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I am in the very early stages of considering a truck and just thought I'd throw this out here to start with. We currently have a 2000 Tahoe that I have had since it was new and 2010 Camry. I work from home a lot and if I have to go to the office I usually take the bus and my wife does not work so the Camry gets most of the general use since it gets the better mileage. The Tahoe has 150,000 miles and in the last 10 years, I have only put 40,000 on it. It is mostly used for trips, pulling a boat or small trailer, or hauling something. I am thinking a truck (Silverado or possibly Ram) with a canopy might be more useful rather than another SUV especially while camping, hauling stuff, etc. and since the Tahoe is getting up there in age, I think it may be time. Plus, the newer trucks are just as nice as SUVs inside.
Anyways, the first thing I need to consider is new or used. This truck probably still won't get used a ton (should be well under 10,000 miles per year) and mostly used for trips, pulling a trailer (I might want to consider towing capacity in case we get a larger travel trailer someday, although it would probably be in the mid 20' range max if we ever did), and for short trips around town if the other car is in use. We have two kids so I am leaning more toward the smaller back seat and the longer bed rather than the other way around and would like to keep it just under 20 feet so it will fit in the garage. 4x4 would be nice just because I am used to having it and it is nice to have when we go up in the mountains skiing. If I did go used, I would lean toward something just a few years old with not much mileage on it since I will probably keep it a long time. Just briefly looking, it seems like the used ones are not that much cheaper than new. Anyways, sorry this is pretty vague but just curious to get some preliminary opinions. Thank you!


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    seems like you are on the right track. Used trick prices do tend to be (to me) absurdly high, so if you are keeping a long time, new is probably better because you can often get some huge discounts. End of year (now) is probably a great time for that too. Not sure if there are any of the old style Chevys around still, they could be cheap, and Dodge still seems to make a cheapo version of the old style Ram. But, try them all and see what you like best. Tundra could be a good option, but might be pricier?

    Oh, and try to stick to a more basic model. they get really expensive quick if you go to the really fancy trim levels.

    I can't speak to towing capacity but seems like a 1/2 ton, with a towing package, would work for you. If you start getting into big enough trailers a 250 series is more suited for that, but pricier and less suited for normal use. So if you can get by with a 150 (and if you have been using a Tahoe, should be no problem!) I imagine you can. Definitely want the tow package though.

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    Yes, I definitely don't need a loaded model. I see how they get way up there in the $60k range and more. I was originally thinking it might be nice to get something used under $30 but then realized you are going to have to get a pretty old truck for something in that price range and see some of the brand new ones in the mid $30's with the deals so that might be worth looking into. I don't quite understand all of those incentives and stuff but that is left for another discussion. Anyways, I have always had Chevy's and don't know much about the Rams but I do like the looks of them so I guess sometime I should just go out and drive one of each and see what I like before I get serious about buying one. There is no rush at all on this so the end of the year is totally fine, maybe even next year. I agree a 1/2 ton would be better because it probably gets better mileage as well. Anyways, thanks for the input.
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    I parked next to a new ram today and asked owner how he liked it. Turned out he previously had a 2012 and said the new one was a huge improvement in every way. Drives great, and said much more maneuverable in parking lots. He loves it.

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