lesson here is don't buy a car with a sunroof.
  • ... irismg doesn't really have anything to contribute to the "Jeep Compass: Problems and Solutions" forum except sarcasm and smart-a$$ remarks about what people paid for their Compass.

    But maybe that's just me?

    Personally, I'd rather hear about problems and solutions. Oh, gee, what a coincidence! That is what this forum is SUPPOSED to be. Wow, what a concept!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I'd rather hear about problems and solutions.

    And by the same token, it's probably best not to make another member the topic of conversation. Let's move on. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Agreed. Point taken. Moving on... ;)
  • packadaypackaday Posts: 3
    hi i've got a 08 compass with a 5spd and I lost 3rd gear after only 12000km and they had to replace the whole transmission.
    now I have around 21000km and sometimes it will start bucking and the check engine light comes on, almost like an injector problem, so I put in some injector cleaner and it went away. it's been about a month since I did that and the problem has come back wtf?
    any suggestions?.... :(
  • Hi,

    I bought my 2007 Jeep Compass sport new in 08...Got a great deal on it $15K auto 4x4...huge rebate at the time of purchase.

    I have owned my Jeep for a little over a year now with a little under 40K on it...I drive alot for work. Up till recently I have had no problems at all, untill it started to make a grinding sound at very low speeds when decelerating. I took it to the dealership...replaced the altinator...but it continued to make the same noise. I took it back for a second time the dealership had it for 3 days and the official response was that chrysler knows there is a problem, not sure what is causing the problem but the S.T.A.R team is working on it.

    However, even not knowing what the problem is they assure me it is not a safty issue, as you can probably tell I am not a mechanic, but common sence tells me that if they "do not know what the problem is" how can they assure me with any certanty that its not a safty issue.

    I am not satisfied with this as an answer...I am not taking them in some mysticall creature its an automobile that they designed and built.

    In addition to the grinding sound at low speeds its now making a loud while when accelerating around a corner 2500-3500+rpm...cannot duplicate right.

    I would appreciate any advise.

    The one thing I am greatful for is I spent the extra money to get a maxium care extended warranty.
  • For those of you with leaking map lights and/or water seeping into the floorboards, have you been able to resolve your issue to date?

    I just took my car in to the dealer who diagnosed the problem as being leaves stuck in the drain hose?? Now, I don't know what kind of car engineer would design a car that would leak into the car interior if the drain was clogged, just doesn't make sense to me. But then, I can see why Chrysler is about to go out of business if this is how they work. Since it was not a mechanical problem, the dealer wanted to charge $95 to remove the leaves!! I thought this was ridiculous so I told my husband we'll get a second opinion but the dealer said they removed the leaves anyway when my husband picked up the car. Not a minute after he drove off, the map lights were still leaking and the floor behind the passenger side was still soaked (three days later).

    Since I had already read these threads once I saw a problem, I looked at the lemon law which requires that Jeep have an opportunity to fix the problem. I already know it cannot be fixed and my greater concern is there's now permanent water damage to the interior of the car. I have happened to lose a car before to water damage from a flood and I can tell you, once a car has serious water damage, the insurance TOTALS it no matter what because they cannot tell what kind of long term mold and rust will occur on the frame of the car. Not to mention this is SUPER DANGEROUS if you have young kids!

    Knowing what I do, I am getting legal consultation on this just in case the manufacturer doesn't comply, but I'm ready to broadcast this issue to anyone and everyone I must to get this rectified so if anyone is in my boat, I would be happy to hear from you. :mad:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We bought a 07 Compass April 4, 2007 it was a Sport AWD . That junky transmission, and the no power 2.4 along with the cheap hard plastic arm rests and misfitting dash, along with 22 mpg was enough for us! at 9,900 miles we traded this cheap plastic, tim car in on a Chrysler Pacific AWD Touring. We are totally happy with it. It has great power, rides so comfortable, and has quality materials and is the best vehicle we have ever had.

    Chrysler should be ashamed of these gutless death traps! Compass is a 4 star crash rating and a rear crash is unacceptable.


  • I have an 08 compass with 29,000 miles on it and on Tuesday my 3rd gear started grinding. The transmission guy at the dealership is on vacation until next Thursday. How long did it take for them to replace it? I'm not happy about this. They wonder why the company was going bankrupt??? I don't buy another one.
  • It took about a week, but I think it just depends on how busy they are and availability of the parts. They did end up changing the entire transmission and I've put on another 20k since then and it seems to run fine now.
  • Same problem on my 07 Compass. Same lies about leaves. It has been in three times and still leaks. On a plus note I notice I can keep the leak under control if it rains all night by parking nose down a bit (facing downward on the slight grade of my driveway). If I park nose up lots of water gets in and leaks out of the map lights. Nose down none. This shows us that the side/rear drain tubes are the problem.

