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I have been reading the forum and there is one issue I was told when I purchased my 2009 Nisan Versa SEL with the CVT engine. These cars are NOT built for the COLD. They were not made for cold weather and do not do well in cold climates.. living on the coast I thought is was a good way to go for my situation at the time.
#1. I thought everyone should be aware of that minor (I think rather important detail) pertaining to the Versa. I have adhered to not driving it to the snow, (Tahoe) etc. Strictly my warm weather car, though we do get some rather cold spells.
I hope this bit of info helps.
#2. I am having an odd noise problem with my car. I purchased it brand new in 2009. It is now 2019 and I have a mere 62,000 miles on it. I have have to have my whole suspension system replaced. Now, this is a hard one to explain, but it started last week. It sounded like my fans on the dash were rattling and making loud noises. When I touch the defrost (or any fan button) it gets real loud then quiets down, and this occurs mostly when my foot is on the brake. I take it off it stops. But is is not consistent. Also, the gas peddle gives a little clunk when I accelerate, like its going to break. I cant tell if the fans are hooked up to under the gas and break peddles, but it is odd. Sometimes it feel like the peddle is going to snap. And I noticed my gas mileage has gotten much worse since this started.
#3. (part of 2). I always has an issue with my air system. I could never get it to function correctly...always been no air in my car so I keep my window cracked. Might be getting into too many issues here but I feel they are all tied in.
Any where to begin before I spend thousands with Nissan trying to solve a problem they know nothing about? Or do they?
Two years ago when I turned left I would hear a clunk under my left tire. Only turning left. I took it in to the Dealership and without driving it or checking it out they said its the suspension and they replaced it at a cost of 1700.00. Yikes. I have gotten off the main situation I need advice or any insight for the problem I wrote in #2

Thanks to all...hope we can get some answers....or at least where to start. I dont want to go on too long as I might be causing more damage.

I noticed (another issue) the car shakes a bit when It's driving approx. 85 miles per hour. Never did before.

CARS!!!!!!!!!!! can't not have them!!!!!
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