    It's a pain to have to back into my driveway if rain is expected but it works for now until I can force them to properly repair the problem. Or I give up and silicone the whole mess shut from the inside.
  • To all '07 & '08 Compass owners who had experienced sun roof leaks,

    I just posted a msg under "2009 Jeep Compass" discussion title, detailing my 2009 Compass sun roof leak problem! You would think that after 3 years Jeep should have this low tech item problem re-designed/fixed. NO, same damn problem in same damn way! The irony is that I got rid of my Japanese SUV, to buy an American, thinking that I should buy our own country's car with the "Cash for Clunker" incentive, only to have this pain 3 month, < than 2000 miles later !!

    Chrysler, please fold up now and don't build a "new" 2010 Compass ever to torture people !
  • Hello

    I purchased a 2007 jeep compass also and after i purchased it low and behold a week later it started making a grinding noise at low speeds in the front end also i noticed that when i would let off the gas it would jerk hard like it was down shifting after about a year and 3 different dealers they finally found out that it was the tranny. being that they had one in stock im thinking that it is a pretty common problem so i hope this helps and maybe you can finally get it fixed because i know how it is
  • I now have 12000 miles on my 2009 Jeep Compass and it just developed a map light leak. I've also had a problem with the fuel gauge registering incorrectly. When the fuel light comes on and I let the indicator go as far past empty as I can, it still has 3+ gallons. The dealership said they had never seen a problem with the fuel tank. Do you know anyone else who has had a gauge problem?
  • Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who has your fuel gauge problem. Hopefully I won't have the same problem when my Compass reaches 12000 miles !

    Guess what, recently the "Change Oil" light came on and the vehicle is still < 3000 miles! So far I have been ignoring it. Now 2 weeks later the "Low Tire Pressure" icon light also came on. What a shame that we Americans build such a shity car and call it a "Yakee ingenuity" !
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Well I bought our 2007 Jeep Compass April 4, 2007. By August 31, 2007 We had enough of the cheap CVT, mismatched hard plastic, poor fit and finish, gutless 2.4 junky world engine. At 8,400 miles we took a huge loss and bought a Chrysler Pacifica AWD Touring. That was the best choice I have ever made on a vehicle. The Caliber, Compass, and the Partriot are all cheaply made junky vehicles. Already these vehicles are scheduled to be dumped. If Chrysler is to make it it can't be done making these kind of subpar bottom line quality vehicles.

    Keep in mind MB designed these vehicles and was making the cheapest vehicle they could.

    Best advice is dump your's as fast and as soon as you can! Do not sell it to someone you like!.

  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Hasn't Chrysler already dumped the Pacifica?
  • Yeah everyone seems to complain about the compass's power. Did you have an auto or manual? I have a manual and I used to have a 4cyl Ranger now that was gutless! The manual tranny compass is far better than my ranger and it was a 5spd as well. My only complaint is the compass's clearance. I've already almost ripped my oil pan off. But I saw a lift kit that gives 5" of clearance and it's only a few hundred bucks.
  • We bought our 2008 Compass in Aug. 2008. At 32K miles (I drive a LOT on the highway) our Jeep was a little over a year old when the 4WD! light came on and then began to studder then the traction control lights came on (ESP and BAS) then the Jeep just stalled, even tho I had almost a full tank of gas, it dropped and said I was on E. The Jeep would start back up, but then stall again. It was towed in, they replaced the sending unit, and changed the ground connector. The NEXT day, the same problem happened again. This time the sending unit was fine, but they "cleaned" the ground connector, and added another one. A week or so later it was back again, this time they replaced the fuel sending unit (again), and replaced the tipm module. The Jeep ran for about a month and the problem started to happen again on the highway, but I kept giving it the gas, and it worked its way out and never happened again. UNTIL today. Its back in the shop, and I'm filing the papers for the lemon law. Other than that problem, I have not had any problems with the Jeep, yes it does suck for power, gas mileage, and so on, but it is a cheap [non-permissible content removed] cross over. what did you expect when you TEST DROVE IT. But for mine... :lemon: and for the record. I would not buy another one, and as much as I LOVED Jeep I won't buy another one.
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • alexisonalexison Posts: 1
    My husband and I leased a 2007 Jeep Compass in February 2008. Within a month we had to take it in for leaking map lights. We were told that the seals on the sunroof needed fixing. The jeep didn't have any issues all summer. Come November 2008 the map lights were full of water again and leaking. I took it back in and was told that the drains were clogged. The cleaned it out and told me not to park under trees if I could, and that I should park it in a garage. I don't have a garage to park it in. I also live where trees loose their leaves in the winter!! The jeep has now been in for leaking map lights 4 more times. Each time we are told its our fault because there are leaves in the system. I have to kick snow and ice off the drains that are placed behind the tires in the wheel wells!!! We haven't opened up the sunroof in over a year, we act as if it doesn't exist!! We have 1 year left on our lease and can't wait to get rid of this vehicle. Sure it drives nice, but after sliding into a curb when water dumped all over my steering wheel causing my hands to slide off, I am DONE! The stupid thing only has 14897 Kms on it (Canadian) and is 3 years old!
    Unfortunately we don't have a LEMON LAW in my province!
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